Soon moving in...

Its happening!
Our move-in date is getting closer and closer. 
Today my dear hubby and oldest daughter left our summerhouse to open up for the movers and our containers that are arriving in a day or so.
Both exciting and kind of scary.
They left in sunshine and hopefully the sun will welcome them to this new place too and to this new adventure.
Sweden and the archepelago is so beautiful and I think and hope this new place will provide us with both quality 
and happiness. 
At least that is the plan.
For the kids too...

Sweet sixteen!

Yesterday my oldest daughter turned 16 years of age. 
My beautiful, funny, wonderful, bighearted and exuberant girl is becoming a young woman. 
Even the sun decided that she was worth shining on so we could have lunch outside:)
Witty and annoying, ambitious and demanding, creative and sensitive and completely and utterly wonderful.
Its fascinating how so much love, hate, caring, frustration, thoughtfulness and anger can coexist at the same time but then again she is an extraordinary girl.
I so love our singing, our dancing in the kitchen, our cracking up laughing, our talks, our walks...
She makes my life fulfilled!
Yup, I so live my daughter!

True family love

Have I told you how much I love my own family?
How the love fills my veins and reach all the way out to the smallest capillary?
How my heart overflows with affection, pride and happiness?
How every laugh we share comes from deep inside and kind of create a warm feeling inside my tummy?
Beautiful people from inside and out. 
We are so different all of us.
Different life and different "luggage".
But the same big hearts, same positive outlook and an eternal love for each other. 
Can you you ask for more?
I so love my family!
I am so grateful and so happy that just I was born into this family:)

A fairytale garden

In sweden we "fikar" ( coffe and a cinnamon bun) a lot. 
We can drive for hours just to visit the place with the best home made baking goods in combination with a cozy setting. 
The other day we did exactly that. 
I must say that first I thought the snack itself was not worth going there for but then I went out in the garden...
So green, lush and beautiful that the drizzling rain immediately was forgotten and my constant faithful friend and I felt we were thrown in to a fairytale.
Narrow and winding paths, small bridges and green "rooms" where you could sit with your coffe or just for contemplating. 
If it wouldn't have been raining.
But still...
And suddenly the "fika" experience got taken to another level.
I do think my daughter was the brightest and most beautiful flower in that garden though:)

Kitchen love!

It seems my blogging is on vacation...
No inspiration and no energy. 
We spend most of our times inside due to the cold and grey. 
And we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. 
This room is a perfect base for meals, stories and laughs. 
Here in this room we nourish both our body and soul, here we make plans, work together and kind of both start and end our days here. 
Here you can't tell if it's raining or not. It's always light, warm and with a few color splashes that makes you think of the sun. 
This is definitely our "living room" and the heart in our summerhouse. 
We have no summer feeling what so ever but we have a wonderful kitchen. 
That is for sure something to be grateful about:)


Our youngest daughter is detoxing.
From her iPad. 
Its not popular.
I'm the most cruel mom ever...
I'm trying to convince her that life has a few more things to offer than different games. 
That her perspective on life gets a little squarely only looking on a screen. 
Im trying to tell her that it's difficult to grow socially when she never interacts with real people...
This addiction just hit her as cold.
And it sneaked passed me too without noticing. 
Going from an active, independent and balanced little girl she has ended up almost shrinking and with no other interests than if her tablet is within reach.
So action needed to be taken. 
She is right now painting and if I listen carefully I can also hear some humming...
There is definitely hope!

Food market in Ystad

There has been a food market here in Ystad. 
An aromatic scent from all the cooking wrapped the whole little town in a soft blanket.
There were Dutch waffles, French mussels, Thai noodles, British fudge, American hamburgers and a sea of flowers.
In between you could find everything else...
We had visitors at that time and it's always great to bring them along to an activity like this. It's entertaining, colorful, small enough to grasp and one will most likely find at least something to enjoy, taste or smell. 
And it's a wonderful way to "travel" around the world:)
Yup, that is what we did a day last week.
I could definitely think of worse days 😉

Together at last...

Since the last week now we finally have been all together.
Its been a couple of days filled with love, tears and togetherness. 
The kids have not yet landed in the idea of staying here in this country but I can definitely sense a slight difference in their appearances, maybe only sensible to moms though...
But still:)
We have actually have time together where we laughed, dreamed and made plans together.
Small steps in the right direction.
Just wonderful if you ask me.
Being all here in Sweden our real journey is about to start. 
Beginning of august we are moving in to our new house so these coming weeks leading up to that final move will have to serve as a mental gym, making the kids stronger...
But the sun is shining, we are in our little haven and we are together. 
It's a wonderful start!

Happy girl!

