All quiet on the kitchen front...

This is almost starting to be ridiculous..
It is so slow so I can watch the paint dry:(
But, it is Friday and the sun has been shining today and I also got my lights for above the island installed. 
So I will try to be positive!
Its a beautiful thick glass pendant in dark grey with a tubular bulb that also is dimmable. 
The bulbs enhances the golden colour of the vaulted ceiling and make it glimmering. 
It will be so wonderful to constantly have the sun up there...
Just think of how lifegiving the sun is and how many yummi meals will be created under that sun:)
If the kitchen ever will be finished i have to say.
Anyway the glass pendants make a nice modern contrast to the otherwise so traditional kitchen. 
Me likee that a lot:)
So light fixtures above the island . Check!
I guess any progress no matter how much is still progress. Just slow progress...
On the other hand they promised i could start moving in my things if I keep it to the bottom part and leave the cabinets. 
I think I can do that. 
I think I also know what I will be doing the rest of this evening:))

Swedish inspiration

Now when our renovation seems to look at an end I feel the urge to find ideas and inspiration for the rest of my home. 
Nice kitchen obligates nice rest of the house!
When I saw that the swedish queen of stylists ( Lotta Agaton) is selling her apartment I thought I maybe could find ideas from her home. 
I mean she is a professional after all...
Also it could be nice for non-swedish people to have a look in a typical swedish home created by a woman with the "feeling from her fingertips"!
I think it is a beautiful mix of the 1800th century building style combined with the modern furniture and objects she has surrounded herself with.
Its clean, fun and "live friendly". 
I definitely can feel inspired from her home and maybe even pick a few ideas and apply in my own house.
I love the sheep skin on the bed and the contrast between the wooden stools and the sleek sofa for example...
So if you happen to have a few coins ( or millions) leftover from somewhere and want to buy an apartment in the central of Stockholm it might be a good time now to hit the accelerator. 
Yup now you know how the stylist of the stylists in Sweden lives ( at least till it's sold)!
(all pictures from Alexander White)

Swedish inspiration

Doing dishes

One big difference in my life right now is the possibility to do my dishes in my frustrating-so-close-to-be-done kitchen!
Since a few days back I'm heading into that area with my dirty dishes instead of into my bathroom. 
Such a luxury!!!
I know I might risk to be accused of child labor but the thing is that Bella and I suddenly really enjoy this everyday routine and who am I to take away all that fun for her...?
With a smile that would melt the snow outside I definitely think she is entitled to help out:)
I do the porcelain and she does the plastics!
By the way the plastics are from my wonderful neighbor who turned up with a chicken chilli, rice, homemade corn muffins and a loaf of banana bread.
A home cooked meal!
How awesome is that!?
Luckily the rest of my family is not on a challenge so they could enjoy EVERYTHING!
Their lucky ducks 😜!
I had the chicken and all her love in that gesture so I was actually fine too:)
While Bella was enjoying herself I could not stop myself from trying out how the kitchen would look like with things in it...
My conclusion is, with only (for now) the teacups resting on the countertop and the teapot on the shelf, it is going to look FABULOUS!!!
I really can't wait any longer!
Unfortunately something needed to be fixed with the stove so they postponed our "moving in" another week...
Then I took the opportunity to ask them to replace the white grouts with a light grey to make the beautiful tiles more visible. It got too white all together...and since we anyhow have to wait another week. 
Well well!
We do have a warm house, electricity, indoor bathrooms and soft beds. 
Not bad either...

Funday Sunday!

