Our Christmas holiday...

In the midst of the excitement of soon going to Miami I realized I never got to tell you about our trip to gran Canaria. 
A trip where the whole family came together and enjoyed ( well most of the time) each other’s company in a relaxed way far from the everyday life. 
Our hotel offered a nice surrounding, good food and beautiful sunsets :)
I like to explore to get to know a place so we did a few excursions outside the hotel but it always felt good to get back in the night to our rooms so I guess we can give it a good rate. It could of course have been the chocolate on our beds though that every night appeared on our pillows 😉
We went to see friends, the mountains, old towns, incredible sand sculptures, volcano craters  and small villages.
We experienced sunshine, rain, warmth and cold and we laughed, cried, loved and fighted.
Yup, everything that fitted into a family on holiday we experienced. 
But we did all of it together.
We shared, we bonded and we created memories. 
So grateful!!!

A gym with a view.

Usually I try to run outside with my dog but sometimes that is for some reasons not possible.
It could be the weather, time or something else not making it possible to enjoy the outdoors but luckily my gym offer almost the same beauty as the nature I’m running in. 
It’s only the coldness and the fresh air not being the same. 
And of course i can’t bring the dog...
The pictures are from just outside the gym.
Almost good enough, is it not?
No matter time of year, it seems that every season has something beautiful to offer around here. 
I’m so grateful for that. 
Makes boring activities like being on gym machines much more appealing:)
Life is good!

A little chipped...

No evil that is not good at all!
Despite the heartache of having two of my kids sent to boarding school, it is still close enough to go up visit when something is going on. 
So when my oldest daughter felt a little chipped both in her soul and her heart it was easy enough for me to come with my special Mama power just when she needed it the most. 
This adorable little place where they live happened to offer her choice of cafe with no people, giving us enough time to feed both our tummies and souls without too many ears and eyes surrounding us. 
A few hugs, a lot of listening and some encouragement later I could start detect a smile in her beautiful appearance which traveled all the way into my own heart. 
I felt so grateful being able to be there for her when she was in a need of a hug from her mom.
It also kind of disguised some of the guilt I feel for not having been able to find a solution schoolwise at a closer distance...
But, a mom would anyway go over and beyond for the sake of her kids. 
Wherever they are.
So being able to be on my daughters side only after a car ride of an hour or two must count as a positive thing:)
Although the kids might have a slightly different opinion 😉

Flower power

For a flower nerd like me, I love the fact that that there are places where you can pick your your own flowers.
At the moment only tulips are offered for self picking but that is definitely good enough:)
Garden center or nurseries are in general almost always so inspirational and good for my soul and I feel it’s such a treat coming there. 
“Fields” of tulips just waiting to be picked and arranged into beautiful bouqets. 
Or used as a solitaire in a vase. 
Just as beautiful!
Wherever you look there is beauty.
Arranged in colors, themes or family you just don’t get anything but inspired. 
Maybe broke then too...
Its not cheap.
But inspiration is for free and if you can shake off the desire to buy everything you see you can get back home with tons of ideas, tips and dreams. 
In my case a bunch of tulips too:)
The power of a flower...so underestimated!

Sweet moments

For all those years we were away from Sweden there were a few things I missed a lot apart from being away from family. One of those things were our Swedish sweet bun filled with whipped cream, the “semla’  
This wonderful treat is to indulge more of less from after Christmas to just before Easter and then they disappear from the bakeries again. 
And oh my what I’ve been treating myself:)
Since I love both sugar, fat and kcalories in general I take every moment to gulp this wonderful baked invention down my pipe knowing it is just for a short while I can do this. 
Together with a cup of tea and in the company of a friend or a family member it becomes a special sweet moment and is definitely putting a golden edge on my day.
At least a creamy one...😉


Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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