A lunch to remember

Today I was celebrated with a farewell lunch at the club we belong to.
A bunch of beautiful ladies that sprinkled my day with gold...
So much emotions and so many things I wanted to tell these girls but just could not because my voice would not carry me through. 
Beautiful women that every each one of them has contributed to my positive stay here and together created wonderful memories.
So much love concentrated around a table...
All this good experience is also why it's so difficult and painful to leave.
I was so mentally exhausted from holding back everything I wanted to tell everyone, but couldn't without breaking apart, I fell asleep in the sofa when I got back home wrapped in the arms of my husband.
One box of cookies with edible prints of me went home with everyone though so when there's a need of some Maria they can just take bite of me:)
Thank you girls for making my day!!!


hoppas alla dina underbara vänner kommer att besöka dig här med och fortsätta en härlig bekantskap.de kommer att bli förälskade i Stockholm.

Svar: Japp det får jag verkligen hoppas! Jag kommer ju bara vara en flytur bort...😉
Maria Lacik

2017-05-26 @ 10:06:24

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