Today all the schools were closed due to snow and will continue to be even tomorrow.
King winter has really decided to go all in...
So yet another day has been spent inside while the winter storm been busy covering the world in an even thicker blanket. 
But Sunday was a special day!
Bella's good friend's little sister turned 1 year! Hooray!!!
And to celebrate that the parents had arranged for a big party almost the Greek way ( they are Italian) where they invited family and friends for a get together and something to eat. 
The theme was The little Red Riding Hood and my beautiful friend had spent days preparing all the goodies. 
There were jam in small jars, chocolate cakes wrapped in their own designed paper with the name of the little birthday princess, lollipops, cookies and cupcakes all with the same theme. 
The hosts had rented the whole restaurant which got filled till it almost bursted.
They have a big big family but they were able to also squeeze in a few friends ( read me...).
The food was absolutely delicious and yes I decided to jump out from my challenge only for that day since my friend had worked so hard to please everybody invited 😜.
OMG how I enjoyed!
I just had to try everything so I had both pasta, Italian bread and different pastries...
I so miss eating all this things and it for sure put a little golden edge on my Sunday!
And some bloating and rumbling noise from my tummy in the evening...
Now I got so excited remembering all the good food I almost forgot to show the main person for the day!
This is Aurora I year!
The most beautiful little red Riding hood I ever met!
Not to mention the rest of her family with a mom that lightens up the darkest room.
If all people would have had that big and generous heart the world would have been singing...
A part from delicious food they also had a little arts and craft corner for the kids and live music playing happy Kid songs that made the blood in the kids veins so bubbly they just could not do anything but had to sing and dance along. 
I guess all the moms, dads, ants, grannies and uncles and you name it were able to squeeze out a little tear in that moment:)
What a nice experience!
I left that place with my tummy filled with life quality, my heart filled with love and that little basket filled with goodies.
A Sunday packed with fun and "sun"!
(ps Bella attended yet another party after this one so she really got her "funday"!)

A visit from King Winter

This weekend I woke up to a world wrapped in a soft white blanket!
So so beautiful and such a welcoming break to the usual grey scenery. 
I spent almost the whole day inside doing a little bit of this and that but more of doing nothing:)
I did enjoy though my daughter and her sleep-over friends company before they headed out for a hide-and-seek game down the road.
I love listening to teenagers way of looking at life:)
So innocent and undamaged...
After they had left the next load of friends of Max arrived for some snowball fight!
While they went out I continued to enjoy the peaceful silence inside, having absolutely no intention at all going out in the cold.  
Now and then I was interupted by some giggling sound ,from the outside snowball fighters ( Bella included) ,that penetrated the walls and made me thank King Winter for bringing some healthy entertainment to the kids. 
Its amazing how much pleasure the snow brings in the beginning and so beautiful the world becomes.
Later during the day the snow was melting and the trees were left with only fluffy cotton balls instead of the solid white fur in the morning but it did not matter cause my mind was already sprinkled with snowflakes that gave my Saturday a dreamy touch. 
Yup a wonderful Saturday it was!
Tomorrow I'll tell you about my Sunday...


Not much blogging this week, too much life came in between...
In this very moment though, I'm enjoying a peaceful meal alone in my soon-to-be finished kitchen!
It has been a couple of days with a lot of frustration, irritation, headaches and "sweet"dreaming but today is the first day I have not noticed any flying chocolate covered pretzels or sea salt caramels In front if my eyes...
No muscel weakness, no pounding in my head and my usual patience is on its way back. 
So I'm feeling goooood:)
And I feel goooood knowing that the countdown has started for my kitchen. 
We are almost there ( a very frustrating "almost" though), just a few things like lights, electricity, adjusting of shelves and top coating of the floor. 
In 10-12 days it will be done they say...
The landing area just in front of our back door also got a maker over and got this nice!
Black and white checks that goes beautifully with the nut brown wooden stairs and floor. 
Also the girls bathroom is finally soon done too!
A shower wall in clear glass, some lights, hooks and towel hanger and we can check that on our list :)
It seems that the world continues to spin despite me having a few obstacles to tackle and I'm so so grateful for that. It removes a heavy weight from my shoulders and a big lump of guilt from my mind. 
Today it is Friday and the weekend is going to be great!!!
I have only 49 days left on my challenge ( not that I'm counting 😜) and from now on it will just keep on rolling...

