The Chinese lantern...

I have rediscovered the Chinese lanterns!
The plant that has this large red-orange inflated seed pods which resemble a paper lantern.
I remembered them from the 70-ties and have kind of avoided them since then.
Only now I realized how beautiful they are to mix in with greens and how much warmth they bring into a room. 
A perfect fall plant!
So so uplifting and extremely easy to care for. No water needed and they last forever. 
To bring in nature in this warm color will make your room glow, your soul warm and your eyes smile.
Yup, to start of the new week in the company of a Chinese lantern can not be other than good!

A Long Island treasure

If you are Swedish, living in New York and have a summer house in Amagansett on Long Island then that place can look like this:
(Pictures Anders Ahlgren via Emilie Törling)
I do think people could have it worse...
Simple and easy living the Swedish way:)
With a view.
To me they have managed to create a wonderful scandinavian summer treat with international influences.
And I'm not jealous at all...

A thoughtful gift...

Sometimes a simple gesture, like a smile or a kind word can make a big difference.
And sometimes a thoughtful, carefully prepared gift can make even a bigger impact in your life.
My kids now and then have that effect on me and the other day it was my youngest daughter who made my day.
She had made me a necklace and a bracelet in the colors I love, put it in a box she had decorated and enclosed an encouraging letter where she thanks me for being her mom and is thanking me actually for everything.
She must have felt that I've been a little down and stressed cause she had written with big letters at the end of her letter that it is "ok to be nervous"…
I usually tell to my kids that it is a good thing to feel.
That their life is more enriched when they can feel.
That it is ok to feel sad, happy, afraid, angry or whatever they might experience in a certain moment.
Just the acknowledge of a feeling makes them more whole as a human being...
I guess someone in my family has listened to my blurr:)
Tonight I'm going to extra much enjoy my gift, my kids and my "feeling" good!

Speaking of grey...

Speaking of grey...
We also have a few grey rooms but not as dark as the Swedish stylist queen painted her apartment.
The grey color is a color of compromise.
Its a nice alternative to use as a base instead of white, if using a lighter grey though, since it works well with other colors and also softens the contrast.
Despite the iPhone pictures maybe you can still see the elegant and subtle chic, but still comfortable feeling the grey passes on.
it is a quiet and calm color that is lacking in energy so I make up for that by using a lot of other colors and I love to mix in green plants and that whole combination marries nicely together.
In Feng Shui it has the focused, protective, self-restraint and independent symbolic perfect for gaining focus and a more curated sensibility in life.
Yes, more grey to the people!!!

Spirit shopping

October is the month where it's time to let your spirit shine through.
The school is encouraging a spirit week with different themes every day, a Halloween parade is soon coming up at the lower school and the month itself ends with a spooky dress out trick or treat feast.
With all that coming up the kids felt they needed to get accessories to enhance their own natural spirits...
'There are so much to choose from so it is easy to get overwhelmed.
One aisle after another with costumes, wigs, accessories, masks and everything else you might need for any dress out occasion.
It is not for free though so very important to go through everything and make sure that it really is what you want to have, need and can afford.
There were a few things that went back on the shelves again...
My beautiful daughter likes to get all in so her basket was almost ready to burst even after the sort out:)
But with the happy giggling from the backseat on our way home I got assured they all got what they needed in order to kick start this new week in the best of spirits!
It is so funny to see how many smiles a pair of funny glasses, Pom Pom hairband or a green tattoo can create.
To me though, just a smile is one of the best spirit enhancer and it is also totally free, but apparently not enough in this case:)

A free spirit...

My youngest daughter has been moved up a level in gymnastics. 
She is kind of a happy monkey now.
So happy she takes every opportunity to be a "real" monkey...
'We have a perfect wall for doing all kinds of moves, gymnastics moves, dance moves and series of skips, jumps and backwards walking. 
Now and then she breaks up that routine with a tree swing, or actually many tree swings.
Is it not just so beautiful giving in for every little impromptu idea that comes up in their own world of fantasy?!
Being able to dream and execute.
Being able to choose and pick without being judged.
If she wants to be a monkey, a gymnast or a dog in that very moment that's only up to her and her imagination.
And I can just stand there watching with a overflowing heart and a smile on my lips hoping she will keep as much free spirit she can growing up.
And hope the branch will hold her weight...


