Worldly problems...

Now I'm in a phase where Its difficult to move forward at home. 
Its not done at all but I need time to think, feel and visualize my ideas.
Although my ideas are shrinking since one in our household is not very fond of my wild and crazy plans...
I am definitely in for a challenge and that's why everything is taking so long. 
I'm moving one thing here and there, swapping place with something else and I still can't decide which pillows will stay and in what constellation. 
Not to mention what kind of artwork will decorate that wonderful wall above the sofa. 
Our corner in the living room and the dining room are probably the rooms where most of the progress have been made but we still have a few more rooms...
Talk about worldly problems!
And we are only four weeks into our moving in.
There is hope:)
Now I'm going to cuddle up among all the pillows with a tea and some dreams...


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