A few days in my paradise

  Im back in my own little oasis. 
I’m breathing, relaxing and listening to the silence.
Love this place!
And of course I went for my usual walk along the beach.
The whole area was wrapped in a soft blanket of fog which smoothed out sharp lines just leaving magic.
Well almost 😉
The sun was trying the whole day to break through but never really made it.  
It kind of didn’t matter, I know it’s up there.
It is always so beautiful and peaceful here no matter weather, season or mood, just in different ways.
Just like life itself.
This time you could also feel some tension was building up in the nature, like it was slowly preparing for spring times to come. 
And I was here to experience all of it.
Lucky me!


just så här var längtan i 40 år innan jag permanent kunde bosätta mig i denna ron och skönheten igen. lyckliga jag med

Svar: Ja lyckliga du!!! ❤️
Maria Lacik

2018-01-28 @ 12:19:35

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