Brunching in Bryant park

A couple of days ago I took my two girls in to Bryant park in the city to meet up visiting friends for brunch/lunch.
Just a couple of hours of good food, good laughs and good catching up.
Pure quality time so to speak:)
It is such a beautiful place to hang out in and especially during the warmer seasons when the area is filled of different kinds of people, all with the same purpose; to have something to eat, drink or just watch all those interesting people passing by.
The girls were still on speaking terms with each other despite being at the end of their spring break, our friends embraced us with open arms and the food was good so our hours in the city turned out to be a jack pot:)
I love moments like that!

Marimekko at Target

I love when the world ( in this case USA ) brings in a little slice of the scandinavian cake for everyone to taste. 
Now Target has teamed up with the Finnish design house Marimekko and will be selling more than 200 playful and ,for Marimekko, typical printed pieces spanning from swimsuits, outdoor decor and furniture to beachwear, paddle boards and entertaining essentials. 
So Marinekko fan, this is your chance to indulge for not so much money:)
( pictures from Marimekko-Target)
The Marimekko brand was created to bring happiness and color into people's everyday lives and only those words will make me go the nearest Target and look for some happy printed items:)
And the good thing is I can do that already from April 17!
Maybe I will see you there:)

Spring is here!

Spring is here!
I can feel it in every cell, every vein and in every smile!
I can feel it in all the bursting buds, the brittle greenery and in the mild wind caressing my cheeks.
I feel it in the need of changing the light green color of my face into a more sun kissed look.
I feel it in the kid's outdoor activities. 
I feel it in the air embracing, encouraging and energising us. 
Yup, Spring is here!!!


Last night Bella and I realised we never finished painting the easter eggs. 
I found an idea on Pinterest about using nailpolish and we hurried to the farmacy to get what we needed.
It did not turn out the way it looked on the internet but still good enough:)
And Bella was happy...
This is how we made them:
We chose the colours we wanted and then put a few drops of the polish in a small bowl with warm water.
Put the egg in ( we used plastic eggs) and roll it over and let dry.
Very personal and not one identical to the other. 
The glitter polish was difficult to use and did not dissolve the way the the plain colors did but apparently just the thought of it made Bellas face shimmer of excitement so mission accomplished anyhow:)
Now we have a basket full of individual eggs.
Some colourful, some glamorous, some spotted, some uneven but all with a great deal of personality and very beautiful in their own way. 
Just how i see the world :)
Happy Easter!!!

Bye bye Sweden

Our Sweden trip is over for this time!
Heading back to the states later...
In my baggage I keep all that love family and friends have shown us by welcoming us with open arms and just embraced us with all this warmth and genuinity.
I also keep my daughters sisterly love ( and fights), endless walks along the sea and a loooot of chocolate:)
I keep that magical light, the colours of the beach huts and fun times from the indoor swimming pool. 
In my bag I have also room for the sunshine, the beauty and all that togetherness we have experienced.
But most of all I have had a chance to show my love for those I'm close to and to have moments of just being. 
I cold not have asked for a better content of my baggage:)
Bye bye Sweden till next time!

Hug each other!

As soon as we get here I always need to walk down to the beach to make sure everything looks like it used to. 
To make sure the waves are rolling in, that the sand is still white and soft and that the boats laying on the beach still will be there. 
These days, when the world around us is so ugly, sad and devastating, I kind of need that comfort nature is giving me and the beauty and the purity the shoreline provide...
There is something with the colour of the sky, sea and sand, and the consistency of the course of nature that still bring hopes and dreams about a better and peaceful world.
At least that is what I want to believe and will never give up hoping for.
Meanwhile I'm hugging my kids a little more often, a little tighter and telling them how much I love them!
And I give all of you an extra hug too just because...

Candleholder need

Here in this little town where my summer house is located we have a wonderful store ( Ohlsson's bazaar) that sells everything from napkins and candles to toys, candy and sandals to very attractive prices. 
I love to go into that store, walk the aisles slowly so I don't miss anything, and then compare my need to what I find in that shop. 
So far I have never managed to walk out from that store empty handed...
This time two sets of candle holders found their way to my heart. 
Instant love!
Fun, harmonique and very versatile candleholders in my eyes.
Easy to place and will bring either a little twist or just pure serenity to the room. 
Thats one of my little tricks to add a touch of ambience to my home.
But next time I go into that store I'm sure I will have created another need that I just can't get too many of.
I saw some vases actually...

Quality times...

