A bike ride to Venice beach

OMG! I am so enjoying my holiday!!!
After being spoiled with a in-room breakfast and a lazy morning in general we hired bikes to ride along the beach in Santa Monica down to Venice beach. 
It was an orgie in colours and impressions and again I'm so amazed of what the world offers and that I'm so lucky to be a part of all that beautiful. 
Enjoying a cup of tea in a room with a view...
Peace on the beach...
Colourshock one...
Colour shock two...
Happy colours happy blogger:)
Rasta beanies...
And painted skulls. They are all talking the same "language". 
And of course some of us needed to match the bike with the sunglasses :))
Everywhere you would also find shops for every need...
A lot to take in not to mention all the entertainer and performers that line up along the beach road and just had us to slow down and enjoy their "shows" and catch the moments this beautiful day.

Los Angeles here we come!!!

Finally we landed in Los Angeles. 
When we eventually got our rental and arrived in our hotel it was 6am and we immediately dived into our beds and slept till noon. 
Despite our big plans for every day this week we all still felt very tired and only ended up taking a walk on the beach outside our hotel. That's the luxury of being on holiday, just catching the moments...
Dinner was spent with old friends from our first time living in the US now living in pacific palisades. 
Long time no see but we just took off were we left. Very very nice reunion:)
Our hotel with a perfect location on the beach in Santa Monica just opposite this:
Many things are scheduled for this week so can't wait till tomorrow!!!

A Hawaiian tribute

I can't believe this is our last day here on this island! This week has passed so quickly but has filled us with beautiful memories and embraced us with warmth and love. 
The sun has been present everyday but in different forms:
Colours works as stars in the sky on a black or green base...
So does my well used sandals:)
Nature and wilderness in a stunning mix...
 Friendship in blossom...
 From small to big...
And of course a princess...
Some adventures to spice up the holiday...
 Palm tress en masse...
 And in different ways...
 And my dear friend found a little peace sign which summarizes this whole experience:
 Peace love and friendship!!! Spiced up with sunshine!
Next time you will hear from me will be from this place among others:
 Aloha and tjingeling

An Island tour

Yesterday we took the car to the north side of the island. It is really not big at all. There is more or less only one main road so if you stick to that one you are up on the north side ( our hotel is on the south side) in one and a half hour. We drove all the way to the end of the road. Unfortunately it is not possible to go around the island because there are no roads through the mountains on the northwest side. 
We had a great day and some pictures were taken...
Beautiful beaches and powerful waves. I was totally happy only staying on land though :)
This sleeping seal also seemed happy to be on land away from the angry ocean. 
9 years of friendship...
The beauty of the beach!
Most common birds on the island :) 
We have come across absolutely stunning sceneries with the mountains, the roaring sea and all the millions of green tones but also a footstep in the sand, a stone or a simple flower adds to the beauty of the island. 
Not to mention happy kids...

Hawaiian culture

Sunshine sunshine sunshine! Love it love it love it!
Today a little bit of Hawaiian culture penetrated my holiday shield :)
We all went for a typical Luau. 
This is a traditional feast and celebration of ancient kings and gods but also a Polynesian musical journey that took us from New Zealand , Samoa , Tahiti and finally Hawaii through music and hula dance and ended up with their most dangerous form of dance - the fire knife dance. 
Unfortunately my pictures didn't come out well so I had to use the hotel pictures :(
This is how they set everything up. A lot of people are expected to join. Not only hotel guests...
During the show a lot of traditional food was served for example the Kalua pig which means cooked underground. 
Before the show started many of hawaiian arts and crafts vendors shown their products. 
My favorites were the hand carved wooden bowls and plates. Beautifully done and some of them will definitely come with me to NJ. 
okidoki. Enough of culture for this time. 
Time to explore more of the island:)

The beauty of colours

Another day at the hotel in the name of laziness! 
The pilot yesterday told us during the helicopter tour that there are not many flowers in the wilderness most of the island is just very green but in different nyanses. So I decided to show you what the hotel offers in terms of other colours :
Even a "sad" flower has it's beauty intact...
And a dead tree on the beach...
The "house parrot" but he didn't really want to be in the picture. Definately a part of the colorful palette from the hotel though...
With all the surrounding greens all the other bright colours become like stars in the sky!!!

