Sunday brunch...

When the need of something to eat occurs and you are quite a few hungry mouths I tend to make like brunch inspired food.
Scramble eggs, bread fresh from the bakery or even rather homemade, meatballs, herrings and other cold stuff like ham and a shrimp mixture are a good way to satisfy even the the most picky ones.
A freschly squeezed juice made of apples, oranges, carrots and a slice of lemon gives the whole experience kind of a healthy look too:)
This is a meal that both the older and younger people in our family seem to enjoy a lot and we gather around our table longer than during an usual meal, letting the food fill up our empty stomachs and sprinkle everything with laughs and togetherness. 
I love my family and I love to eat so I can't ask for a better combination:)


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