First boat trip to Stockholm...

Despite the rain, cold and wind we took our boat out today for a little trip in to the big city. 
It took about one hour and a half one way but then we also had to go through narrow channels that slowed down the speed a lot.
Also remember we are beginners...
A focused captain!
On our return ride I was the captain.
Just sayin...
All the photos are taken from inside ( it was too cold for a non-Viking like me to stay out in the rain) so excuse some weird glare.
The pictures covered in raindrops I thought were as beautiful as without so could not resist including them. 
The cabin on the boat was doing a great job protecting us from the rain and cold but had a lot of big windows that allowed us not to miss anything going around outside. 
Thanks to our new addition of the boat I felt I was broadening my perspective of life looking at the land, with its buildings, from the water and once again I was hit by the beauty of our world:)
Ship ahoy!!!


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