Whole life challenge

I have in a weak moment accepted to take on a challenge!
A challenge that involves small steps towards a healthier lifestyle. 
A challenge that involves no sugar, more exercise and a bigger intake of water during the day. 
Already the idea of doing all that ( before action) is a HUGE challenge for me. 
I signed up for the "easiest" one, the kick start, thinking I'm not a big fan of shocking my body and the other two options required so many changes that I would probably become a zombie following all the restrictions...
I don't eat too bad and I include a lot of healthy choices throughout my days.
My problem is that I add chocolate to my meals. 
My problem is that I add too much chocolate...
Since I like routines and I have found what satisfy me I crave the same thing everyday and twice a day. 
I will finish every lunch and dinner with a big chocolate covered pretzel and a handful of sea salt chocolate caramels. 
If im out for lunch and miss my daily intake I make sure I'll get it as soon as I get home as a snack instead. 
Otherwise I feel sick!
Till now!
I still feel sick though and for the same reason. No chocolate intake. 
But I have finally taken the decision to fight my sugar need and I can tell you it took long time and I had to slowly pull that idea out while begging, threatening and using simple common sense to persuade my self to change. 
And now I'm here!
Despite my intention to not shock my body...
This is my third day without sugar!
I have headache, I'm irritated and have "ants in my pants"!
My body is probably poisoned by all the sugar and is taking out a big revenge on me for not providing it...
A long with all this suffering also comes the challenge of drinking more water and to exercise more often. 
As if the "no sugar" thing wouldn't have been enough!
My family are just laughing at me and don't believe I'm going to succeed but I will show them!
56 days of no sugar, more water and more exercise. 
Only 53 more to go...
Small steps ( huge to me) towards big changes!
Who said I chose the "easiest" way?
I want to punch that person in the face...
Im climbing a mental Mount Everest now...
And hopefully I will make it to the top so I just can slide down later:)
Im tired to death but know as soon im falling asleep I will dream about chocolate covered pretzels and handfuls of sea salt caramels. 
But I will let it stay a dream 53 more days. 
Thats my whole life challenge. 

A rainy Sunday!

It is unbelievable how much rain can come down a sunday like today!
A non stop pouring of heavy drops mixed in with ice, sleet and snow. 
Just sending a thought to all new- become dog owners whose excitements of the new family member suddenly might have cooled down...
I kind of like when it rains this heavily though...
Its an unofficial approval of not doing anything , just sit back and relax, contemplate and let the time stop for a little while...
We took the opportunity to go in to the city to look for bar stools and lights, thinking most of the people would stay home doing this nothing...
And I was right!
It was a smooth ride in, we found the barstools and lights we wanted so check on that!!!
A quick ride back and now it is our turn to enjoy the noise from the raindrops while sitting in the sofa with a cup of tea within reach:)
Despite the rain New York never lets you down. 
It still delivers that magical feeling...
It seems to be telling me that " no matter what, I'm here"!
Not all of us are gifted with a private sun either!
Someone who constantly keeps a smile in her face and make us look at the world from a different level and angle. 
Someone who will dry a wet heart in seconds and gives you the feeling the sun is always up...
Yup, according to me the most perfect Sunday!
A lot of rain but with the sun still present:))

Tulip day!

In Sweden we celebrate Tulip day today January 15!
It is from now on the official tulip season and all swedes can enjoy this beautiful little bringer of happiness. 
And what is better than to bring in a vase of these flowers in our soon-to-be kitchen?
I just could not resist to find out what tulips would look like in my new "living room"...
I love tulips!
They make me feel happy with their vibrant colours and alert leafs. 
They can really lift a whole room wherever they are with all their positive energy.
As a single one in a small vase or a big bunch of them in a bucket, it does not matter, the effect will be the same...
The alert one notices all the progress that has been made lately. 
Shelves, hood and tiles have been or are being put up/installed. 
Finally it seems we can see an end of this project...
We can also see how amazingly well the tulips go with the countertops...😜!
How well they so natural find their place on the marble and so proudly sending out all these positive hopes and promises about a coming spring. 
And a finished kitchen!
Hooray for tulips!!!
tjing tjong

Botanic garden...

