A horrible day...

A grey, stormy and rainy day like we are experiencing today sums up the mood I'm in due to one more horrible human action that took place in the US this morning my time here. 😱
Where are humanity going? Where are the love, the kindness and the caring?
Not knowing what to do and feeling powerless i escaped into wonderful memories from the summer. 
A place we always return to when in the summerhouse is Kaseberga, a little fishing village with a Viking grave as the crown jewel:)
( I actually don't think you are allowed to climb those stones but that night everyone apparently stood above rules)
The view is always beautiful, the ice cream always good and for some reason my kids always make my heart overflow with love there:)
We do prefer to go there late afternoon or even nighttime when crowd is gone and the place breathes peace and almost feels magical. 
I wonder if the people who does terrible things maybe never experienced love or magical places...
So while the storm is raging outside my house and pain has taken over the victims and their families I am trying to send love and hope from under my blanket while feeling extremely grateful for what I have. 
Hug each other and tell the important ones in your life that you love them!
Never give up hope!


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