Greeting from Sweden!

A jetlag tired but happy little greeting from my own piece of paradise!
I can not with word describe that enormous inner happiness which is filling my heart just being here!
It can only be experienced...
No musts, no demands, no time pressure...
It is totally fine living in your own rhythm. 
Still a landscape in winter mode but with a slight hint of spring in the magical light that embraces the nature. 
Pictures above taken the same time but depending on which way you are turning the light changes...
Who would guess that I'm standing in front of one of the big supermarkets in the town?!
Endless fields of greens and fertility and I can not stop admiring how much beauty the world is giving us. 
Im not sure though my husband agrees with me regarding the beauty of a fertilised soil since his planned "golfputting" area in our garden, kind of got interrupted by one or two moles...LOL :)
Right now I'm enjoying the company of my wonderful parents and later tonight one of my sisters arrives.
This is going to be a gooood weekend!!!

Sweden here we come!!!

In this very moment I feel so excited so I don't know how I possibly can fall a sleep!
Tomorrow is the day I have been so much looking forward to for very very long. 
Tomorrow me and Bella are going to Sweden!
We are going to eat, sleep and breath in swedish. 
We are going to spend some quality time with my parents and one of my sisters.
We are going for walks along the sea, in the forest and in the small towncenter. 
We are going to show the house some tender loving care. 
We are going to cuddle up in blankets on the veranda. 
We are going to fill our lungs with salty fresh air. 
We are going to stop the time for a little bit.
We are going to just be!!!

Kitchen dance

I found these pictures in my camera and I got so sentimental looking at them...
If there is anything I have been looking forward to with my new kitchen ( apart from cooking) it definitely is dancing!
It is something liberating and joyful in turning up the volume in the kitchen and just give in...
To let the music flow through your veins and heart, to let every inch of your body feel the rhythm and let the muscles react to that rhythm, that is so invigorating and uplifting!
Who ever took those pictures ,during Christmas in Miami, with my camera had no idea how much I really have been missing this BUT since a week back I am able do it in my own kitchen!
With the toungue placed in the right position ( sometimes even outside of my mouth) and my extra eyes always on top of my head I am in my own world and would probably stay there till someone bursts the bubble...
As a result cooking is more fun, I get in a dose of exercise and my kids get live entertainment. 
Although I believe they are hoping there will be no hidden camera connected directly to a broadcasting company...
There are limits of how much kids can take of embarrassing parents ( mostly the mom in this case)
But, to be honest, I'm not the only one in my family ending up stuffing around in the kitchen to the music...
( in this case my beautiful friend immediately took the chance too)

A bag filled with joys

I passed Antrophology on my way doing an errand this morning and could not resist going in. 
The displays of their items, the fun twist on an ordinary kitchen tool or just the colour combinations really attracts me and as result I left the shop with a little bag:)
Its like being at Ikea for a swede!
It is impossible to leave without anything, if only a packet of napkins...
What ended up in my bag was a complete bundle of joy!
Two bowls and a vase in blue and gold ( that matches my other blue and white I have in the kitchen), cooking measurement kit and dish towels in bright and happy colours. 
The towel just gave the kitchen that little extra feeling...
The funny thing was that all of those things had my name written on them...
The rest of the day was spent with a beautiful friend, on the treadmill and in the car. 
A highly normal Monday!


Finally I'm back on my feet both physically and mentally!
Wiped off the dust from the knees, shook the body like a dog and are definitely ready to deal with the world again. 
How could someone do different when there are oceans of beautiful tulips wherever I look!
Tulips that are filled with happiness and life in every little petal and out in their green leaves.
Either in pots or bouquttes they just stand there in the shops waiting for someone lucky to pick them up so they can put a golden edge in the life of those people:)
I actually belong to one of those lucky people and my bunch of tulips transfers so much positive energy in my kitchen so I'm cooking with a smile!
Yes happy to be back to normal with only a stuffy nose as a reminder of last weeks struggle.
And happy to start a new fresh week in the company of my tulips:)

