New pictures of puppy to come

Today I got new pictures of our little "baby"!
He is so fluffy I want to hug him the whole time, Bella said. 
'And he already grew so much!
His "due date" is next Friday and I'm starting to be a little nervous...
From the pictures I can tell that he seems to be into agriculture or just culture because he is always pictured in a flower bed. 
He also seems confident behind the wheel...
'I wonder how I can make him feel happy at our place?
So many things to prepare and buy before he comes. 
Everything from a bull's penis to a bed, blanket, toys, educational toys, the right food, leash, crate, comb and everything that fits into the world of a dog. 
A complet jungle...
I so need advice, a list or something to guide me so our little puppy is off to a good start in our family. 
Hit me with whatever knowledge of dogs you have!

Our summerhouse before and after.

I was going through my photos from our summer in Sweden and thought it might be fun to show you some before and after pictures from the house there. 
They started to rip out everything in March 2013 nd around six month later it was at least possible to sleep there.
Then it took another six month before it was considered done.
its kind of weird because I have been taking so many pictures of the house and yet I could not find the ones I wanted...
So we changed the color ( it had to be yellow though according to the "rules") to a lighter snd more silent tone.
We changed the metal garage door for a proper veranda door in glas and played around a little with the windows. 
On the balcony we added a railing just because...
It was also difficult to find picture from the exact right angle but I think it's good enough. 
Its kind of easy to see that there is a slight difference between now and then...
We opened up another window where the old sink was, to get in more light.
We removed walls, closed doors and moved one of the fireplace in to the dining area from the room behind the kitchen. 
We put in wooden plank floor instead of that plastic "nightmare".
It was a project that took place while living abroad so many decisions might not have been thought through properly but I think all in all we managed to create a house that fills our hearts with feel-good vibes and a sense of pure happiness. 
I feel so grateful and so spoiled!

The beauty of a flower

Yup, monday and i have kickstarted the week with tonnes of flowers.
An absolutely amazing way to cheer up the first day of a long week.
The rooms got dressed in warm energy-filled colors which gave each room it's own little sun:)
Again I bought a couple of bouquets at the supermarket, mixed them up with green "fillers" and sometimes also with what's left in the garden.
From there you can only create magic...
Fill up the vases you too and enjoy the uplifting energy of the flowers.
I can promise the week starts off in a more positive and friendlier way that will set the tone for the whole week. 
Long live the beauty of a flower!

Dress time!!!

Today I got so excited because I was going to have a dinner date with my other half and that required me to change from my usual "pajama" outfit to a look-nice-pretend-you-are-a-lady kind of dress.
And I so sometimes love to dress in a dress:)
Its like taking a sneak peek into another world...
Like having that candy as a child that was only allowed on Saturdays.
Taking an adult break in a world that circles around the kids.
Just being a grown up...
The heels, the color of the dress, the company, the weather yes everything just got me to want to bottle that feeling and drink it later when in my "pajama"  and my flip flops battling a tired daughter in the mornings or a hormonal teenager or anything that makes you want to be somewhere else.
A normal life sprinkled with gold!
So grateful!!!

The orange has landed...

Be aware, the orange has landed!
Despite me having officially welcomed the fall I still was not prepared for all that orange which almost attacked me today at the garden center.
Maybe it is the warm weather that kind of delays the true feeling...
Anyway, all those pumpkins definitely made a statement:)
All the stores always seem to be in such rush to get us into the different upcoming feasts mood long before it's really the time for it. 
Actually behind all these Halloween decorations I already spotted boxes of Christmas decorations...
Strangely enough, i usually try to live after the "seize the day" motto, but for some reason I'm very easy to affect and can go straight into planning for future celebrations too.
Halloween is not really my thing though but a couple of pumpkins will always end up on the steps outside my entrance door. 
And I guess I will have a few to choose from...

To clear my clutter

With the idea of fall in combination with bad conscious a desire to clean the clutter was born. 
My goal is to do room by room but in order for it to be manageable I will only do small changes at the time. 
So my walk-in closet became my first target...
I worked with three "keys" in mind.
Things I have not used in years.
Things that don't fit any longer.
Things that are broken, washed out or just look unfresh.
I managed to get five big piles...
My daughter was worried I would give away things she could fit in or wanted so she had to check everything out first and give me her opinion of what I should keep or not:)
The only thing I have to do now is to find matching storage bins, a nice chandelier and curtains to give the room a  feeling of luxury.
To clear the clutter meant I created a chance for new fresh energy to enter that room and as an extra plus I now have room for more shopping:)

Shame on me!

