Its happening...

Its hard to believe but the day has come when the movers arrived to start packing up things in boxes. 
Cardboard and plastics on the floor not to ruin anything, bubble wrap and crates for fragile items and a lot of muscle work for heavy stuff.
I think this has been the roughest and toughest half year ever. 
But today when the movers arrived and kind of marked our time is over here, it trigged a volcano in my kids. 
While my husband is racing against time across America I'm racing against the kids and all their sadness and anger to remain positive and sane.
Today I felt I don't have a chance to win. 
I much rather would have biked across America and then back...
Ive used all my storage of reasons, explanations and positive thinking. 
I actually don't know how to recharge.
I only know I have to. 
Because I'm their mom, guide and role model. 
First I need to have my cup of tea and chocolate. 
And then I want to sleep.
But tomorrow is another day!
Let's make it a good day!


Maria! Woman up! Du VET att detta är det bästa för dem och de är alltid fria att välja att återvända! De älsta har relativt mogna argument, och filifjonkankan finner sig snart till rätta hemma igen! Välkomna hem! ❤️

Svar: Womaned up idag! Tack för sparken i ändan:) 😘
Maria Lacik

2017-06-23 @ 08:55:23

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