Merry Christmas and helicopter tour

Wholy macaroni what a fantastic and thrilling day we had yesterday!
We took a helicopter to tour the island from above and what beauty and stunning scenes we flew over and into. 
Waterfalls, canyons, gorges and volcanos not to mentioning the breathtaking coastline. 
It was just an amazing experience and I think we were all a bit shaken ( but not stirred). 
For me it was a big achievement since I'm scared to death of flying but I had almost a religious experience and felt very emotional up there just because it gave me another dimension of life almost. The way the pilot navigated and maneuvering through narrow gorges and into the volcanos was unbelievable. 
I think I want to take a helicopter licence next!!!
Three out of 6 happy helicopter riders!
Beautiful waterfalls and can you see the rainbow?
Bella said " this is not Hawaii, this is a rainforest!!!
Amazing coastline...
No words needed...
A beautiful mix of colours and nature. 
merry christmas everyone!!!
ho ho hooo


How is it possible to be so busy not doing anything?
I just don't find time to do anything else but nothing...
Our first day started of with breakfast on a nice spot :
Continued on the saltwater pool surrounded by palm trees :
 And my favorite girls:
 When i felt I needed a change of my surroundings I went down to the beach:
 And up that cliff with two of my favorite boys:
Its so pretty and peaceful and calm. The ocean seems to be the only wild thing so far...
On top of everything I am with a very special friend ( and her family):
Notice we are jumping in a heart!!!
And that heart definitely sums up our first day on Hawaii!


We made it!!! And still alive...
More than 12 hours later we arrived to a rainy Hawaii after some bumpy plane rides and have just finished an early dinner. We are too tired to explore something else than the hotel bed   
Just wanted to update you about the day and will write more tomorrow. 
Going warmer...
Nice welcoming!
And a tired but happy family!!!
Aloha and good night!

Travel fever

Packed and ready to leave!!!
School went on as usual and I had time to finish all packing. It's not a very hard work anymore cause I write a packing list for the kids ( not Bella though) so they just put everything in piles in their room and I come with a bag and collect all of it. Tadaaa packing completed :)
Now we are all dreaming about our arrival in Hawaii  and who would not look forward to this:
Or this
Pits getting better...
My turqoise toenail will perfectly match the beach:)
not to mention all the tropical flowers. 
After a hard day in the sun I will feel good to enjoy a nice meal with a view...
And if you are in to golf there is something for you too!
I have never been in this area with this kind of lush beauty and im so happy that I will have the opportunity to see all this, to smell the flowers, to walk barefoot on the beach and hopefully enjoy the sun ( I mean it's not so green and colourful for no reason)
Hawaii here we come!!!!

Happy feet and a pre-mini-Christmas

Times fly and soon we leave for the sun. So today was the day of changing my wintertoes into more of a summer look. I went turquoise to already now get a feeling of the ocean...
Happy colour gives happy feet! 
In the same spirit I got my fingernails in coral and had my leg waxed ( not threaded) so kind of ready to rock the beach :)
Since we are going away for Christmas we decided to "cheat" and celebrate a little earlier just to get our Swedish traditions going. 
A mini "smörgåsbord" and opening the presents was the most important according to the kids so some of our christmasfood was served like herrings, gravad lax, smoked salmon , ham and meatballs. Of course they don't eat all of that but it anyhow needs to be on the table. 
The food was served on my new favorite at the time: Spode blue Italian. 
And yes the food tasted even better on this classical dinnerware :)
After dinner it was finally time for presents and in my little pile of gifts i found this:
Mmmmm J'adore from Dior is now what is closest to my skin...
A soft, warm and feminine fragrance that kind of gently embraces me. 
Oh mye I just love gifts!

Hi Soho!

