Bella the horse rider

Bella has the world's best big brother!
A while ago he invited his little sister to join him and his girlfriend to her barn and to go horseback riding. 
Do I need to tell you she had the day of her life?!
She acted appearantly like she never had been doing anything but being on the back of a horse 🐴. 
And she got to try everything that is included in the care of a horse. 
Grooming, feeding, jumping (!), trotting and everything else one need to try when you have the chance. 
Im so impressed by this little girl who without hesitating and with a smile in her face always are up for unknown adventures.
Is it anyone who that sweatshirt "stay cool" belongs too so is it my daughter!
The only thing now is to try to explain why she can't have her own horse...
Every day.
Max, you are the best!
Thank you for always having the best in mind for your little sister. 
My heart is overflowing with love.


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