An ordinary Wednesday.

I have the worlds best neighbor!
She provides me with information about my new neighborhood and she brings me to small pearls I would never find without someone showing me. 
If you can have something to eat there it's even more exciting:)
This little gemstone was one of them. 
A cafe with organic food served in a peaceful garden. 
My beautiful neighbor in action:)
They said the garden was full of peonies and other flowers during high season but now it was only green though.
But green has an uplifting energy and together with the tasty food and my wonderful company I had such positive experience and it gave me another reason to cling on to the fading summermonth. 
If the garden and the cafe were not enough you could also visit a famous former artist's home and look at different exhibitions shown in the house next door but I'm afraid that for me the food was more important this time. 🙄
I can definitely think of worse worse things to do a day in the middle of the week:)

Dog walk in "da hood".

We are so fortunate to have big reservation areas just around the corner from our house. 
And by we I mean me and my dog:)
Big forests, cliffs and water in a wild mix that takes away the stress, get your circulation going and pleases your eyes at the same time. 
It is so difficult trying to capture an object that is constantly moving so out of those three pictures of the dog i deleted twenty. 
Its anyhow what you want anyway, to have the dog run around, exploring and feeling a sense of freedom. 
And to be able to do that in such beautiful environment I feel that we (me and the dog) really are lucky ducks.
This is not a forest though where you can expect elves and fairies, more like trolls and dwarfs hiding behind a stump but they still belong to the good side so I guess my youngest daughter will now and then still keep me company. 😉
On the other hand my white furry fluffball acts like he is the king of the wood so no little troll has a chance to cause problems anyway:)

A magical evening

Such a beautiful weekend!
The sun has been shining like there is no tomorrow and the scenery outside my windows is like a painting. 
One of my sisters paid me a visit and while we were eating another magical thing happened. 
The most prettiest unicorn decided to join us for a little bit probably just to sprinkle some gold above us. 
It was a real one, it had wings, tail and a cute little horn. 
It seemed very busy though trying to capture the view, probably to show all her unicorn friends, and did not pay attention to us sisters. 
And "poofff" the unicorn was gone. 
But we didn't mind.
Not only did we have a wonderful time and tasty food but having a unicorn visiting us was really the cherry on the cake. 
Talk about a magical evening:)


Im going through my pictures ( definitely need to delete a few thousands...) and found a few of me and my husband's datenight in Ystad. 
Moments that go straight into my heart and from there just spreading warmth. 
We were so lucky with the weather that evening because the rained cleared up after we finished our dinner and we decided to go explore the neighborhood. 
So pretty place embraced in roses and the sound of waves, with houses like from a child book, a beach almost tropical and all this just a short distance from our summerhouse. If ever visiting, the place is called Knäbäckshusen and is located outside south of Kivik. 
I can never stop feeling amazed by this world's beauty and as we added some romance to it too that evening I felt our date was sprinkled with gold:)

Just sitting...

I've been waiting for this.
Air leaving my body...
Can't do anything but sitting in the sofa waiting for the energy to return.
I must say I do have a wonderful sofa and place to do such thing as just sitting:)
I also have a few places actually to choose from when in a need of contemplating and the first word that crosses my mind is gratefulness. 
Maybe it's ok to take a day now and then to do just that. 
To sit, think and feeling grateful. 
To reload, place the "musts" beside you and tell them in a firm voice to catch the moment too.
All of those places work absolutely perfect with a cup of tea in my hand too:)
Feel free to join me in my "just sitting" mood!

Reality is here!

Reality is catching up on us!
I feel like I've been hit by a truck. 
A huge fatigue has taken over my body and soul.
We have finally reached the days when the everyday routines are knocking on our door. 
School is starting!
For two days now the two middle kids have been "moving in" to their new school, meeting new friends, new challenges and hopefully a bright future. 
At this school all preparations and help they would need for success are served on a silver plate but the student's own effort is apparently something the school does not provide...
A lot of emotions, nervousness but luckily some excitement too...
And for some the real world immediately showed its "cruelty" by not having prepared the bed in the room but left that activity to the guest. 
They actually have to make their beds everyday, wash and change their bed linen on their own and properly clean the room once a week. 
Woohooo, miracles are to be expected:)
The oldest one is leaving tomorrow and that's when I brutally will be thrown in a new way of living. 
Only one child at home, new house, silence, old but long-time-ago-lived in country, new area, not so many friends yet, worrying, sending positive thoughts to the kids and so on. 
List can be long but clinging on to all those small but positive steps the kids are taking towards a more positive direction. 
"Everything is going to ok in the end, and if it's not ok, then it's not the end"!

Gucci decor on a Friday

Friday and I'm browsing the magazines and internet for home inspiration. 
I read that Gucci is launching a new eclectic decor line and I just fell in love with, not so much the products, but the way they used an artist ( Alex Merry ) depicting the line. 
(Pictures from Gucci)
The collection will include cushions, chairs, metal trays, candles, wallpaper and metal folding tables. Perfect items for an easy change in a room when needed although you have to save a lifetime to be able to purchase. It seems like the fragrant candles and some of the trays represent the lowest end of the price but you still have to pay around $ 200 ( 1600 sek ). 
For me it's definitely enough looking at these beautiful paintings though that remind me of something from Matisse. 
A rainy Friday I can't think of anything better than to sink into a world of dreams. 
Happy friday!

Out in the archipelago.

One day last week we escaped our unpacking and took a day out in the archipelago.
We took a boat and went for a two hours ride passing one beautiful island after another before we arrived to Sandhamn which was our destination. 
A few girlfriends were added to the family constellation so lots of love was in the air and kind of beautified our day. Sandhamn is anyhow such a pretty little island which radiates "Bullerby" feeling but having ❤️ beaming from  our boys eyes definitely took the atmosphere to another level:)
The sun was shining and so were we:)
The whole day was so nice and so well needed that I still have a sweet aftertaste of it which makes the chaos at home much more bareable. 
Im saying it again, our world is so beautiful and I'm very fortunate to be able to experience it. 

Livingroom in the making.

900 boxes unpacked. Check!
Everything from those boxes has a place. Not!!!
Focusing on what pillows to use in the sofa or which color to add on the wall and other more fun "problems" than where to put all our stuff that has been overflowing our new house:)
Someone in our family could not care less:)
I have millions of pillows in different colors and textures so I have a hard work (!) ahead combining everything into a balanced mix. It's easier if I put them out so I can get an overview but all of them did not even fit 🙄 in my very long sofa...
To be continued.

Moved in!!!

I just had to take a break!
I checked out from all media, barely checking my mail and almost never answered any phone calls.
Only focusing on unpacking 900 boxes...
And finally we can see the light in the tunnel:)
Its chaotic and it's stressful but it's some of those things that will later create comfort, coziness and life to our house so it's worth it. 
Its 900 boxes from a bigger house so we kind of have a few problems fitting everything in though. 
But I'm sure our house will in time turn into a home too.
Now and then I lift my head from a box just to catch a glimpse of the water and all the activities going on outside our windows. 
And then I continue unpacking with a smile:)

Sweden's most southern point...

There are a few things that I have to do every time I'm here in my summerhouse. 
One thing is to go visit the very south end of Sweden. 
That little tip of the country always offers different sceneries depending on the weather, wind or time of the day. 
I prefer to do the early night "shift" since there are less people and the light usually would turn into something magical and I get the feeling of walking around in a painting. 
All "objects" seem to catch the visitors attention and could be worth taking pictures of:)
Plus, if you are not too late ( we were) they serve both smoked fish and creamy ice creams...
Happy eyes, happy tummies and happy visitors. 
Life is good.

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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