Finally I made it in to the "big apple"! 
I have been trying for so long. but I always have had to cancel but not today!!! Tjihooo!
Soho was todays destination and it is just a wonderful place to stroll around. 
All kinds of shops and all kind of brands which will satisfy all budgets. During my promenade I noticed that Sweden were well represented : Lindeberg, Hästen, Fjällräven and H&M etc. 
I had to take deep breaths of the special atmosphere down there and was so happy that today I was part of that special. Everywhere I looked I saw beauty :
This is taken by me staring straight up a building with these strange things sticking out from the house. 
And how beautiful can the bricks on the road be?!
Or stairs that seem to be hanging in the air...
A message we can't get enough of :)
Even inviting small restaurants with the possibility to sit outdoor ( below freezing point)...
And not to forget my beautiful company that had a big part of my positive experience :)
i cant wait to return and next time I will investigate another area because the city is huge and what I explored today was just the top of an iceberg. ( ha ha that's kind of funny since its freezing cold outside) 

Threading and leaks

Forgot to tell that I yesterday went for a voluntarily but painful experience when I decided to get rid of my "beard" because I wanted to look clean and hairfree for my coming trip to the sun. 
The method I accidentally chose ( it was just there in the very moment I was thinking of doing something) was this thing called threading. 
A cotton thread is pulled along unwanted hair in a twisting motion, to kind of trap hair in a lasso and then lifts hair right out of the follicle and OUCH that was so so painful. Its mostly used for your eyebrows but can be done in the rest of your face too and that's what I foolishly did and my tears were just pouring down my cheeks Automatically as a reaction to the pain. How on earth could people have tolerated this treatment for so many hundreds of years? Must be very efficient ...and for sure I don't look like a goat anymore :))
Today i had to cancel everything that was on my agenda because we had a little leak so they came to fix it. easy peasy  lemon squeezy. It was a quick fix they assured me. They then decided to change all old ventiles on the radiators at the same time to eliminate future leaks. The only problem was they misunderstood the water system and the connections in my youngest daughters room so suddenly a water fountain was created.  The plumber was trying to hold back the water with his bare hand ( it is almost boiling) while the other man went to switch off the water. 
And yes 4 hours later the plumber had to leave for the hospital with severe burns and apperantly they had to cut his blisters , give him antibacterials for the risk of infections and he have to wear a glove for a couple of weeks. 
I knew about the water but not about him getting burned but I was told 
he wanted to finish his job before he went to the hospital. Is he a hero or something else?!
 It should all be dried out till Friday they said...
Luckily this happened now and not when we will be away. 
There is something positive in everything is it not?!

Artwork and oriental

Another beautiful day has passed!
Slowly getting there in terms of finishing with Christmas gifts. I actually thought it would be madness out there but so far everything is going very smooth. 
When I picked up Bella today she came running with a picture she just made and looked very proud. 
"That's your dad mom" she said "I didn't even have to think, I know exactly how granddad looks"!
So this is my dad! How cute is that?!
The rest of the day was spent in the grocery shop and then a meeting at school. 
if you need ideas for an alternative Christmas decoration I found this picture for an oriental touch:
Love those morrocan Beni Ourain rugs! Like made for digging your feet in...
It doesn't have to be red...
Beautiful arrangement!
A peaceful working area. 
All pictures from Femina Dk
And with these picture I also feel like lighting another candle, have a big cup of tea and cuddle up with my too daughters ( boys are busy) in front of the fireplace and just catch the moment!!!

In my neighbourhood...

