The spring effect

This passed Easter holiday we were spending in our other home made me open my eyes for our new house in Stockholm. 
I walk around in my rooms just feeling in the atmosphere.
Much more positive now than before. I wonder if spring is involved in that? 😉
The sun welcomed us back and seems to continue to sprinkle a golden glimmer to everything around me. Even peoples mood got a dose of that positive energy judging by all the smiles greeting me:)
I decorate with fresh flowers all over and open the glass doors to the back.
The easiest way to lift the energy in a home. 
Of course to clear all the clutter is also important but I’m happy to cheat a little and enjoy the effect spring still has on me and our house. 
Maybe it’s going to be good in the end?!
My house and me:)

Fun, funky and quirky

It’s time again to share some fun, funky and quirky news from Ikea. 
This time they have created a collection in collaboration with Bea Åkerlund, a stylist who has styled stars like madonna, Beyoncé and Rihanna for example. 
The collection features everything from a B shaped lamp, a studded leather chair, lip-shaped cushions and large glass hats to 3D shaped jewelry displays, a leopard printed rug, hangers and a few more ‘essentials “. 
(Pictures ikea)
Black, white and red sprinkled with gold. 
The idea is for people to have a little fun in their lives, the stylist says. 
So from March 2018 Ikea lovers, you can add some eccentricity to your home:)

A house of inspiration

As I told you before I am far, stylewise, from the minimalistic Scandinavian functionalism and embrace a more warmer and richer style. 
My heart skips a beat when I find homes that show signs of like minded people.
This is a beautiful house that was for sale here in Stockholm earlier this fall.
(Pictures Per Jansson fastighetsförmedling)
I love the mix of old antiques and modern furniture as well as the wild colors, patterns and different materials. 
Not to mention the terrace...
I can so picture myself in one of those chairs wrapped in a blanket with a big cup of tea in my hand:)
Yup, a little slice of a not so traditional Swedish home!

Still the same...

All quiet on the western front.
Absolutely nothing is happening in our home.
Its still the same pillows, same furnishing and same kind of “just moved in” atmosphere.
With leaves falling down I feel the inspiration took the same way...
Maybe I’m suffering from a light version of a fall depression.
We are still waiting for the architects to come back with The solution.
Till then it feels a little unnecessary to invest in colors, furniture and paintings so I just keep on refilling my vases to at least get some uplifting energy going:)
But still, honestly, we have roof above our heads, food to eat, beds to sleep in and love to share with each other.
Should‘nt that be enough?!
I do believe the right pillow should be in that equation though:)

Ambience in pictures...

Just read that this coming winter will be the coldest in 5 years...
Luckily we have December with all its warm lights and decoration wrapping us with a soft and cozy blanket making us believe that it’s actually not so bad.
HM home delivers the same message with their pictures:)
( pictures HM Home)
Love the mixture of traditional and glamorous as well as the mix of simple and grand and sumptuous.
Think of how far a single twig in a beautiful vase can take you ambience wise...
Right now I’m happy just experiencing the feeling through pictures though:)
Happy new week!

Beautiful apartment for sale

I love browsing houses for sale!
It is a great place to find inspiration without buying expensive interior magazines.
Most of the homes are very Scandinavian with its light and straightforward yet functional way of furnishing.
But sometimes you stumble upon something else...
And my eyes begin to sparkle:)
(Pictures from Per Jansson Fastighetsförmedling)
This apartment gives you a very warm, comforting and embracing feeling we all need when it’s getting colder outside.
And they definitely get away with that dark color painted up on the ceilings too.
Yup, could move in any time but since we just bought something else the inspiration only will have to do:)


We are right now busy trying to find the best way to makes changes to our new house. 
I think I'm the one to blame for that but I really don't like it and did not do it from the beginning either.
It has a wonderful location but the house itself is a mess, both style wise and energy wise and im struggling finding peace...
I gave in for the other members of the family, who like Iike it, by following the advice "we can always change a house but not the location".
So now we quickly have to decide what needs to be done so we can start our project. 
Architects are involved and so far it seems they are listening to our needs and the feeling we want to accomplish.
Never underestimate your gut feeling...
If we just can give the house clean lines instead of this conglomeration of different styles, think Mediterranean mixed with the marine,  I think we are heading in the right direction. 
Stay tuned...

