Birthday boy

We had a birthday boy here yesterday!
Our latest addition to our family turned one year!
Born the Fourth of July he is our true American boy:)
I tried to capture him with that flag but he was constantly chewing on his birthday present so he looks kind of wild...
This blonde energy packet that provide us with so much happiness and love. 
Constantly delivering positive vibes...
Always crazy happy to see us no matter how long times have passed. ( just going out with the garbage creates pure luck coming back)
Being an adolescent in his world does create some obnoxiousity though now and then and a lot of testing of my seriousness but the look he is giving me being in trouble and that careful wagging of his tail, like he is checking if I'm still mad seem to work every time and he is immediately forgiven...
And now he is one year old. 
They say at a dog is not our whole world but it definitely fills a whole in our world:)
 So much furry love in those pictures!


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