What a great Sunday!
Went for a walk in my area with my beautiful neighbor and enjoyed the crispy air and white surroundings. 
This is some examples of what we passed on our "journey" :
A simple decoration seemed to be the most common. 
And for sure everything looks so much more Christmassy with the white snow. 
 Stairway to heaven maybe ?!
Here they have been quite wild having decorated all the way out on the street :)
Besutiful trees covered in ice. If you come closer it looks like this:
And from a distance you would guess it was decorated with jewels ... Stunning!
Like in a fairy tale ...
Some of the houses are decorated with lights but unfortunately you can only enjoy that when it's dark. 
I never get tired of trees. i just love the beauty in every branch and I love them with leaves on and love them without or coverd in ice or Just "naked". The wonders of nature!!!
So the intention of the walk was to power walk but I got completely carried away by the beauty in my "neck of the wood" and had to stop to take a photo all through our walk so it became a power walk but without the power :)

Banana bread and snowflakes

Snow snow beautiful snow!
Its been snowing like crazy the whole day and now is the world covered in a thick white blanket. 
I always feel a need of baking when the weather is like this so decided to make a classical banana bread. 
You will need:
2 riped bananas 
1.5 deciliter casting sugar
1 egg
50 gram melted butter
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar
1.5 teaspoon baking powder 
4 table spoons heavy cream
2.5 deciliter plain wheat flour
Mash the bananas with the sugar. 
Add lightly whisked egg, melted butter and the rest of the ingredients. 
Pour the mixture in a buttered and breadcrumbed cake form. 
Bake in the oven at 175° C / 350° F for 30 min. 
( I somtimes add a little cinnamon to the mix to get it more christmassy )
yammi yammi with a nice cup of tea, candles and the fireplace up and running. 
Just to bring a little extra winter feeling I'm sharing these beutiful snowflakes that landed in my hair while I was fumbling with the door trying to get inside and my oldest daughter managed to snap a picture of them. 
Stunning little stars!
Nature is just amazing!!!

My wish

Hello wonderful Friday! Welcome!
I can't believe it's already time for weekend again...
I have a little pain in my heart today just because I sometimes find it so difficult to be a mom. 
How do you teach your kids to be :
-true to them selves
- honest
- respectful to others and to them self
- friendly
- responsible
- mentally strong
- good self esteem 
- good values
List can be made very long but  I guess all you want is for your child to be happy. 
To be able to enjoy the sunshine, a smile, a cup of tea, friendship and a little flower...
i wish there was a manual to lean on which would tell me exactly how to deal with every little problem for all ages, for every little crisis in their life, for when the hormones are kicking in, or when a relationship with a boy/ girlfriend is rocky. 
A manual that would describe the right way so you don't harm them  but give them strength, encouragement, power, solutions etc. 
i just feel so lost sometimes and would have loved to watch a film from the future starring my kids living the life they want and with their heart smiling and waving to me shouting "thank you for all you did". 
Just so I could feel safe and relaxed in this very moment. 
Yes a manual for rising happy and harmonic kids , that is my wish for this Christmas !!!
So Santa , I hope you are reading this!!!!

Concert and Leila

Today was a beautiful but cold day full of possibilities! 
Decided in the end only to get some shopping done ( for Santa) and in the evening there was a Christmas concert at the middle school with Olivia in the choir so that was a must. 
Could have been enjoyable if my youngest daughter would have stopped asking when it was time to go home and at the same time was kicking the seat in front of her :(. For 1 hour. Grrrr.....
A princess turned into a little monster. 
Want to to show you a home that truly inspires me from Leila lLindholm ( a famous Swedish cook). 
i just love her colonial inspiration and all the things she mixes together that becomes a living and warm home. 
Me like a lot :
Her kitchen with palm trees and classical blue vases and urns. 
my favorite way of hanging pictures...
Always having fresh flowers at home too. Is it not so welcoming?!
Palm trees again and a cow hide and a handsome man :))
Nice combination. 
(Photos from Sköna hem bl a)
Animal printed cushions and all the furniture on an "Island" of sisal. 
I could move in right away...
Although I'm quite happy where I am :)

Kids wish list

Ho ho hooo!
Promised to help out Santa with the presents since he apparently has so many kids to care for...
These are some of the wishes from my kids :
Beats headphones 
iPad air or iPad mini
A puppy ( any)
Beats speaker 
A winx club doll ( finally something familiar)
A gopro action camera. 
No wonder santa is busy if everyone is wishing for these kind of things. What happened to books or pyjamas or earrings or anything else "normal"?
Luckily it's only wishes...