Heart pain

Now I am as tired again as I have never been!
Im so tired of broken hearts and flooding tears
Im so tired of broken hopes and broken dreams
Don't pretend to be friends if it is not serious
Don't pretend that you want to build something and then just ruin it
Don't pretend to be by someone's side and when it's windy just let go
Don't pretend that you mean what you say and then say something else behind the back
If there is a problem, solve it
If there are different opinions , accept each other
If there are different way to look at life, learn from each other
Don't hand the little finger if you don't want to risk your whole hand
Don't give up when it is bumpy
Don't leave out or just neglect
Don't turn away your face when trying to be reached
Don't just keep silence 
Don't leave without explanation
Please be open to changes
Please be honest instead of polite
Please be true as a person
Please love, forgive and accept
Please understand, care and move on
Please fight, try and embrace the friendship
Someone's heart is full of holes
Someone's heart is bleeding
Someone's heart is in pain...

The power of paint!

I'm sick!!!
I don't see how that could happen...
Although I've been living in a "sick house" for a while I'm the mom and I should not be able to fall for those germs.
Normally I would get a hint of not feeling well but it is always just for a day or two but now I have fever, a thick head and runny nose. 
Hopefully im feeling better already tomorrow because the Earth continues to spin and therefor I need to go with it to keep the balance in the house. 
But despite me not feeling well small changes are still happening in the house...
Its unbeleviable how much power colours have and how it can change the whole look of a room or in this case a bar!
First of all I never expected to end up with a bar in the first place. 
But this room is really meant for something towards that so when we bought it we were kind of happy with what we got. 
When we then decided to paint the room in grey and got rid of the vanilla yellow tone ,the bar suddenly looked weird in there. 
Instead of waisting money trying to find a new bar so why not use paint on the bar too?!
Thats what I call recycling and green thinking:)
Suddenly that piece of furniture became beautiful!
Suddenly all the details on it appeared and became more visible.
I love the idea of transforming something that looks ok to something that really looks stunning just by changing the colour. 
Thats the power of paint!

Moms night out!

Of all the moms in my kids classes Bella's grade seems to be the one that is the most interested in getting to know each other. 
So this time some of us met up in a chocolate workshop!
Mind you that I'm a chocoholic on a challenge...
Apart from the terror being surrounded by all that wonderful brown, delicious and sweet smelling chocolate I actually had a very good time.
We were like a bunch of exciting kids waiting eagerly to lick the bowl...
We had to choose a mould that we then would fill with our choice of chocolate.
My choice of lips were the closest I could come a "sweet tooth"...
Meanwhile waiting for the chocolate to get hard before decorating, a delicious chocolate fountain was offered for those not on a challenge...
At least I could have the base but without the topping. 
As loyaI I am though and really care for my friends I had to dip my tounge in that chocolate but just to make sure it was not poisoned or anything...
While the whole store was filled with chocolate love I think all the moms ended up with very personal creations that definitely matched the professional range:)
(see the top picture)
Here are all the proud moms with the proof of their chocolate creativity!
A nice evening with a perfect activity for a social get together. 
Fun, creative and vanishingly good...
My lips are still in the fridge waiting for me to give up my challenge. 
But im strong...

Lonnnnngggg weekend!

The most laziest weekend ever has just passed.
Too cold to be outside and sooo nice to be inside. 
Kids have been off both Friday and today and been in a very relaxed mood not craving much attention which gave us,the parents, a chance of doing nothing ( apart from 8 loads of laundry, cleaning up and out and other things that needed to be done)
Most of the time though were spent enjoying the new colour in the dining room, the kitchen or in front of the fireplace and always with a big cup of tea within reach:)
Thats life quality!
Some of us also spent a lot of time in the bed or in front of the TV and since a few hours back the youngest daughter has come down with a fever so I am anticipating another lazy day at home tomorrow...
Sometimes it feels good to slow down life a little bit though and just kind of float. 
Now we are ready to fill our blank pages with what this coming week will offer. 
Feels exciting:))

One of my last kitchen updates...

