Ship ohoj!

So it seems we finally have decided on what boat to trust to carry our family on the seven seas 🙃.
Many marina walks, boat fairs and internet research later I think my dear husband is comfortable in his choice. 
And I am too, as the landcrab I am:)
Many docks later this was actually the last one in search of THE boat.
Someone in our family focused on technical talks and other important stuff...
...while I was admiring the beauty of the white against the dark clouds...
...and the rest was enjoying the comfort of the boat:)
From next week the whole Swedish archipelago will be shaken and stirred by these landcrabs trying to manouver their new boat and trying to find their way around the islands. 
At least we will be protected from rain and cold, have a boat with safe driving characteristics and other positive features that hopefully will turn us all into skippers 😱  
Whoop whoop, ship ohoj!

H&M Home Christmas 2017

I am right now in a very dramatic interior design mood with gold, velvet and luxurious pieces. 
So when I came across our own H&M Home's Christmas collection I felt the pictures spoke right to my heart. 
I love the Downton Abbey ambience, I love the grandiose and and all the warmth that radiates from the pictures.
( pictures from H&M press)
This is photos that make me want it to be December.
And I want to live in a castle:)
Wonderful, atmospheric, classical and so inspirational. 
More is definitely more this year!

Long time no see...

I am so fortunate to have so many beautiful people in my life.
And when one of those people, my "mom" from the family I was an aupair in London for like 30 years ago, then decides to pay me a spontaneous visit, I feel I won the lottery. 
She has since then always had a big place in my heart but it was a few years now since I last had the pleasure of enjoying her company. 
She is a wise, loving, loyal and absolutely beautiful human being who also loves my passion for desserts (!) and I'm so proud and happy our roads crossed that long ago. 
A few intensive hours later, where we just took off where we left the last time, we had managed to give an update of our lives, laugh, eat and get that sense of affinity that is so valuable. 
She came with sunshine, flowers and hugs and made my day the best!
I am just one lucky girl!

Baby growing up.

My youngest is growing up!
She is outgrowing all her clothes, her toys and her childish way of being.
I don't know if I'm ready for that yet. 
Clothes and toys are interchangeable but to NOT have a little girl in the house anymore is tough.
I know clothes are interchangeable but its not so easy any longer though to buy new clothes for her beacause she wants her sayin. 
I think I know her quite well so mostly I pick stuff that is ok with her but now and then I have to throw in things like the pompon sneakers that I knew she would find irresistible, to get her in my direction.
I guess this time it was a hit:)
Regarding toys it seems like an iPhone is the only thing she needs 😬...
And her vanishing childish way of being...
I so wish there was a little pill I could mix in with her food to stop her from talking back to me, to stop her from delivering thoughtful and responsible actions that make me so proud and at the same time are just painful hints saying my daughter is getting older and soon will be an independent young lady. 
Exactly what the whole idea of raising a child is about but I guess the pain comes from the fact she is my last baby...
But, she is happy, has a pro-life approach and is giving so much love and laughter I am willing to look through my own agony and embrace every little change. 
With love!

Ikea's Eftertanke

Ikea is doing it again!
They teamed up with social entrepreneurs in Thailand who are using business as a way to make a positive change in their communities. 
This collection is made with local materials and traditional ceramics, paper making and weaving techniques.
( pictures Ikea)
Not only is Eftertanke ( reflection) a collection of handmade, graceful and high-quality textiles, ceramics and paper creations. It also creates decent jobs for women in areas with not so many opportunities, that helps them earn a sustainable income that will give them a chance to educate and care for their children, gives them independence, and a possibility to create a better future for themselves. 
Me like!!!
Way to go Ikea!

Sunday funday

Feeling a little wild and crazy the other day we decided to go biking on rail bikes at abandoned railways. 
An easy but different way to explore the nature. 
The sun was shining so it was a perfect day to enjoy the early autumn together. 
Remember we are in Sweden, hint hint, look at the clouds ahead of us...
Optimistic me claimed it was not going to rain and my pessimistic other half thought it would be better to bring umbrellas in case...
Was I kind of grateful in the end?!
Thats how we complete each other.
But, the biketour took us 16km ( 10 miles) through beautiful meadows, over small rivers and down in a valley and offered a varied environment and lots of fresh air.
Not to mention the numb muscles after our race back to the dry car:)
So despite the rain it was a wonderful experience and I can highly recommend to try it. 
Sunday funday!

At my summerhouse again

Im here!
At my summerhouse again. 
My little paradise. 
It's still wrapped in the aftermath of the summer, same green colors of the trees, same shimmering sea but no people, no open ice cream bars and no traffic jam. 
My usual walk along the beach offered the same pleasure and beauty, only more quiet and tranquil. 
We eat, sleep and let everything takes it's time.
We are just being. 
We have a beautiful place in Stockholm too but this house here in Ystad has another and deeper meaning to me.
I also do think it's great to change your environment now and then and kind of zoom out from everything else for a couple of days and for me my summerhouse is just perfect. ( Bella is nodding so I think she agrees)
Peacefullness, family and beauty. 
A wonderful combination:)

Peaceful morning...

