Friendship weekend

I have had a beautiful friend visiting me.
The kind of friend that fills a hole...
The kind of friend that pulls out the best in you, makes your heart smile and leaves a golden shimmer in your life. 
The kind of friend that thinks walking the dog in the forest is the best thing ever...😉
You never know if it is a witch or a fairy that will peek out from behind a tree...
Nature is full of "PlayStations".
And in the middle of nowhere there is always a place to indulge some food for a hungry Viking...
The kind of friend that invest her time and interest in everything that is about me, including my kids...
It does come naturally and just shows the greatness of her heart. 
The kind of friend that very rarely is captured in a photo but like to catch the moment for others with her camera:)
Moments that seem to engage all of us...
including my dog:)
The kind of friend that is spreading well being and feel good around and that nurtures the friendship area in your heart and makes it harmonic and strong again. 
I am so lucky having these kinds of friends!


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