Dog walk in "da hood".

We are so fortunate to have big reservation areas just around the corner from our house. 
And by we I mean me and my dog:)
Big forests, cliffs and water in a wild mix that takes away the stress, get your circulation going and pleases your eyes at the same time. 
It is so difficult trying to capture an object that is constantly moving so out of those three pictures of the dog i deleted twenty. 
Its anyhow what you want anyway, to have the dog run around, exploring and feeling a sense of freedom. 
And to be able to do that in such beautiful environment I feel that we (me and the dog) really are lucky ducks.
This is not a forest though where you can expect elves and fairies, more like trolls and dwarfs hiding behind a stump but they still belong to the good side so I guess my youngest daughter will now and then still keep me company. 😉
On the other hand my white furry fluffball acts like he is the king of the wood so no little troll has a chance to cause problems anyway:)


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