My heart is in this very moment dancing and singing out loud!
We have decided to keep our summerhouse and not selling it!
The passed few weeks has been wonderful here but there has also been this dark cloud ( I don't mean the weather now 😉) above our being, knowing it might be the very last weeks in this pearl. 
I did understand the reasons till why we first thought of selling it in the first place, but my heart was not speaking the same language...
And now heart and brain are tango -ing ( it definitely takes two to tango).
So so happy:)
Suddenly I'm waking up without that heavy weight on my chest, or picking those flowers along the road without the feeling of being the last ones...
And to keep sitting in the sunroom feeling relaxed and in peace knowing it's not the last time:)
I am just one lucky girl:)

Sunday brunch...

When the need of something to eat occurs and you are quite a few hungry mouths I tend to make like brunch inspired food.
Scramble eggs, bread fresh from the bakery or even rather homemade, meatballs, herrings and other cold stuff like ham and a shrimp mixture are a good way to satisfy even the the most picky ones.
A freschly squeezed juice made of apples, oranges, carrots and a slice of lemon gives the whole experience kind of a healthy look too:)
This is a meal that both the older and younger people in our family seem to enjoy a lot and we gather around our table longer than during an usual meal, letting the food fill up our empty stomachs and sprinkle everything with laughs and togetherness. 
I love my family and I love to eat so I can't ask for a better combination:)

Friendship weekend

I have had a beautiful friend visiting me.
The kind of friend that fills a hole...
The kind of friend that pulls out the best in you, makes your heart smile and leaves a golden shimmer in your life. 
The kind of friend that thinks walking the dog in the forest is the best thing ever...😉
You never know if it is a witch or a fairy that will peek out from behind a tree...
Nature is full of "PlayStations".
And in the middle of nowhere there is always a place to indulge some food for a hungry Viking...
The kind of friend that invest her time and interest in everything that is about me, including my kids...
It does come naturally and just shows the greatness of her heart. 
The kind of friend that very rarely is captured in a photo but like to catch the moment for others with her camera:)
Moments that seem to engage all of us...
including my dog:)
The kind of friend that is spreading well being and feel good around and that nurtures the friendship area in your heart and makes it harmonic and strong again. 
I am so lucky having these kinds of friends!

Its kind of cold out there...

Its so freakin cold here!
The energy is slowly coming back to our systems although I feel it's fighting to stay high agains the cold.
When the sun is out its kind of warm, if you find a place with no wind, but as soon as that yellow globe disappears the warmth is gone too.
I'm trying to neglect that though and walk my kids (!) everyday anyway to get some fresh air and hopefully a taste of the beauty in our world.
My son claims he is a Viking and never freezes...
So of course an ice cream is a must.
its summer!
On our short time outside we had both rain and shine and jacket on and jacket off. 
Its so "challenging" being in Sweden...😉
But we eat and sleep, read and write, laugh and hug and somehow create that feeling of warmth anyway just being together.
Thats definitely ok too:)

Birthday boy

We had a birthday boy here yesterday!
Our latest addition to our family turned one year!
Born the Fourth of July he is our true American boy:)
I tried to capture him with that flag but he was constantly chewing on his birthday present so he looks kind of wild...
This blonde energy packet that provide us with so much happiness and love. 
Constantly delivering positive vibes...
Always crazy happy to see us no matter how long times have passed. ( just going out with the garbage creates pure luck coming back)
Being an adolescent in his world does create some obnoxiousity though now and then and a lot of testing of my seriousness but the look he is giving me being in trouble and that careful wagging of his tail, like he is checking if I'm still mad seem to work every time and he is immediately forgiven...
And now he is one year old. 
They say at a dog is not our whole world but it definitely fills a whole in our world:)
 So much furry love in those pictures!

When the sun comes out

Yesterday the sun decided to peek out for a little while and of course we followed:)
We took our usual walk along the beach enjoying the colors, the seaweed smell filled air and the nice feeling of getting some circulation in our legs. 
I dress as close as I can to pajama without really wearing one...😉
We had to do the mandatory photo tree session...
Its so weird having only two kids around. 
They get a lot of love.
The double.
Yup, the daily dose of beauty...
Today the rain clouds are present again but I'm sure there will be some sun in between:)

A botanical dream...

I have been in a green wave since very long. 
I just love the different green hues, plants and the uplifting but calming energy it radiates. 
And with all that rain we have been experiencing lately all the greens are in full bloom:)
Again our big Swedish company HM home are spot on ( my opinion) and is releasing their Botanical dream.
I just want to wrap myself in all that green and fuel up on the calming, healing, balancing and relaxing qualities the green color stand for.
(Pictures hm home)
Don't forget the other elements though in order to create balance but actually the tree element ( green color) is one of the most common element people are missing in their homes, so feel free to go green!
Be inspired and go get at least a green twig to bring in some nature.
More green to the people I say!

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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