Shame on me!!!
Ive been so busy dealing with life from different aspects I lost track of the dates and completely forgot about my moms birthday. 
Her 75th birthday.
First time ever...
Last time ever! (!)
My beautiful and wonderful mom has raised a daughter who completely failed to deliver this time. 
The embarrassment and devastation I feel I can not describe in words...
It can only be experienced although its not recommendable.
Phew, how do I make up for this now?!
I mean I have been using the telepathic line as well as the phone line and sent flowers but still...
'I was not there, neither physically nor mentally, during her day.
Shame on me!
(note to myself: put alarm on my calendar to get a notice in time)
What a nightmare...

Today I welcome fall.

Today I decided to welcome the fall. 
Ive been clinging on to the summer with a desperate hope for it to stay longer but I can not deny the fact that there is a change in the air.
I can hear it whispers from the trees, I see birds and their families moving away and the wind is no longer soft but a little more aggressive and pushy.
Its still warm outside but a slight change in colors are definitely noticeably.
So today I'm welcoming the soon to come colder weather, a glowing nature and good excuses to drink hot chocolate with whipped cream. 
I like the idea of crispy air, warm sweaters and boots.
Im also looking forward to more heavy food, lit candles and the silence from the quiet air conditioning.
Monday, the weather and my mood.
Everything aligned.
Yup, today was a good day to welcome fall:)

Golden moments

Instead of being at a wedding in Spain I've been home dealing with life.
It's amazing how much that actually fits into that word...
Luckily I also had "golden" moments:)
Two beautiful pieces of , in my eyes, art moved in to my house and created an instant shallow feeling of happiness.
The vase which I just had to buy once again.
I accidently broke the other one in million pieces long time ago but never found a similar vase again that could create magic with whatever that was put inside it, so I'm really glad with my decision to get a new one.
And then the candleholder...
Despite the leaning candle (!) I also think of it as a beautiful sculpture.
When the candle is lit that sphere of golden brass becomes like a halo and almost creates a spiritual aura in the room.
Me like!
So not being able to cheer for the newly married I cheered myself up with sunshine, flowers and other kinds of "golden" moments…
Sometimes that has to be good enough.

In in the middle of a postcard

When we dropped Alex off in Colorado we took the opportunity to go visit the Garden of the Gods.
A National Natural Landmark which consists of towering sandstone rock formations against a scenic backdrop of Pikes Peak. 
It was stunning!
Luckily, since we not really were dressed for hiking, we were able to follow a paved path with no more challenges  than the signs warning for rattle sneaks if leaving the path...
Do I need to mention we stayed on that path the whole time?!
A weird but magical place.
Nature is such a powerful element and have a tendency to fill me with reverence.
Mountains have always had an appealing attraction to me and in this case I almost got the feeling of walking around in a postcard (!)
It's definitely worth a visit when in Colorado Springs. 
Magic mountains.
Me like!

Let there be light

As a Viking, light is a very imortant ingredience in the pot of life in order for me to feel good. 
So when the rooms in my house are greeting me with sprinkles of gold in the morning  I know I'm definitely set for a good start. 
All those golden rays are slowly finding their way into morning tired eyes, half sleeping brain and are softly waking up my heart by its warming appearance.
'Not so long after,my whole inner is smiling, and this is when I see my kids and tell them good morning. 
I guess sometimes they too are grateful for the sunlight because now and then even them are able to squeeze out a smile.
I mean, there is almost no better way to start off the day.
At least for a light starved Viking :)

Instant love

So yesterday I announced our future addition to the family and tonight pictures of the very one arrived. 
I just had to share them here.
How is it possible that this little creature could create so much instant love?!
So many bubbles in my tummy?!
From a picture?!
I just can't wait to bury my nose in his soft fur.
Or to be embraced by a puppy's love for life.
Always be greeted with happiness...
And so on...
(will not mention all the work right now though, for now it's hidden behind that cute baby look)
We do have to wait another few weeks before he enters the door to our kingdom but for sure he will definitely be a candidate for the throne:)

Voff voff...

