Christmas baking

A weekend full of activities, laughter and togetherness has passed, especially for my husband. 
He had old friends from his childhood visiting and it was wonderful to see that despite many years of not seeing each other, they acted like no time had passed. 
Bella and I took the opportunity to make our saffron buns and gingerbread cookies for Christmas while the guys were busy somewhere else. 
The gingerbread cookies disappeared immediately.
Bella and her cousin just filled a bag with all the cookies and went up to her room.
To be honest there were not so many cookies because the dough had for some reason ended up in the kids mouth before it even became a cookie...
The saffron buns I luckily managed to put in the freezer before they too would vanish. 
A couple of them I saved for my evening tea though. 
They were perfect as a part of my me-time:)


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