Our youngest daughter is detoxing.
From her iPad. 
Its not popular.
I'm the most cruel mom ever...
I'm trying to convince her that life has a few more things to offer than different games. 
That her perspective on life gets a little squarely only looking on a screen. 
Im trying to tell her that it's difficult to grow socially when she never interacts with real people...
This addiction just hit her as cold.
And it sneaked passed me too without noticing. 
Going from an active, independent and balanced little girl she has ended up almost shrinking and with no other interests than if her tablet is within reach.
So action needed to be taken. 
She is right now painting and if I listen carefully I can also hear some humming...
There is definitely hope!


Samma borde göras här hemna. Alldeles för mycket iPad och mobil, och för lite annat.

Svar: Lycka till! Det är hårt slit men för en bra anledning:) 😘
Maria Lacik

2017-07-22 @ 09:30:32

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