Its official, we are expecting an addition to the family!
This one has four legs and barks though...
Many years of silent telepathic persuasion from my side and more open nagging from the kids finally paid off:)
Our new little member will move in late October and from then on our life will change. 
A labradoodle is what we decided on and I CAN"T WAIT!
Just saying...
A lot of work yes, but unconditional love, constant company and welcoming new routines. 
Best thing though is my dear other half actually thinks it's going to be fun.
That my friends is one of the worlds wonders and makes this dream -come-true thing even more enjoyable. 
Shared joy is double joy. 
To to be continued...

The power of a flower.

Yesterday when I sat outside working for a little bit I realized that I had my Friday bouquet just in front of my eyes. 
It is so lush and green and all the flowers are competing in being the most beautiful ones.
Just the best "office" you can ask for:)
To have all this beauty surrounding me a Friday afternoon really set my mood for this upcoming weekend. 
I actually live in the middle of a giant bouquet!
Live and vibrant good energy.
The power of a flower:)
Its Saturday morning now and I have a feeling this weekend will be good.

Our fairy hike

When my daughter is lacking ideas of how to entertain herself, her iPod is about to swallow her and the weather is inviting, I always feel nature is calling.
We have so many beautiful places to explore and this time we went out to search for fairies...
Flip flop mig not have been the best choice for a hike though but when the rest of my daughter is dressed in a good mood and a big smile it's kind of a thing you have to overlook.
Unfortunately we did not find any fairies but now we know where they live:)
A beautiful way of spending time together, being outdoor,  get some circulation in your legs and together enter another world which can take you as far as your own imagination reach. 
Me like!!! ( and Bella too 😜)

School time!!!

Finally the time has come when you wave goodby to your kids in the mornings.
With a big smile in your face.
The time when routines and habits are back in full swing. 
 Finally the time has come when the house turns quiet and you are able to finish a thought.
When there suddenly are a few hours where you can allow yourself to finish your own never ending battery so that you later can recharge fully and meet the world ( read kids) as a new mom. 
Finally the time has come when the reality is challenging the kids again and that dreamworld the summer is, just becomes a wonderful aftertaste in your mouth.
I feel so grateful being able to indulge in both those worlds although this new school year is extremely welcomed...
'Now my holiday starts...

Fun in the city

The long weekend is over and no storm or rain spoiled the last piece of holiday although it was threatening.
With two kids less we decided to pay a visit to the "city" with Central Park and the zoo on the list. 
That little zoo is like an oasis in the already green desert of Central Park. 
It is so lush, green and welcoming you just walk around ( with the rest of americas inhabitants) feeling good:)
Its not big, but it's small (!) and just enough to see without being exhausted. 
Not to mention the excitement of rollerblading through Central Park. 
With one superheroe on each side it is possible to do magical tricks:)
The rest of the weekend went in the same lazy way but mentally I think the kids are now preparing to get back to school, homework and early mornings. 
I believe I'm the only one looking forward though...
Actually, I can not wait for them to go back!!!
Bring them on!!!

Cool and loved

Friday again!
I love this day!
The ending of the weekdays and beginning of the weekend. 
Flowers in blue and pink are placed all over to help set the mood.
Blue is cooling us down and creates calmness and in this hot weather it is definitely calling for some attentention. The pink I use where I want to feel loved, nurtured and cherished. So in the living room I very often use the pink since I sit there a lot. 
Also in the entrance I use pink so people entering the door feel loved and welcomed. 
What at a wonderful way to start the weekend, feeling both cool and loved. 
Yup, an easy feel good tips that creates good energy for the weekend:)

Beach fun

What is better to do a sunny Wednesday than going to the beach?!
To squeeze out the last few drops of the summer is done best at the seaside if you ask me.
The smell, the sound from the waves and that feeling of freedom that immediately comes with endless beaches and water.
The creativity followed the kids all the way to the beach too.
They prepaired and put in a lot of time and effort to set up a little store at the beach with handmade signs all over the beach to show the way to their little store.
Unfortunately the interest did not seem to match their anticipations but with that eagerness, determination and follow through they showed us, the moms were more than willing to buy something from their selections. 
To give the girls something to start with...
'And to keep them smiling:)
With spring in the legs, sand in between the toes and the body wrapped in sunshine and a salty taste from the waves I guess we could say we still got a little taste of paradise. 
Not too bad for a Wednesday:)

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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