My way to the gym.

Want to show you my new gym and my way to get there.
We are surrounded by water so almost wherever I walk I see this gleaming and shimmering surface. 
It does not really have to be a sunny day, it's still beautiful. 
My little gym is located just next to the water with an area where you can work out outside too when the weather allows. 
The road to get there takes me along the water and all the beauty and gives me an uplifting energyboost even before I'm exercising. 
The gym consists of two small buildings next to each other and in front of the little marina.
One house is for yoga, Pilates with a ball and spinning, and the other is more a workout room with some equipments to give appropriate resistance while working out. 
Its a wonderful feeling to squat, jump or whatever we do with that view. 
And if the sun is missing I just wear some bright colors and try to shine as bright...:)
Happy weekend!


Alltså vilken underbar promenad och så mysigt gym. Snacka om att få den där välbehövliga energin! Där skulle jag oxå vilja träna.

Svar: Det är såhär överallt här. Bara massa vatten, båtar o fridfullhet. 🦋
Maria Lacik

2017-09-08 @ 22:11:01

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