Summer memories...

It's Sunday and I'm looking forward to soon be heading down to my summerhouse. 
I need to just be, and our place down there is the perfect place to do just that. 
As a coincidence it's also my mom's birthday next weekend so will kind of kill two birds with one stone ( terrible expression in English I must say, a bit friendlier in Swedish ).
One of my favorite places to go for a swedish "fika" close to my summerhouse is located in a pedestrian area of the little town center of Ystad. 
With two hungry daughters one day last summer the pancakes were an obvious choice but they have so many delicious sandwiches, cinnamon buns, different pies etc and most of it are organic and ecological. 
The place itself offers charm, quietness and a haven from the busy street outside that little courtyard although it can be very busy too during summer season. 
Maybe it's not even open for an autumn treat?! 😱
We will find out, it's not the worst thing that could happen...
The memories of last summer's visit is still spreading a sense of feelgood and warmth in my body which will have to do just fine anyway in case its closed. 
Because who really needs to go there when a tea in my own summerhouse is more than enough?!
Please next weekend, hurry up!


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Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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