Go Ajax go!

There are heroes and there are heroes. 
Some are everyday heroes like doctors, nurses, firefighters, the police, teachers and of course moms. 
Then there are the crazy heroes.
Like my husband and his team of bike riders.
Over 3000 miles ( 4.800 km) and 180 000 feet of climbing while crossing 12 states.
Such craziness are easily fed by challenges and in this case my husband and his seven team members from RB are doing this to raise money for Save the Children. 
Save the Children! 
Such a noble and highly important cause. 
They have not started yet so this happy posing we can consider a before picture...
Their goal is to raise $150.000 for Save the Children's effort to support disaster relief, to prepare children in the event of a disaster and to eradicate child death due to diarrhea.
But dear people!
There is no chance they are going to make their goal without your help!
Feel free to donate from your heart but in the form of money 😉 to contribute to the team of RB, but mostly to get that beautiful feeling of having a very meaningful role in a child's survival...
Every donation will be matched 1 for 1.
Heres the link: 


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