Two blondes and a ball

Summer is approaching and all of us seem to enjoy the outdoor life:)
Elvis has not been trying out our new pool yet but he likes to run around and play close to it so I guess it's just a matter of time till he either falls in to it or jumps in it deliberately. 
Sunshine, warmth and togetherness.
I don't know who enjoyed the play the most but I loved watching the two of them having fun together. 
Two blondes and a ball:)
My heart is getting bigger and bigger...


Today I want to let my dog shine here in cyberspace. 
I think I will never get used to the unconditional love that keeps on coming from him like there is no tomorrow.
But o'boy am i enjoying it?!
I am absorbing every hint of affection from that fury fluff ball. 
(Photocredit Max)
So happy, so puppyish and so dirty:)
After having been in the forest he walks down in the basement and into the shower and waits for me to rinse off the dirt...
So cute. 
His whole mind seems to be all about pleasing. 
At the puppy school I learnt that it is all about treats...
Whatever it is I buy it because that four leg creature is spreading so much wellbeing and happiness ( and bad breath according to Bella) in our family and who can get enough of that?!
How on on earth did we manage before we had a dog?

My puffy fluffy pooping puppy.

Now I feel I need some good advice from other dog owners!
My labradoodle puppy has turned into a labra"pooper"!
From having been ok ( with only a few accidents in remote rooms) till both pooping and peeing in the kitchen when unsupervised I feel that maybe I'm doing something wrong. 
He is like a Velcro on me and it suddenly strikes me that he might suffer from separation anxiety when I leave and that is why he is suddenly letting go of his "garbage".
He has the most gentle, positive and wonderful personality I could have asked for and I really don't want to cause him any harm by not being home 24/7 so I feel I need some tips about how to deal with this. 
II know setbacks are to expect but these "accidents" feels different so please hit me with your experience!!!
My puffy, fluffy pooping puppy.
So much to love!

preparing for the puppy...

At this side of the pond we are preparing like crazy for our much awaitened puppy. 
Toys and other important things are being bought, rules are created and dog walks are being practiced:)
Luckily I found dog bowls with a golden touch ( to satisfy the magpie in me), which I think will be a good start before I have browsed the whole "dog market".
Toys, poobags and a puppyish leash were of course of high priority.
A comfort blanket was added to the whole bankruptcy too...
A kind friend delivered a crate so that's also taken care of.
The rest will come with the puppy I was being informed. 
'How wonderful is not that?!
Like puppies for beginners or even "puppy for dummies".
Now we just have to wait one more night for the main character...

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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