Now and then I become a wallpaper "sucker"!
When my eye catches something with a pattern or some colours my brain feels attracted to I immedeately abandon my usual clean and sleek taste. 
I think I secretly feed a passion for the bold and life embracing because it probably matches my inner chaos, though it needs to be tamed in order for me to not go completely wild and crazy. 
But when I see ,like in this case beautiful floral prints, I allow my self to let some of that passion out and It feels so good in that very moment and I start thinking creatively. 
This new collection from the Danish designer Helene Blanche is inspired by the wild vegetation in the garden with buddy flowers and winding branches. 
I just loooove the way the pictures have been styled and they make me want to put wallpaper on every single wall in my summer house. ( i come to think of summer when I see them)
These two latter ones remind me of the prints from William Morris and his beautiful house in Oxfordshire in the UK and those memories are very positive...
To have a combination of Danish and English on a swedish wall feels very tempting:)
Anyhow it it is wonderful to see that despite the busy design the pictures still somehow pass on tranquillity. 
I wish that would go for a busy mind too...
I better lock that passion in again because now I feel like painting the kitchen ceiling in gold...
Blah blah blah
Time to go to bed!
( pictures from Flugger)

Countertop, check!!!

So a beautiful cold but sunny Tuesday the much awaited countertops finally arrived!!!
First came the truck with the slabs!
Second came two pickups with the rest of the countertops plus 14 "gnomes"...
Only to get the biggest slab in took for ages and required removal of doors and furniture...
 First trial did not work out so they had to back out in the hallway again to discuss further solutions...
I can tell I felt sweaty ...
Second trial went better and they managed to get the whole slab in and to slide it in place. 
1700 lb (800 kg) stone beautifully crowns our kitchen island now thanks to all 14 "gnomes" that showed us what real teamwork really is about. 
Im so thankful for these , in my eyes, heroes that helped us to set this big milestone...
From now on its only downhill!!!
Even a few of the kids could suddenly see the light in the tunnel:)
(and it's not an incoming train)
This is the sign it's only a couple of weeks left...
I have started my countdown!!!

Las Vegas part two

After coming home and attacked by ice rain it feels good to look back to a fantastic weekend in the desert of Nevada. 
Since it was the first time there I'm full of impressions...
This weekend has been filled with:
( photobombing warning)
-Nightlife and excellent restaurants
A non stop and 24 hours party feeling with loud dance music coming from speakers built in in flower pots or pavement, elevators and shops. Already when you wake up in the morning after being out in a club ( note to myself: don't forget to take off the reading glasses!) the music is there inviting you to start all over again. 
And the food!
The best chefs making the best food for the most choosy gourmand...
Or simply just for people like me:)
-A trip around the world.
We have traveled from Paris to New York to Italy and on our way we also passed the castle Excalibur...
Vegas is pompously, flashy and completely but wonderfully culturemixed and that also means no one will feel left out:)
-Malls and hotels.
Majestically and  impressive hotels with connecting casinos and malls with an outstanding range of goods from souvenir shops to Ferrari stores and everything in between. A paradis for everyone with gambling and shopping desires!
The Venetian hotel and mall had even a painted sky in the ceiling to really give the impression of being in Venice.
We passed through malls with the ceiling covered with flowers or decorated with stunning floral sculptures. 
All the decorations were made of fresh flowers and gave me the feeling of walking in a botanical garden placed in a fairytale. 
So so beautiful.
-Friends, fun and happiness!
This trip has of course also included a lot of laughs, love, friendship and grown up togetherness. 
The purpose was to celebrate two youngsters big birthdays and I think we managed pretty well.
In our friends we had the most perfect guides and they showed us really the best Las Vegas had to offer. 
Its good to know that there is something for those not interested in gambling too...
A city made for spending money in one or another way but a city worth a visit. 
Especially together with special friends!!!
Las Vegas was on my bucketlist and I can now proudly check that from that list. 
Been there done that! Check:)
And remember, 
what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!
But also on facebook, and Twitter...