One of the reasons I'm here is to see, hug and be around my parents. 
We have during our stay here now worked out a routine for every day that seems to be the perfect fit for all. 
Still jetlagged we sleep till noon and then we do our things and around dinner time my parents are joining us for  dinners the Swedish way ( read meatballs or other typical dishes we have been missing) either at our house or at their place. 
Between all the food, we make sure there is room for laughs, serious talks or just being together.
Its wonderful to be around them again although it feels we have not been apart at all, we just continue where we left.
The same jokes, same stories and the very same big love for each other. 
Quality time with my parents...
Me like:)

Greetings from Sweden

Days are floating by and so do we. 
Everything around here is asleep, all the shops in the "touristic areas" are closed and recharging for the coming high season.
Its quiet, beautiful and extremely peaceful. 
Till we enter the place that is...
I guess they felt they wanted to jump, dance and give voice to that "spring scream" in order to help speed up this coming season:)
When the girls are in this mood the sea surface seems to be sprinkled with diamonds, the sun is more golden than ever and the birds look like flying hearts. 
For an ordinary Thursday in Sweden I have absolutely no complaints:)

Among the molehills

Ahhh it feels so good to be here!
To see my parents, to eat what I've missed ( apparently a lot) and to just follow the rythm of my body seem to be the right thing for me to do at the moment.
I feel like my body and soul are wrapped in a soothing and soft blanket.
Somebody in "da hood" might not be as happy as I am though for being around...
I've never seen such big molehills...
Its like the moles are on steroids.
Of course they are dancing down under since they have got the whole place to themselves when we are not there but is this really such a good idea?!
We are talking about my husband's "putting green"!
Ha! Dream on baby:)
Anyone having a good advice of how to "steer" them somewhere else?
All tips are welcome :)

Sweden here I come!!!

I can not really describe that bubbling feeling which right now is running through my veins while I'm filling my suitcase with the last pieces.
I and my two daughters are bound for Sweden tonight!!!
Going to give my dad a big hug after he found out his radiation treatment came out successful. 
Going to give my mom a big hug for having been such a support.
Going to give the whole world a big hug just because...
Going to breath swedish clean sea air and listen to the swedish birds while they are singing a tribute to the coming spring. 
Going to stop time for a while and catch every moment i can.
Going to indulge cinnamon buns, real bread and swedish chocolate. 
Going to embrace genuinity, peacefulness and life.
Going to Sweden!!!

Seven years ago...

Seven years ago this little girl decided to enter the world. 
Seven years ago my heart once again overflowed with love and happiness. 
Seven years ago our family got complete...
This little girl who is so full of laughter, humour, stubbornness, kindness, curiosity, positive energy and independence. 
This little girl who joins our adventure wherever we go and whatever we do with the same wonderful attitude. 
This little girl who takes on every activity with full focus and concentration. 
For seven years we have been going through ups and downs, laughs and cries, singing and tantrums...
For seven years she has been delivering hope, enthusiasm and a never ending love. 
For seven years she has been sharing, contributing and adding to our family life. 
For seven years she has brought flavor to our life!
Hippy happy birthday Bella!
Always stay the way you are!

The key to younger -looking skin...

To be a middle age woman in her best years requires a lot of outer help.
A lot of outer help.
Since I'm not yet ready for needles and fillers I have to try other ways...
Apparently its not possible to improve my skin with only vaseline. 
But now I might have found the key to restoring younger, healthier looking skin (!)
Its just that I seem to need an arsenal of those to cover my needs.
All the bottles have to be taken in a certain order, different every second day...
They are numbered so i don't get confused...
I've been doing this now for almost a month and every day I'm eagerly watching my self in the mirror expecting to see the signs of
-a more refreshed look 
-a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
-a beautiful younger -looking skin
Ha ha who am I fooling but my self?!
On the other hand, if I didn't try or giving it a chance I might have missed out on something...
At least I have made my skin doctor happy who probably is laughing all the way to the bank:)
The funny thing is that at the same time I'm trying to tell my daughters that it is the heart people are seeing and not the wrinkles in their face.
Lol !
I have also told them not to open my bathroom cabinet...
What a genuine hypocrite I am:)

A woman's ( me) day

To kind of "celebrate" the international woman's day yesterday I decided to continue my chosen path of being rebellious :)
Strike is still on and due to the warm weather I went for a non-chore day, grabbed a book and found a sunny spot outside where I enjoyed the spring caressing my cheeks. 
With the trees budding, bird singing and here and there promising leftovers from last years warmer month the whole nature was  screaming SPRING TIME, ENJOY WHILE IT LASTS!
And since I'm a big fan of seizing the moments (and still feeling rebellious) I decided to do just that.
All the cleaning, washing, groceries, emails... everything I put on hold.
I read my book, enjoyed the warm sun and listened to all the signs of the coming spring while trying to suppress the responsible side of me wanting to finish all my "musts".
Weirdly enough It was not very hard... Ha ha
I felt both mischevious and fantastic. 
A perfect tribute to a "woman's day"!