Pizza restaurant dream

Browsing internet for new pizza restaurants. 
With the colder weather comes the need of warm and cozy places to eat if you don't want to cook yourselves.
Some in our family are very fond of pizza and I happened to stumble into a newly opened pizza restaurant that not only are serving good pizzas ( reviews) but has an interior design that really matches the cozy criteria as well as my dramatic mood:)
Street meets elegance!
Love it!
I so hope also the pizzas meets my expectations because unfortunately interior design is not enough to keep me alive:)

H&M Home Christmas 2017

I am right now in a very dramatic interior design mood with gold, velvet and luxurious pieces. 
So when I came across our own H&M Home's Christmas collection I felt the pictures spoke right to my heart. 
I love the Downton Abbey ambience, I love the grandiose and and all the warmth that radiates from the pictures.
( pictures from H&M press)
This is photos that make me want it to be December.
And I want to live in a castle:)
Wonderful, atmospheric, classical and so inspirational. 
More is definitely more this year!

Ikea's Eftertanke

Ikea is doing it again!
They teamed up with social entrepreneurs in Thailand who are using business as a way to make a positive change in their communities. 
This collection is made with local materials and traditional ceramics, paper making and weaving techniques.
( pictures Ikea)
Not only is Eftertanke ( reflection) a collection of handmade, graceful and high-quality textiles, ceramics and paper creations. It also creates decent jobs for women in areas with not so many opportunities, that helps them earn a sustainable income that will give them a chance to educate and care for their children, gives them independence, and a possibility to create a better future for themselves. 
Me like!!!
Way to go Ikea!

Worldly problems...

Now I'm in a phase where Its difficult to move forward at home. 
Its not done at all but I need time to think, feel and visualize my ideas.
Although my ideas are shrinking since one in our household is not very fond of my wild and crazy plans...
I am definitely in for a challenge and that's why everything is taking so long. 
I'm moving one thing here and there, swapping place with something else and I still can't decide which pillows will stay and in what constellation. 
Not to mention what kind of artwork will decorate that wonderful wall above the sofa. 
Our corner in the living room and the dining room are probably the rooms where most of the progress have been made but we still have a few more rooms...
Talk about worldly problems!
And we are only four weeks into our moving in.
There is hope:)
Now I'm going to cuddle up among all the pillows with a tea and some dreams...

Just sitting...

I've been waiting for this.
Air leaving my body...
Can't do anything but sitting in the sofa waiting for the energy to return.
I must say I do have a wonderful sofa and place to do such thing as just sitting:)
I also have a few places actually to choose from when in a need of contemplating and the first word that crosses my mind is gratefulness. 
Maybe it's ok to take a day now and then to do just that. 
To sit, think and feeling grateful. 
To reload, place the "musts" beside you and tell them in a firm voice to catch the moment too.
All of those places work absolutely perfect with a cup of tea in my hand too:)
Feel free to join me in my "just sitting" mood!

Gucci decor on a Friday

Friday and I'm browsing the magazines and internet for home inspiration. 
I read that Gucci is launching a new eclectic decor line and I just fell in love with, not so much the products, but the way they used an artist ( Alex Merry ) depicting the line. 
(Pictures from Gucci)
The collection will include cushions, chairs, metal trays, candles, wallpaper and metal folding tables. Perfect items for an easy change in a room when needed although you have to save a lifetime to be able to purchase. It seems like the fragrant candles and some of the trays represent the lowest end of the price but you still have to pay around $ 200 ( 1600 sek ). 
For me it's definitely enough looking at these beautiful paintings though that remind me of something from Matisse. 
A rainy Friday I can't think of anything better than to sink into a world of dreams. 
Happy friday!

Livingroom in the making.