So finally the lights for inside and under the cabinets as well as the lights for the open shelves are installed!
Really about to finish now...
Only the lights for the vaulted ceiling left plus grouting of the remaining tiles. 
Well forgot to mention that I also need to find the right golden colour for that vaulted ceiling too...
With the light on the shelves now the uneven shape of the tiles are very visible which creates a new dimension and depth to the walls. 
And all my teapots have got the best spots with all spotlights only on them:))
Now I only have to empty the island ( just waiting for the paint to dry in the cabinets) and then I can start to decorate and make my kitchen a welcoming, inviting and inspirational place to be in. 
This renovation has been like a loooong pregnancy but finally my much awaited kitchen was born!!!
And just because the kitchen looks so nice now we decided to do some more work in the house...
The bar and dining room are going to get a make over this time!
We are changing that depressive magnolia/vanilla colour that is covering the walls in those two rooms to grey walls with white trims. 
It is already now such a big and positive difference so even the painters was wondering why this change has not been done earlier. 
Suddenly the rooms are speaking to me in a more scandinavian way and that appeals to me of course, the Viking I am.
It is almost like the kitchen reached out to the dining room and now they are holding hands. 
Best Thursday this week! 😜

H&M Home Spring Light

Now when it has been so cold and snowy for so long I rest in the beauty of the pictures from H&M home's spring collection. 
Not only for the items itself but the pure and airy styling of the photos. 
And of course for the pride in the fact that my former employer did it again!!!
All these crispy pastels together with brass and natural tones...
They are very inspiring and make me look forward both to spring and summerhouse.
The magical light that only comes with spring is well represented in the pictures and makes them "dream friendly".
The name of the collection is the very suitable Spring Light. ( the name almost tastes like a piece of chocolate)
Now I want to clean out the winter and click the button at H&M Homes web sight for some new vases, jars and bed linen.
Im afraid the light is still not "clickable" (yet) but the items and colours itself will do a good job in making way for the spring. 
(all photos H&M Home)

Sister love

There is definitely something special with a sister!
And I have three of them!
One of them came to visit me
I think I'm the luckiest girl in the world!
A sister is someone I can be who I am with. 
A sister is someone I still can feel safe with.
A sister is a little bit of the childhood that can never be lost. 
With my sisters I don't need to pretend. 
With my sisters I don't need to talk to be understood. 
With my sisters I don't need to listen to understand. 
This sister is strong, stubborn and "can self".
This sister is capable, successful and happy.
This sister is caring, loving and in love:)
I am so happy that one of my sister has been here!
I am so happy that one of my sisters came all the way just to see me!
I am so happy...
You all know how much I love flowers...
My sisters I consider to be just different but favorite flowers from the same garden!
And this sister is the dandelion braking through the asphalt. 
Thanks sis for these passed days!

Busy weekend with sister and cousins!

After our exciting excursion to view New York from above we decided the next day to go wild and crazy at the Natural History museum. 
My kids use to love that place so they all joined...
Its impossible to do everything in one day though because there is so much to look at, fantasize about and to learn something from. 
Well at least for most of the time:)
It can be too much of the good as well...
I think my oldest one was the only one who almost did not want to go home. 
I had to promise to bring him back to the museum soon:))
Today a few of them felt that they wanted to get rid of some energy. 
And what was better then taking them to a trampoline paradise?!
They jumped, dunked and bounced for one hour and a half and they did not stop until the time was out. 
One of the sisters was very ok though with just watching the kids. 
I heard there was an unspoken rule that said " people who has given birth to 4 kids and who has no control of their bladder, please do not bother"!!!!
So I decided to stay dry and let the kids have fun instead:)
Sweatty, out of breath but smiling they were probably too tired to protest when we announced we had to leave...
By judging from all the giggling in the backseat on our way home they seemed to have had a good time:)
A happy weekend with happy cousins!
Sometimes days are better than usual. 
These passed days definitely belongs to them:)

Sister, cousins, New York!

Finally they arrived!
My sister and her kids came all the way from Sweden!
And they had never been in New York!
So while my kids were at school we decided to defy the cold and go in to the city...
What is better to start with when new to New York than a classic landmark of the city?!
The Empire state building!
A skyscraper created from hope and freedom, the signature of the original America!
Happy, excited and amazed little cousins. 
Such a reward it is to to hear all this "wows" and "ahhhhs" mixed with "why, how and what" questions. 
 I love to see the world from a child's eye...
What we admired 86 floors up?
This :
But after my nee caps froze so I could hear them crack while I was walking we decided to head back in and home. 
Not even a view like that was enough to warm up us vikings:)
Now they are all sleeping the jetlagged sleep and will be ready to meet a new day tomorrow with the same enthusiasm as today for what this side of the world has to offer. 
And my heart is smiling from the fact that someone from my own family back home has come all the way from Sweden to visit me here. 
So so grateful...