I'm on strike

Yesterday I decided to go on strike for an indefinite time.
I will only be cooking for myself and non critical, positive and grateful people in my family. 
I will continue to cook healthy, tasty and yummi meals that my body just go acrobatic of pure happiness for it to digest.
Food that my kids unfortunately sometimes not even want to try, taste or give a chance...
There is absolutely no point at all for me to spend hours in different grocery-stores to get the best quality, healthiest choice or most varieties, having the best for my family in mind, and then they will not even taste it because it's not meatballs, spaghetti carbonara or chicken nuggets.
I seem to also have developed a severe allergy ( itching, irritation and tiredness) to frowning, the question "what are we having for dinner" and then an extremely disappointed face when it's nothing of the above mentioned, and the noise of the microwave heating up different food then what I'm cooking before I've even finished what I've created. 
Yup, all that time I spend trying to bring home good alternatives and varieties from the stores will suddenly be of a much quicker character, chicken nuggets and ready made meatballs are easy to find, specially if they are full of hormones, additives, and cartilage...  ( I so loooove all the time I got on hand now...), 
And all the love I use trying to get the best and cook the best, I will keep to my own meals and store the rest for future needs...
If I know myself this strike might only last till tomorrow but for now Ive had it!

An "eggstra" special morning...

Sometimes your heart turns into a soft and warm melting lump.
That happened today when I got home after Olivia's lacrosse tryout. 
The oldest and the youngest of my kids apparently decided to help speed up the Easter spirit by painting the most beautiful eggs together. 
The eggs were dressed in artful costumes, carefully created to beautify our existence during Easter.
And completely their own initiative. 
Those two have a very special bond and it is wonderful to see how they complete each other and despite the age difference they still make each other grow.
Moments like this I keep in a well protected area of my heart and when there's a need of a reminder I just go in to that part and search for a suitable experience...
I must say its kind of packed in there now:)
Lucky lucky me!

Friday flower advice

I love Fridays!
Already when I wake up in the morning I feel a little tickling in my tummy knowing the weekend is coming up. 
A good way of kind of strengthening that positive feeling is to fill your home with flowers. 
At least one bouquet.
And here's my inexpensive advice for achieving a beautiful and rich composition. 
Just purchase a bunch of your favorite flowers at the supermarket and then buy some green leaves and twigs.
Mix them together in a vase and "tadaaa", you suddenly got a very personal flower bouquet that will not only add good energy but also a wonderful feeling of having created something on your own.
When im in a gap before getting new fresh flowers I use fake ones...
As long as they give you an uplifting and happy feeling anything goes I would say.
Not dried or withered though, those might give you bad energy.
Yup, that's my advice for starting the weekend in a good spirit:)
Bread feeds your body and a flower feeds your soul:)

Science project presentation

Today Olivia presented her science project she has been working on for a loooong time now. 
The students had to choose a subject, come up with a hypothesis and then try to prove it right or wrong and present the result in front of an audience. 
I was so impressed!!!
I could not believe my ears listening to all the students very professional presentations. 
To stand in front of people and the "jury" with that confidence, that natural and relaxed performance and so much knowledge It was hard to believe they are only 14 years old. 
Five minutes and a few questions from the jury or audience later, this whole hype was over.
Weeks of tears, banging doors and late nights are over and hopefully my daughter ( and her family) will get some peace in their mind now...
Cheered and supported by her friends I think Olivia was able to throw her nervousness in a corner and just went on that stage and nailed it. 
So so proud of her and very grateful that I was being able to participate and share this moment with my child. 
I would never have been able to do what Olivia and the other students just did and I just love how the school here already from the beginning builds up a relaxed and confident approach to speak in public. 
One small step but a big experience richer.
I bet she will sleep well tonight:)

Inside the bags...

I know at least two parents who are dying to find out what actually was inside all the shopping bags during me and my sisters visit to the big mall. 
I can only show what I bought though and leave the rest for my sisters to sort out with my parents:)
And yes it is as randomly as it looks. 
No plans behind but an immediate and strong love at first sight. 
A beautiful plant pot which will add life and texture to wherever I place it. 
A scented candle for a warm and cozy feeling...
Another vase ( can not have too many vases) that puts an extra level of beauty even to a green twig.
And a pair of sneakers that definitely will add some glamour to my training and health. 
Nothing special but still means a tonne to me because whenever I lit the candle or put my sneakers on I will always remember my sisters and their visit here.
You can't buy happiness for money but at least my purchases reminds me of the happiness I felt having them here...

They came, they saw they went...

Suddenly the weekend is over and I have dropped of my sisters at the airport. 
Left is a feeling of an immediate emptiness but since my heart is filled with sisterhood, love and laughter I can just "snack" on those memories when needed and I will feel enriched again. 
Unfortunately most of the pictures were blurry ( too much laughing probably) but my memories are the more sharp. 
We have been chatting, laughing, jumping, eating, fooling around, squeezing out a few tears, sofa hanging and hugging. 
We have been "Central parking", sightseeing busing, walking, laughing even more, enjoying, shopping, Boathousing, exploring and experiencing. 
But most of all we have been together...
So despite a lonely feeling from being "left" I'm kind of fueld up with sisterly love and happy bubbles in my heart. 
So rooten spoiled having those sisters:)
Thank you so much for everything you add to my life!
Till we meet again...

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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