Now we are talking! Did I say anything about the snow yesterday? Well I'm saying that today instead. 
When I woke up this morning I couldn't believe the message from school saying it was closed and the kids would have a snowday. What snow ? it was all gone from the day before but an hour later the sky opened and out fell all the stars. Beautiful beautiful :
This is from our backyard which suddenly felt like it was from a fairytale....
I think I can even see a little gnome hiding behind a tree ...
And what was better to do a day like this than making ginger breads?
Two very concentrated girls in action:
Differnt shapes and colours and some of them not so good looking but all of them made with love. 
Bella decided to give a little extra love to some of them...
And even big brother decided to pay some attention to them. 
in other words:
A wonderful and relaxing day!
Hope you had a beautiful day too!

Feng shui

Today I woke up to a white world and I told my youngest daughter that it is the stars in the sky that have fallen down and made the world so beautiful. 
"Really" she said, I didn't know that but is it only the round flakes or is it all of them she asked? And then she smiled again and she said OMG I didn't know that...
i so love this age when they really believe. 
Remember i said in an earlier post that I had like "butterflies" in my tummy and felt so exited about my future?
Well the future has arrived in a shape of a thick binder:
i am going to study Feng shui!!!
A Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing the human being with the surrounding environment. In other words it's about how the environment in which we live and work have an effect on our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  It's also called "acupuncture" for the home and I'm going to learn how changes to interior design of the home like colours, where the furniture are placed, organization and storage etc will affect the energy in the home and in turn, be reflected in peoples health and happiness. 
I think that is a wonderful idea being able to help people with their well-being on a level they might never expect to be so important. 
Cant wait to get started!!!!
Sharing our winter wonderland garden. It might be the only snow before Christmas so better enjoy!
its not much but it's little :)

A cozy Sunday

i also love Sundays!
Probably because it's normally a blank day for us which means we can fill it with what we want! Tjihoo!
So today we had a girly day,before picking up the boys ,which resulted in a couple of photos 
I do love my hair and I'm having so much more fun :)
My favorite eldest daughter...
And my two favorite girls...
A typical from my favorite youngest daughter...
And since our Sunday today goes in the sign of coziness we decided to go see a film:
A beautiful story from HC Anderson and has everything you want from a Disney film. Breathtaking scenery, adventures, good and bad and of course loooove. 
The best part was of course that even the boys wanted to come along and they actually enjoyed it too. 
and now it's snowing! Yeehaa again

Saturday and soup

Beautiful saturday!
Saturdays are also another day of the week that I really enjoy. I love to know that I can sleep long even though I never do it but it gives me such a freedom just knowing...
And when the sky slowly turns pink in the morning just before the sun is completely awake it strikes me again how beautiful our world is. 
And speaking of colours... Today I'm going to share a colorful soup with you which is perfect when it's cold and dark and you want to spice up your life a little :)
The recepie is and old Swedish way of a gulash soup and very easy to make. 
For four persons you will need:
300 g of minced meat
1 chorizo ( mild or hot)
2 yellow onions
3 bell peppers ( different colours)
1/2 dl tomato paste
1 teaspoon cumin
1 liter beef broth
and for the mix:
2 dl crime fraiche
1 pressed clove of garlic
1/2 dl finely chopped parsley
Cut the chorizo in small slices. 
Chop the peppers and the onions. If you are lazy like me you use a beautiful little vegetable chopper like this one:
And the chopping job is done in two seconds. Me like!
Voilà! Perfectly squared peppers and onions. 
Put the minced meat in a big pan and let it "crumble"
Mix in the chorizo and the peppers and onions and let soften a minute. 
Pour in the tomato paste, the cumin and the broth and let simmer for 10-15 min. 
Mix together creme fraiche, garlic and parsley and serve with the soup. Yammi yammi!
The soup is actually even better the next day so make a lot and keep in the fridge. 
Happy saturday!

