Baby growing up.

My youngest is growing up!
She is outgrowing all her clothes, her toys and her childish way of being.
I don't know if I'm ready for that yet. 
Clothes and toys are interchangeable but to NOT have a little girl in the house anymore is tough.
I know clothes are interchangeable but its not so easy any longer though to buy new clothes for her beacause she wants her sayin. 
I think I know her quite well so mostly I pick stuff that is ok with her but now and then I have to throw in things like the pompon sneakers that I knew she would find irresistible, to get her in my direction.
I guess this time it was a hit:)
Regarding toys it seems like an iPhone is the only thing she needs 😬...
And her vanishing childish way of being...
I so wish there was a little pill I could mix in with her food to stop her from talking back to me, to stop her from delivering thoughtful and responsible actions that make me so proud and at the same time are just painful hints saying my daughter is getting older and soon will be an independent young lady. 
Exactly what the whole idea of raising a child is about but I guess the pain comes from the fact she is my last baby...
But, she is happy, has a pro-life approach and is giving so much love and laughter I am willing to look through my own agony and embrace every little change. 
With love!


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