Self esteem and confidence

Im not just a mom!
I am a wife, nurse, driver, cook, doctor, therapist, life coach, guide, event planner, daughter, big sister, fengshui consultant, stager and soon to be colorexpert. 
Im a psychologist, cleaner, washer, finder of lost things, sockmatcher, cheerleader, and friend. 
On top of that I'm also a reader, a writer, photographer, globetrotter, memory keeper, a hugger, a listener and human. 
It's an extensive list and can be made even longer...
Looking at this list I realize there is a lot of skills behind those job descriptions. 
And still both my self esteem and confidence just disappears now and then and I doubt my whole existence inclusive such silly things like how I am as a person and professional skills.
Usually I just lean my head against my husbands shoulder, squeezing out a few tears while he is confirming his love for me no matter what, but it could be of use to be able to handle this down periods myself. 
They don't last long luckily but when they hit me, I wish I could just withdraw from everything.
I don't know if I'm alone feeling this way sometimes but if not, please hit me with your best tools and tips!


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