Rödgröna bevis

Vilken grå dag det har varit idag!
Som tur var bara utomhus för hjärtat känns fortfarande soligt :)
Dagen idag har spenderats i huset med att packa upp böcker från boxar och in i nya bokhyllorna. Det är inte klokt så många böcker vi har och jag insåg snabbt att vi köpt för få hyllor...
Sen har det handlats och vikts tvätt och städats undan så nu är det dags att hålla fredag. Choklad och film står på programmet! Älskar denna dagen i veckan...
Måste nog visa lite av min sparsmakade röda och gröna jul här hemma Så förstår ni nog vad jag menar...
Lite jultulpaner kan man alltid placera ut lite varstans...
Som här tex bland tallriset...
Fortfarande den röda färgen. 
Och igen...
Här i köket står dem enda tomteliknande figurerna samlade i en salig röra på en bricka tillsammans med ett litet julträd. Grönt och rött alltså...
Bellas egna lilla gran som hon har klätt och dekorerat med saker hon tyckte var fina. Hon har tom satt en prinsess krona i toppen även om det är lite svårt att se...
ja juligare än så här blir det nog inte förutom grangirlanderna som ska upp runt pelarna utanför ytterdörren då. Jag har ju såklart stjärnor i fönstren också...
Men de "naturliga" dekorationerna, bruna kvistar och så, som jag suktat efter och inspirerats så av lyser helt med sin frånvaro. Men drömma får man ju!!!

Lite dansk inspiration igen

Så här ser vårt hus ut idag!
Alltså inte det minsta jullikt :(
Så idag har jag varit och beställt grangirlanger med ljus i att vira runt pelarna framför ingången och en stor krans att hänga på dörren så får vi se om det kan hjälpa upp julkänslorna. 
 Trots att vi har 15 grader varmt (idag) och inte minsta tillstymmelse till snö är det ju december så på jakt efter den rätta känslan så bläddrar jag istället frenetiskt i glossiga magasin eller scrollar på nätet och hittade bl a det här naturjuliga huset ifrån Femina Dk. 
Har lite av sommarhus känsla för mig men förmedlar ändå vinter och jul. 
En alldeles lagom stor gran med fina julgransljus som nästan ser ut som riktiga...
Sååå himla vackert, enkelt och "naturligt". 
Nu blev det tyvärr nåt vajsing med nedladdningen av bilder så det blir inte fler idag :-( suck!!!!!!
Men visst är det enkla vackert?
Själv har jag inte lyckats överge det röda och gröna men det beror nog mer på att de färgerna fanns nedpackat i jullådorna eftersom det är så julen sett ut hos oss tidigare år. Har liksom svårt att ställa om mig trots att jag drunknar i inspiration. Å andra sidan kan man man ju se det som ett miljövänligt alternativ, snacka om återvinning alltså...
Nähä nu är det minsann dags att gå och krama mina barn!

Nya mig!

ho ho hoo sa tomten till mig redan idag och uppfyllde en rolig önskan som jag haft länge. 
Nämligen långt hår!!! Det sägs ju att blonda har roligare men personligen tror jag att långhåriga också klassar in i den kategorin. We shall see we shall see...nu har jag ju i och för sig inte så himla tråkigt men ombyte förnöjer. Jag brukar ju alltid klippa av mig håret när det vuxit en tid men denna gången gör jag alltså tvärtom. 
Det var i allafall mindre åverkan på håret att förlänga än blondera ...
Så här ser jag alltså ut bakifrån innan tomten kom... :))
Och så här såg jag ut en stund senare...
Glömde dock ta en bild när det var klippt och klart men redan nu har jag mycket roligare 😜.
Jag kommer kanske få tjurnacke för jag tycker huvudet verkar tyngre av allt svall. 
Med det nya håret följde ett speciellt schampo, balsam och trasselspray också. 
Det var viktigt att använda speciella produkter så tejpen inte lossnar och hårtoffsarna ramlar av Så det var bara att tacka och ta emot. 
Känner dock att jag måste vänja mig själv så håret sattes upp i en svans och ingen i familjen la märke till något konstigt ( inte mer än vanligt i alkafall) med mig. Får se när dem upptäcker...
Ja det var en lite wild och crazy dag men attans vad bra det känns med lite ytliga förändringar iibland. 
Nu ska jag alltså försöka sova ...

