A walk in the clouds.

After a Friday of heavy raining it suddenly stopped and I immediately took the opportunity to take my daughter and dog out for a walk in our little forest. 
The clouds were still hanging low but it gave it almost a magical feeling and I would not have been surprised if small trolls or fairies peeked out from behind the trees:)
My white dog is never white for a very long time in the forest ( especially not after a rain) but he is entertained, tired and very happy.
Definitely worth a trip to the forest. 
And when it's combined with a daughters company and a magical backdrop I think this Friday in last minute just  skidded in as a very good start of the weekend:)


Vilka fina bilder, vilken vacker syster och vilken lycklig hund som fått komma till detta varma hem...var det än är!

Svar: ❤❤❤
Maria Lacik

2017-05-08 @ 18:23:23

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