I feel I'm very grateful for most things in my life.
Everything from my family, my health, beautiful friends, the sun, a smile to a cup of tea.
And today I feel so grateful because my little puppy did not pee or poop inside for the whole day.
Thats fantastic and gives me hope for the future:)
He so willingly cooperated posing for my picture and then something started to itch and he ended up falling into the flower bed...
So adorable!
Although while I was writing this he decided to sneak into our sunroom and leave some evidence. 😏
I guess I will have to adjust my gratefulness to only include most of the day and not the whole day.
Nowadays, when the world is a little wobbly one has to be grateful also for the little:)

Grey, grey and grey

I thought I should show one of the most viewed home in Sweden at the moment.
Its the home of Sweden's interior stylist queen Lotta Agaton.
She moved from a white and bright apartment into a grey and dark new style.
'Look at this chair!
Not the most ergonomic design in my eyes...
(Picture Pia Ulin for Lotta Agaton)
Even the ceiling is painted dark which gives the rooms a cave feeling.
We are for sure going into a more yin filled season with its dark, calm and embracing atmosphere but I do think it should still be a balance...
The scandinavians are known for its simple and light style but maybe it's time for a change.
The owner of this home is a powerful lady so I guess she might have given birth to a new trend.
We shall see...
Sweden likes its uniform:)

A parent and puppy social weekend

Another beautiful weekend has ended!
One day was spent in the kitchen cooking and baking, preparing for a group of 40 parents in Bella's grade to come join us for a parent social evening.
But in between there was of course time for some puppyplay...
'It's so difficult to capture the energy from that dog.
He looks like a rabbit when he is running around and sometimes skip with all four legs up in the air.
He consider Bella a puppy too and can sometimes treat her the same way ...
Play can be rough and he tend to snap her when too excited. 
Other times are more calm and peaceful.
i think just being close and around the dog the whole time is as good as playing.
Its absolutely wonderful to see how much the kids enjoy our new addition to the family.
The look in their face when they see Elvis, how their expressions kind of softens, goes straight into my heart and forms a smile:)
"A dog is not our whole life but it makes our life whole".
I might have to agree...
So a parent and puppy social weekend.
Not too bad at all:)


A couple of time a year I always find myself in front of a crossroad. 
It is more like a personal crossroad than anything else.
I tend to doubt myself, my doing and my dreams. 
I feel I don't really know where I belong, or fit in anywhere, be it friends, culture or just the everyday living.
That lost feeling might be the prize I have to pay for moving around in the world like we have done.
To always brake up leaving the safe behind...
Nevertheless, when I'm doubting myself and everything I am and do I go in an isolated bubble and nothing is being done outside of that bubble. 
I lose inspiration and interests, I lose power to accomplish anything, kids are just annoying and the everyday living becomes grey.
Kind of a dull life...
This is where my dear husband comes into the picture.
One or two days in this state and he takes action, ( he is suffering when I don't smile a lot and the house is in a mess)
He is talking me into the right mood, confirming me, holding me tight but is also giving me a probably well deserved kick in my little (!) butt and by that just bringing me back to reality in a blink.
So I've decided to start off this weekend with a desicion to keep on being me , invest in myself and start believing in me, myself and I.
Beacause I'm actually good enough! 
What a wonderful way to end a Friday taking the feel-good road:)

Fall day, fail day

Today was a holiday here and also the most beautiful fall day one can wish for.
Blue sky, crisp air and that feeling you get when something is being wrapped up to give room for something else.
In this case a color and temperature change.
My kids could feel it, I could feel it...
It created turbulence.
Emotional roller coasters with shoutings and name calling just to mention a few.
In between we were able to squeeze in some quality time though enjoying probably one of the last days of being able to sit outside.
It is still kind of green and lush in our garden with a few remaing flowers which just put that little silver line into my everyday life, an ingredient I find so important. 
Today I think we mentally covered every type of weather.
We experienced sunshine, rain, cold, heat and even something similar to a hurricane. 
Yup, never a dull moment in this household:)
I have to remind myself to "love them most when they least deserve it"!
Some days that is kind of hard...
Tomorrow is another day and I'm sure that is going to be a wonderful day!

Shades of grey

Instead of milkbrain I seem to suffer from puppybrain which actually also causes some sort of shortcut function wise:)
So suddenly I decided our tv room needed a little makeover...
(Because I don't have anything else to do or think of)
But, it's too much energy in that room and with colder times ahead I wanted to create a more embracing feeling.
'You can see here hints of the warm grey on the walls that replaced the white.
It still gives the room a light impression but at the same time it kind of narrows it down and passes on a more cozy atmosphere. 
'At least that is the intention:)
We shall see!
Meanwhile I'm keeping an eye on my blonde American babyboy to make sure he does not jump into one of those paint jars:)

Puppy love.