Las Vegas part one

Finally finding some time to give you an update...
This is our last day of a funfilled and actionpacked birthdaytrip!
I have so much to tell and show so I will have to split it up so you don't choke of all the pictures and information:)
So we met up with our friends since the other husband also turns 50 this month and on our schedule was :
Exotic racing!
We had bought them 12 laps on a racing course with top of the line cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini. 
They ended up buying extra 15 laps and extra cars and claimed they had their time of their lives. 
29 laps that put a smile on their faces for the rest of that weekend:)
Indoor skydiving!
So . Very. Fun.!
Such an awesome experience that gave us enough adrenaline to feed the hospitals in the U.S.:)
High roller!
From a pretended flying experience we were still high on adrenaline so what is better then continuing on the High roller?!
550 feet up ( ca 170 m) in the air with the whole city underneath. 
Up there you get some perspective on your life...
Speaking of heights!
Cirque du Soleil's show the Beatles Love with high flying performances to the music of Beatles definitely ended our adrenaline filled day in style. 
What a show!
Colourful, actionpacked and beautiful at the same time!
Between the activities we were able to squeeze in wonderful dinners. 
(This picture is for you Christel)
Me as a glamorous sausage!!! 
I managed to crawl into it and were still able to breath and enjoy the excellent birthday dinner. 
I must say though I'm happy it's not a dress code for MKAmoms!
Such a relief to take it off and slip into my pyjama and let everything hang loose again:)
To be continued...

Las Vegas here we come!

On our way to the big bubble now!
Butterflies are rumbling around in my tummy and I have ants in my pants:)
Holy macaroni how excited I am. 
My sausage skin is packed and so are the shoes that are going to carry me through this experience :)
Whoot whoot!
Here we go...

Today was the day...

Today was the day for the marble slab to be delivered!
Today was the day for the countertops to be installed!
Today was the day for setting a milestone in our kitchen progress. 
Today was the day the marble slab never arrived!
Today was the day they didn't install the countertops!
Today was the day that caused another delay of the finishing date:(
Today was the day where we all waited in excitement for what was scheduled for this particular day!
Today was the day when extra people were called in to help carry.
Today was the day we found out they are still working on the stone so no delivery:(
Today was the day the kitchen area steamed of disappointment. 
Today was the day the kitchen looked hurt and abandoned. 
Today was the day the kitchen felt like a graveyard. 
Tomorrow is the day where we will move on. 
Tomorrow is the day we will make our thousand change in our plan.
Tomorrow is the day we (I ) will again start looking forward to next delivery time. 
Yes, tomorrow is definately another day:)

Flower power again!

Now when Christmas is over, christmas tree and decorations gone it felt so good to buy home two big bunches of roses.
Incredibly beautiful, perfected in its form and in 50 shades of pastel.
With two big bunches I was able to spread some rose fragrance and happy pastel colours everywhere in my home where there was a need of an energy boost or just for the beauty itself. 
It is such a powerful energy lifter and I feel so good surrounding myself with this kind of loveliness.
Since im putting the flowers here and there in my house I do not risk to miss the effect flowers have on me which in another words means that I'm feeling happy wherever I am in my house.
Pretty nice feeling I would say:)
What more is positive is that they look good in whatever vase you might have, even if they are just put in a glass of water, they will definitely bring out the same beneficial effect.
No " happy pills" needed for my sake. (yet)
Flowers do the job just fine...:)
That is pure flower power!!!

"Good choice"...

Since I'm lately trying to pay attention to what my family and I eat in terms of quality, organic or environmental friendly food I appreciate what a Swedish department store ( Åhléns )has been doing for a while.
To raise awareness of that you can actually surround yourself in every room in your home with products and furnitures which are friendly both to the environment and to humans this chain of stores , as a campaign, have furnished an apartment which they offer to rent out.( it's actually fully booked )
A "good choice" means that the product is recycled, produced with a social responsibility ( fair trade), organic, eco-labeled or approved by the "asthmatic and allergy association".
All these criterias are being fulfilled in their "good choice" products, everything from bed linen, fabrics, cuttingboards, shower gels , body lotion, clothing and much more. 
With this campaign they want to show the products in their right environment. 
Its a wonderful idea and definitely inspires to think one step forward...
To combine design, beauty and function with a nice way to treat our beautiful world, that's my cup of tea:)
I believe I very easily can cut my organic tomatoes on an Eco-labeled cutting board or dress my duvet and bed in organic bed linen...
Not only will I be surrounded by beautiful and useful things but also my heart will make a little dance knowing I have been nice to the world. 
A very good way of starting 2015!!!
( pictures from Åhléns)

