Happy Mother's Day.

Here we celebrated Mother's Day today!
I guess the Americans take every chance they can to celebrate and I love that. Today is another day you spend with family. Restaurants have been fully booked since long and flower stores been drowning in beautiful and creative bouquets. 
Even the swedes (us) on this side of the pond have been celebrated. It's kind of difficult not to when everything seems to evolve around this day. 
And I loved today too!
The sun was shining, I had flowers sent to me all the way from Mallorca, I had love wrapped in beautiful papers and the kids dedicated their very precious time today to their mom and we just hung out together. 
No husband and no oldest son but three others and a dog, that sprinkled so much gold on this day. 
I must be the luckiest mom in the world!
Together with all other moms...:)


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