Happy feet coming up...

Ive had a basket full of uneven socks for very long but it's not until now, when it grew so high it almost tipped over I decided to do something about it. 
It has really been bothering me and silently accusing me everytime I passed by but for some reason I have pretended not to see it.
Till tonight:)
This Tuesday night I decided to change the bad energy that basket passed on to a more positive and new fresh energy by simply trying to find the matching socks to be able to pair them again. 
It took the whole freakin evening!
And still only a few matching socks!
Who eats them? 
Where do they actually go?
Well I showed no mercy anymore and threw all the singles away and at the same time my bad conscious went the same way. 
So relieving, so liberating and it really left me with a happy and satisfied feeling. 
I'm going to dream about happy feet being reunited with longtime missing friends:)
What a wonderful tuesday night!


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