En vanlig tisdag!

Fortfarande lite jetlaggad vaknade jag vid halv sex i morse tätt följd av Max och Bella. Har egentligen inte alls nåt emot att vakna då. Tyst, lugnt och rofyllt och lååång tid att förbereda sig inför skolrushen så bara fördelar alltså. Å andra sidan är jag nu kl halv nio på kvällen helt färdig och sitter och kippar med ögonen bredvid yngsta dottern som ligger och snusar så mysigt. 
Mellan morgon och nu har det hunnits med en del skojsigt. Bl a blev jag bjuden in till min kära granne på mamma-dotter lunch. Trots att jag inte hade någon mamma på plats att ta med så fick jag alltså ta del av detta roliga initiativ. Det kacklades och skrattades som bara den och ålderskillnaderna liksom suddades ut... 
Helt klart ett väldans trevligt sätt för alla att lära känna nya människor I alla åldrar.  Jag hörde minsann hur dessa 80 åriga damer med käpp bytte telefonnummer och planer gjordes upp för framtiden. Härligt när käpparna inte är till hinder...
Sen var det dem vanliga turerna till de olika skolorna för upphämtning av både mina och andras barn. Medans jag lagade mat satt yngsta dottern och målade. 
Alltså jag blir så glad av hennes målningar! 
Fyra år gammal och så fina färger och så sammansatta. Ja ja jag vet att det är mitt barn men jag är så stolt. Tänk att man kan sprida så mycket glädje med färg...
Nu är det dags att krypa ner mellan lakanen och sussa sin skönhetssömn. Imorgon kommer det hända grejer...

En grå dag full av solsken

En sån grå dag man vaknade upp till denna morgon. Nu gör inte det mig så himla mycket eftersom de grå dagarna är lätträknade utan det var mer bara ett konstaterande. 
Tycker också att världen utan färg kan vara fantastiskt vacker. 
Kolla bara in magnoliakvistarna mot himlen! ( ser ut att vara en blå himmel men den är grålila)
Som ett konstverk..
Eller våra konstiga lurviga gräsbuskar som trots sin gråa vinterlook har något vackert och värdigt över sig...
Denna gråa förmiddagen ( det klarnade senare) har jag varit på väldigt bra humör och blivit bemött av leenden och vänliga ord från lärare på skolorna till grannar och vidare till hjälpsamma damer i telefonväxlar och på stora varuhus. Jamen man blir ju så himlans glad av livet då!
Tror stenhårt på att leenden smittar och står själv gärna till tjänst med att sprida dem vidare. 
En investering som är helt gratis men som ger så mycket tillbaka. 
Så kan bara konstatera att bakom det gråa döljer sig solen!
Bild från picpulp.com
Leendet du sänder ut kommer alltid tillbaka!!!


Fullt ös idag igen! Fram med juldekorationerna, lunch på golfklubben för första gången och ett snabbesök på ett mall för att skaffa basketdojjor till Max. Skorna inhandlades och lite till... Fast till mig :))   Lovar att visa men nu är jag för trött. 
Innan jag går och lägger mig vill jag dock ni ska få drömma er bort tillsammans med mig till vårt julresmål. Hawaii!
Tänk att få gräva ner tårna i den sanden 
Vilka färger alltså. 
Okej inget niagarafall men ändå...
Japp hit ska vi! Ön heter Kauai och ska alltså göras osäker i jul. 
Dröm sött!

Det var det det!

Hemma igen efter den lugnaste flygturen ever! Som att skära med en kniv i smör... planet bara skar genom luften utan minsta lilla bump. Att flyga är verkligen inte min grej men när det är så här smidigt kan t om jag tycka att det är ok. 
Nu är vi trötta och en efter en intar horisontalläge. Själv står jag näst på tur...
Vill bara önska en glad första advent och för mig står siffrorna på ljusen även för fyra underbara nu samlade barn!!!


Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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