900 boxes unpacked. Check!
Everything from those boxes has a place. Not!!!
Focusing on what pillows to use in the sofa or which color to add on the wall and other more fun "problems" than where to put all our stuff that has been overflowing our new house:)
Someone in our family could not care less:)
I have millions of pillows in different colors and textures so I have a hard work (!) ahead combining everything into a balanced mix. It's easier if I put them out so I can get an overview but all of them did not even fit 🙄 in my very long sofa...
To be continued.

A botanical dream...

I have been in a green wave since very long. 
I just love the different green hues, plants and the uplifting but calming energy it radiates. 
And with all that rain we have been experiencing lately all the greens are in full bloom:)
Again our big Swedish company HM home are spot on ( my opinion) and is releasing their Botanical dream.
I just want to wrap myself in all that green and fuel up on the calming, healing, balancing and relaxing qualities the green color stand for.
(Pictures hm home)
Don't forget the other elements though in order to create balance but actually the tree element ( green color) is one of the most common element people are missing in their homes, so feel free to go green!
Be inspired and go get at least a green twig to bring in some nature.
More green to the people I say!

Monkey business...

My youngest daughter has a favorite store here close to our summer house.
And I'm not the one stopping her from going there either...
Its a store with everything you can think of and then add a little more.
No food though although they carry candy and cookies.
In my way of thinking you can never have too many plants, pillows and candle holders.
It was kind of a gloomy day yesterday so i had my tentacles out for candle holders and happened to stumble over this irresistible little Buddha monkey. 
So cute, so calming and so peaceful. 
Worked well on our kitchen table both with and without food.
A superficial but well needed little addition to our family:)
Love my daughter for "dragging" me there. 

One of my design projects...

I thought you maybe wanted to have a little sneak peak of one of the interior design projects I've been working on.
Its been a rewarding ( sometimes frustrating) journey filled with aha moments and love. 
It has involved colors, furniture, style and ambience in close interaction with my clients. 
This room is still not finished but I hope everyone is getting a feeling for what its going to look like.
My clients were looking for a traditional and entertainingfriendly style.
For some reason the picture does not show the right colors but regardless it is a big change from the original look. 
It was a room with great features that just needed some updating and some new furniture that would invite people to come sit for a while, breathe and take a break from the everyday rush. 
Sometimes it can be good to be drastic...
And it's amazing how powerful color is:)

Tuesday advice

To rearrange my coffee table gives me sometimes a lot of new energy.
So easy and so simple and yet so effective. 
Just move a little vase here and add another pair of candleholders there...
Then move around the pillows and fluff them up and finally make yourself a cup of tea and just sit and relax in your "new" living room. 
When everything else is kind of chaotic around you it's good to have like a safe haven...
Yup, rearrange, relax and recharge!
That has to be my tuesday advice:)

My summerhouse is on sale...

Our summer house is for sale!
Our wonderful, peaceful oasis is available for other people to purchase. 
A weird, sad and unhappy feeling has taken over my soul.
(Pictures Villan och våningen)
Of course I understand why...
Its just that sometimes my brain and my feelings don't really cooperate.
This summer I'm going to take in every moment, breath in every little gust from the sea and feel every little sandcorn from the beach under my feet.
And I wish that the next owner will experience the same magical feeling of this place that I've done and treat the house the way it deserves.
Maybe I will put a little spell on it though...
But don't tell the new owner:)

Beautiful cleaning.

As the housewife I am 😉 I have developed a passion for good cleaners, handsoaps and handcremes. 
Right now I'm obsessed with Murchison-Hume products. 
I got the tips from a beautiful friend I will owe her forever for that:)
Love love love the fragrance that is lingering around long time after I stopped cleaning. 
And it does not help that the products are people, pet and planet friendly.
I like the idea of not only changing the food our family are eating towards a more healthy direction but also be able to use healthy alternatives to traditional cleaning products. 
I normally don't really enjoy cleaning but suddenly it is fun.
And beautiful.
And smells amazing.

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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