Moving in!

Finally the day arrived when the contractor gave in and let me move in a few things into the kitchen. 
This week has passed without anything happened and the frustration level has probably reached its limit. 
My sister and her two kids are coming tomorrow so I wanted at least to be able to cook to make life easier for us while she is here. 
I think they felt sorry for me cause tomorrow they will hook up the electricity with the fan so I can use my stove without risking to have the fire brigad knocking on my door:))
They also told me that I can start to put things into drawers and cabinets and only leave space for all they need to come and fix.
Sure I said and rolled up my sleeves and began to work...
Actually I have no time to sit her and write. 
Better go back to work:)
I have a long way in front of me...
But you know what?
I can really see the light in the tunnel now. 
I said it before and I'm saying it now:
February is going to be a good month!

An ego boost!

At Christmas I received the most wonderful gift I've ever got from anyone from my eldest daughter.
A gift that will last forever...
A gift that warms up a frozen heart, melts the snow and brings hope for the future. 
A gift that I can look into now and then when I need to refresh my ego. 
A gift that made it worth being a parent...
A gift that embraced my motherly actions:)
 A gift that made me bury the constant frustration of not being enough.
A gift that makes the sun come out a grey day
A gift that made me feel I'm doing something good
A gift that made me grow as a mom and a human being.
A gift that made all material things completely unnecessary.
A gift that was only made for me. 
A gift that asked me to forgive, never give up and always love!
A gift that told me to stay who I am.
A gift that made a big imprint in my life and a welcoming boost to my ego!!!
Thanks again Olivia for being who you are!

Monday "ice day"!

To the kids delight they closed the school again today due to heavy snowing that turned into heavy ice rain. 
Its so weird this ice phenomena. 
A thick layer of ice on absolutely everything which makes it a bit challenging being outside. 
Bella suggested that maybe Elsa from Frozen have had a finger in the pie...
I loooove that thought:)
The world looks so glittery, shiny and sparkly but it is actually very dangerous out there.
It is slippery, sharp and unfriendly so happy to instead play board games inside our warm house :)
I must say that it really suits our garden to be dressed in this thick white coat. 
It is kind of nice to change a look now and then even as a garden...
The ice was so heavy though all the branches were pushed down to the ground like they were carrying the whole worlds sins on their shoulders...
I feel for the buds though and hope they survive so they can continue to gild the nature at spring. 
It was actually a very pleasant day at home today with wonderful quality time with my family. 
I definitely say "yes please" to snow days or ice days if they are like today. 
A very good start of the week!!!

Hello february!

Its february!
It's crazy!
Where does the time go?
How can I make the time stop just for a little bit?
Just so I can catch my breath and tidy up in my mind...
The good thing with february is that we are one month closer to spring!
One short month of winter left till we hopefully can trace small signs of the coming warmer season.
That kind of has its charm too...
For me it is easier to enjoy the snow and cold if I know it is only for a short while. 
Like a pice of chocolate melting in my mouth...
And I just need to enjoy every second of that taste before it's gone. 
That is pleasure on a fast and furious level:)
Speaking of chocolate!
I am now doing my third week of NO SUGAR!
Giving my self a pat on my back cause I'm being so good. 
I still dream about it, I'm still lacking energy but my cravings after every meal is calming down. 
I actually think it's more of a mental setting now.
I'm so USED to think I need a chocolate ( or 10) after I have finished my meals and I'm still thinking that. 
But I don't think my body really wants it any longer. 
And that is the hard part! Trying to make the brain and body to talk the same language!
Only six weeks left now anyhow!!!
First of February!
It is Super bowl on the TV and America is standing still!
Even under the threat of another winter storm coming tonight I'm sure this will be a good month and I will make sure I will be doing my best to see that happen. 
Still without my chocolate!!!

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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