I love to wake up everyday knowing I have another wonderful day ahead of me but some mornings are even more beautiful than usual. 
I was just a little too late this one morning to capture the day with morning fog but still it gave me such pleasure looking out the bay.
So peaceful, so soothing and such a beautiful start of a day.
No noise from cars, no wind, just quietness and the soft air caressing my cheeks. 
This peacefulness I will bring down to our summerhouse now too to kind of set the mood for this upcoming weekend. 
Beauty, peace and togetherness. 
So grateful!

Color studies

So now I have found enough peace at home so I can continue my color course and hopefully be done with it by next week. 
Its a new world presented to me.
I really have to put my thinking cap on and beat my brain:)
Forget that black is black and pink is pink. 
There are hundreds of descriptions and name of similar hues, tones and colors. 
Is it a lot of black in it, yellow or can you call it pure and why?
It is so interesting and it makes so much sense and I find it so important to learn the secret of all this so I can help people choose the right color and have them avoid a second round to the pain't shop.
I read somewhere that almost half of all paint sale are generated from people picking the wrong color 😱
So what I'm learning in this course seems to be very important and I feel so excited to be one of the "enlightened" ones.
When I'm done…

Summer memories...

It's Sunday and I'm looking forward to soon be heading down to my summerhouse. 
I need to just be, and our place down there is the perfect place to do just that. 
As a coincidence it's also my mom's birthday next weekend so will kind of kill two birds with one stone ( terrible expression in English I must say, a bit friendlier in Swedish ).
One of my favorite places to go for a swedish "fika" close to my summerhouse is located in a pedestrian area of the little town center of Ystad. 
With two hungry daughters one day last summer the pancakes were an obvious choice but they have so many delicious sandwiches, cinnamon buns, different pies etc and most of it are organic and ecological. 
The place itself offers charm, quietness and a haven from the busy street outside that little courtyard although it can be very busy too during summer season. 
Maybe it's not even open for an autumn treat?! 😱
We will find out, it's not the worst thing that could happen...
The memories of last summer's visit is still spreading a sense of feelgood and warmth in my body which will have to do just fine anyway in case its closed. 
Because who really needs to go there when a tea in my own summerhouse is more than enough?!
Please next weekend, hurry up!

My way to the gym.

Want to show you my new gym and my way to get there.
We are surrounded by water so almost wherever I walk I see this gleaming and shimmering surface. 
It does not really have to be a sunny day, it's still beautiful. 
My little gym is located just next to the water with an area where you can work out outside too when the weather allows. 
The road to get there takes me along the water and all the beauty and gives me an uplifting energyboost even before I'm exercising. 
The gym consists of two small buildings next to each other and in front of the little marina.
One house is for yoga, Pilates with a ball and spinning, and the other is more a workout room with some equipments to give appropriate resistance while working out. 
Its a wonderful feeling to squat, jump or whatever we do with that view. 
And if the sun is missing I just wear some bright colors and try to shine as bright...:)
Happy weekend!

Worldly problems...

Now I'm in a phase where Its difficult to move forward at home. 
Its not done at all but I need time to think, feel and visualize my ideas.
Although my ideas are shrinking since one in our household is not very fond of my wild and crazy plans...
I am definitely in for a challenge and that's why everything is taking so long. 
I'm moving one thing here and there, swapping place with something else and I still can't decide which pillows will stay and in what constellation. 
Not to mention what kind of artwork will decorate that wonderful wall above the sofa. 
Our corner in the living room and the dining room are probably the rooms where most of the progress have been made but we still have a few more rooms...
Talk about worldly problems!
And we are only four weeks into our moving in.
There is hope:)
Now I'm going to cuddle up among all the pillows with a tea and some dreams...

Boat dreaming

Such a rainy day!
So grey the green trees in the garden looked colorful. 
A tiny bit of me liked it though.
Tea, thick sweaters and no feeling guilty for staying inside:)
Luckily it was not that bad when we visited the boat show or boat fair earlier this weekend. 
Three of the kids were home joining us for the weekend:) 💞
As the land crabs we are we could still dream of having a boat. 
We have the space for it at least. 
So we looked, touched and felt. 
And kept on dreaming...
I think the jet skis are a good enough start in transforming us to boat people "wannabees" though:)
So no sun and no boat but some fresh air and dreaming together made the weekend bright and shiny anyway.

Friday funday

When Friday night offered such beautiful light and calm water we decided to walk down to our dock and get to know our jet skis.
I mean we have introduced ourselves earlier but as the land crabs we are we ( read I) slowly need to build a relationship with those machines. 
To be honest, I don't think the jet skis like me. 
We simply don't seem to click...
But I'm willing to give them a chance and hopefully they will do the same for me. 
We luckily took turns though so when I was not entertained ( ! ) by the jet ski the night sky competed for attention and embraced us with that magical light I just had to stop the time and everything else I was doing just to enjoy the moment. 
So beautiful I had to pinch myself in the arm. 
Totally worth hanging out on the water:)
Friday became funday...

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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