Skansen Christmas market

One of the things I love with the month of December is the Christmas market. 
They are everywhere, at schools, at different places in the city and even some churches offers those markets where you can buy gifts, crafts, food, decoration, everything that one could possibly need for making the Christmas ambience come through. 
In this case we went to Skansen, an outdoor museum in the central of Stockholm. 
Me, my friend and Bella manage to cover almost all the shops, some candle making, horse kissing, the aquarium, a lot of freezing, hot chocolate and tons of Christmas spirit. 
These markets are like waterholes in the desert. 
Tourists and locals, children and elderly come together in peace and want to have a share of what is offered.
There is no obligation to buy anything, just to stroll around indulging the atmosphere is good enough. 
Yup, a Christmas market definitely brightens up this dark month and my beautiful friend was even able to bring back some Swedish Christmas light to her own country. 
I almost feel it is a little piece of me hanging there in her windows...:)


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