Puppy has arrived!
And omg, it's like having a baby in the house again.
This time the "pregnancy" was both shorter and easier though but apart from that...
He eats, sleeps, pees and poops and in between plays, jumps and runs around like a rabbit. 
'He is the softest, friendliest little fluffball one can think of and every day now we are getting to know each other more and more and i have a feeling we suit each other like the hand in a glove.
The biggest challenge now is to keep one young daughter from eating him with fur and everything...
One thing is for sure though, if you would think your heart is already big enough and impossible to fill with more love, you will get surprised what a growspurt your heart are in for just to make room for more love.
In this case puppy love!

preparing for the puppy...

At this side of the pond we are preparing like crazy for our much awaitened puppy. 
Toys and other important things are being bought, rules are created and dog walks are being practiced:)
Luckily I found dog bowls with a golden touch ( to satisfy the magpie in me), which I think will be a good start before I have browsed the whole "dog market".
Toys, poobags and a puppyish leash were of course of high priority.
A comfort blanket was added to the whole bankruptcy too...
A kind friend delivered a crate so that's also taken care of.
The rest will come with the puppy I was being informed. 
'How wonderful is not that?!
Like puppies for beginners or even "puppy for dummies".
Now we just have to wait one more night for the main character...

To create the wilderness...

In October it is always time to do our middleshool's bulletin board for the upcoming book fair. 
This year's theme was "Book fair wilderness. Get lost in a book".
This is the third year I'm being asked to do it and I love it. 
'I'm afraid my iPhone does not make the pictures look the best but i hope it can still give you an idea of how i wanted it to come out. 
I decided to bring in a lot of nature to try to create a version of wilderness and give it a three dimensional feeling. 
I first dressed the walls in dark blue tablecloth (!), trying to copy a nightsky.
A moon and branches were added...
I continued with stars, grass and animal masks...
And lastly I "lit" a campfire to kind of welcome visitor to the wilderness, sit down, roasting marshmallows and hopefully read a book in the light of the moon and stars:)
'It's fun, very rewarding and extremely encouraging to listen to all the positive comments from curious students and to be a part of maybe waking up an interest in the kids mind in reading one of the books offered.
Yup, feels good to be contributing...

A Saturday surprise

I feel so spoiled!
A brand new Range Rover was waiting for me in the garage on Saturday morning.
A disguised tractor in a luxury form. 
Love love love it!
I have never really been interested in what I'm driving as long as it is rolling and it will fit the family. 
'But now, I act like a nerd admiring the sleek interior design while blowing away imaginary dust, enjoying the comfortable seats (armchairs) and not to mention the sound from the motor. Broommm broooommm!
I notice I suddenly have errands to do that can only be done from a driving distance...
I notiice I suddenly wipe off my feet before climbing in...
i notice the kids are no longer allowed to eat their food in the car... ( we will see how long that lasts)
With this car I'm driving around with a smile in my face and the motorsound as music in my ears.
I knew there was something missing in my life 😝 
'Where has this car been all the time?!
Love love love!

To share a troll moment with my daughter

A slow, lazy but oh so welcomed weekend just passed. 
its so nice to sometimes do absolutely nothing. 
Instead there was time to enjoy the company of my daughter, sharing her dreams and wishes. 
Be a part of a seven years old girl's own little world...
We happened to pass by Betsy Johnson's troll collection in the mall that apparently spoke directly to my daughter.
'I don't know if it was the colors, the fur or the happy playful items itself but suddenly her wish list for Christmas just appeared in front of her eyes:)
So wonderful to listen to her sudden needs, her reasons to why she wants it and even in what priority order she wanted her wishes to be fulfilled. 
Fury rings, bracelets, pen cases, backpacks and key rings.
Colorful and happy notebooks, socks, scarves and different drink jars.
Just everything that seemed to appeal to my daughter's mood and state of mind in that very moment. 
And I as a mom was there at her side to listen, agree or disagree with her instant and shallow love for things. 
My heart got filled with joy and smiles and i felt so rich being able to share that girly moment with my daughter. 
We did not buy anything but yet we left that place with our hands full of imaginary bags, togetherness and I with a sudden insight my daughter is growing, both physically and mentally. 
Yup, a weekend with no plans but still so enriching.
Me like:)

Ikea's Christmas inspiration...

Cold, rainy and windy!
Just the perfect autumn day today!
Felt like browsing Christmas ideas on internet and came across Ikea's holiday inspiration. 
And just like previous time my heart takes a little extra beat knowing its Swedish...
(Pictures Ikea)
Discret design, soft, attenuated hues and material close to nature. 
Pictures that reminds me of my Swedish summerhouse and that makes me look forward to cozy tv-nights under a blanket in the sofa, holidays and even snow. 
But first fall and all the beauty that comes with that season!

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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