My kids

I found an old picture of the kids!
Almost 8 years old.
A lot has happened since then...
So small, so young and so cute. 
So innocent, happy go lucky and easy. 
Nowadays they are just a little different.
Small kids small problems and so on...
Hormones, annoyances and frustrations.
Love, care and affections. 
In a wild mix.
Im still so freakin proud of all my kids.
Their different characteristics, the way they laugh, their big hearts and their loyal behavior.
And sometimes so disappointed, so irritated and so tired of being a mom. 
But, the second I’m cursing them , maybe a liiiitle bit longer sometimes, I change my mind and embrace the fact that they are just stirring in some reality in my life, mostly bringing me sunshine when it’s cloudy and definitely are putting cherries on my cake. 
Unless they eat it first:)
I love love love the fact that they are making the world more beautiful, more hopeful and more happy just because they are who they are. 
And im their mom so I should know!


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