Gucci decor on a Friday

Friday and I'm browsing the magazines and internet for home inspiration. 
I read that Gucci is launching a new eclectic decor line and I just fell in love with, not so much the products, but the way they used an artist ( Alex Merry ) depicting the line. 
(Pictures from Gucci)
The collection will include cushions, chairs, metal trays, candles, wallpaper and metal folding tables. Perfect items for an easy change in a room when needed although you have to save a lifetime to be able to purchase. It seems like the fragrant candles and some of the trays represent the lowest end of the price but you still have to pay around $ 200 ( 1600 sek ). 
For me it's definitely enough looking at these beautiful paintings though that remind me of something from Matisse. 
A rainy Friday I can't think of anything better than to sink into a world of dreams. 
Happy friday!


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