A visit to Brooklyn

Two weeks of holiday is over!
Two weeks of fun, family, friends, lazy mornings, laughs, late nights, and togetherness!
One of the days in the new year we took the car into the city and got a nice surprise...
It was completely empty!
Roads were clear, no traffic jam ( almost no cars at all), and sun was out:)
We immediately took the opportunity to cruise over to the Brooklyn side...
It was so so cold but I have learnt there is no bad weather, only bad clothing...
My little one seemed to have learnt that too...
She made a very wise choice...
It almost felt like driving in a ghost town...
But we were very grateful because that gave us a chance to really look around and in peace once again admire the beauty of this city.
I have never been to Brooklyn but got very positive vibes from that part of NY. 
With the cityline of Manhattan across the water, the blue sky and all the flags greeting you it felt very welcoming and inviting. 
It is something with this city that feels magical and every time I go in for a visit I get filled with excitement and hope of some kind... ( no analysing at this point thanks)
Also Brooklyn woke up that magical rush through my veins...
These last pictures were taken from inside the car so the colours look weird but at least they show the grandness of the "big apple". 
We took a bridge over to Brooklyn we had never taken before and went back through a tunnel that also was new to us but brought us straight into the Freedom tower. 
We finished up with a lunch at a local trattoria that was more like a whole in the wall but served delicious pasta that spread this warm feeling in my tummy and melted my frozen heart like ice in the sun. 
An amazing day in an amazing city!
Yup, life is good!!!

A glamorous sausage...

Soon and very soon ( next week) i will be heading to probably the most well known "bubble" in the world, Las Vegas!
A birthday trip for my dear husband that I'm looking so much forward to I feel like a kid waiting for Santa...
So to meet up the glitz and glamour I have invested in glitz and glamour!
I have ,against better knowledge, bought my very first bandage dress that I will try to crawl into...
Im sure though with all spandex out there on the market I will find a suitable armour that can tighten, lift, tuck and hold in everything that's me even though I will probably look like a sausage...
But at least a very glamorous sausage:)
This is also where the shoes come into the picture. 
They represent three of the glitzy elements as in silver, gold and copper and I hope they will divert the attention from the sausage down to my feet instead. 
With those shoes on ,my feet can take staring...
I got a little practice in Miami regarding the glam but then once again within a very short time swap my pyjamas or velour tracksuit for a dress and high heels feels very exciting although strange.
I'm sure though I will fit in perfectly well among other sausages even though I will have to make sure not to be over cooked with all that equipment underneath my dress...:)
And I will feel safe knowing my pyjamas will be waiting for me!

This year's first kitchen update!

Floor is stained, doors are being painted and backsplash and faucets decided on!
What better start of the new year could we have asked for?!
( an already done kitchen would my other half have told me...!)
But this is the year with less complaining and more encouraging so I will go with my version:))
Here A seems to be asking himself everything from "how on earth did they do/think/managed this???
They are very meticulous but very slow although if I would have to choose one of them I would of course prefer them being meticulous.
On Wednesday they will come and install the marble slab for the island and the rest of the countertops.
Also beginning of next week the fridges, freezes and pantry will be installed and hopefully also my stove...
After that it's time for the backsplash, fan and faucets...
Yup, I'm counting the days now...
Even the family room floor have been stained in a beautiful nut brown tone, the same as in the kitchen, and it is almost magical the way the light dances on the floor.
Its again covered in paper though which to me means they are going to do some work in that area. 
A very good sign I would say...
Now the whole process is on hold due to tired craftsmen, but okey I understand they also need to rest...
Just walking pass the kitchen everyday is so complicated though because on one hand I'm so frustrated with the slow progress and on the other hand so so excited in seeing the tendency of a finished kitchen grow in front of me. 
But I guess that counts for balance in life too...

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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