Prom night 2

So we suddenly reached the time for the prom.
A much awaited but also dreaded event that would mark an ending of the school year but also in our case an ending of the kids time here with another wave of emotions overflooding.
Watching Max and these handsome, suddenly so grownup and, in some cases, even mature kids Ive known for four years now, all dressed up to their teeth and the girls on wobbly legs on too high of heels definitely created a storm of feelings in the mom too...
Look at him!
So much love in one picture!
Max friends still have one more year to go before leaving the nest and that's what makes it so hard for my son.
He feels everyone stays in the well known and safe and he is leaving that safe haven, all that love they show each other and everything he will be missing here for being thrown to the lions...
Anyway, these beautiful both inside and out kids with their future just around the corner have a big part in how  Max has formed and will forever have a place in his and my heart and will only be a phone call or a flight away. 
Yup, true friendship dressed in tuxedos:)


Jag gråter för din skull och förstår precis hur du känner, men dina vänner vet var du finns i fortsättningen

Svar: Kärlek!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Maria Lacik

2017-06-10 @ 11:16:44

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