Our jungle...

I decided to gather all my remaining plants i did not give away yet into one room. 
It turned the room into a jungle...
I love my green plants in every room and seeing them together like this made me again realize we are in for a change.
One little girl seemed to think this jungle was very exciting though and was crawling and sneaking around playing something and with no sofa in the room anymore it also became a perfect spot for a pillow and throw nest among all the "trees" :)
Our signal red lamp has replaced our golden beauty only because the law in this country says you can't leave the house to a new owner with no proper light source. And we wanted our golden half globe to join us over seas. 
A gloomy and dark day like today I so welcomed the fire element both in the lampshade and the beautiful sunflowers. 
Yup, a day full of plants, pillows and my own Jane ( Tarzan was absent).
Kind of a good day!


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