Its funny how the world itself seems completely ignorant or unaware of what's going on with either individuals or even countries. 
Like it does not mean anything...
The sun is shining, the flowers are still in bloom and there is still a day and a night. 
While my own little world has turned up side down there is no change in the big picture.
Anyway, my in laws and I felt that we might as well enjoy life whole we can and went to visit an iris garden!
A fragrant, colourful and so so beautiful experience. 
The peek in the blooming was apparently last Monday so today some of the irises looked a little sad but that just reflected my emotions so I did not mind.
It was still incredibly beautiful with that mix of different irises in different colours just trying to over shine each other's beauty. 
It actually felt ,contrary to what I wrote in the beginning, like nature was paying some respect while encouraging...
So a Friday surrounded by love, family and flowers is not that bad to be honest.
Grateful that the world offers small pearls like this and grateful that I'm able to appreciate it!
happy Friday

Just sayin...

Just sayin...
Surround yourself with people you love and thoughts you like.
Surround yourself with people who makes you feel good and thoughts that make you feel good. 
Surround yourself with people who uplifts you and thoughts that are uplifting.
Everything else is a waste of time, energy and quality.
Today that all became clear...

Monday at the Boathouse

Some days are just better than usual!
Our Monday in the city was like that.
When all the smiles on the photos actually was coming from the heart...
The sun continued to shine also on the Monday so what was better than taking our visitors to the Boathouse in Central Park for a nice lunch?!
Although the water was green of pollen it did not take away the beauty of that place.
Always crowded and only "ok" food but just sitting on that open veranda just next to the lake in the middle of New York makes it so desirable and totally worth the effort.
And being surrounded by two handsome young men only enhanced the positive impression of this day.
What you can see here is only the top of an iceberg, if you could dig deeper you would find their beautiful hearts too...
My daughters are the same, beautiful inside and out. 
Am I not so lucky?!?!
Three generations...
In Central Park ,New York, USA!
This picture is unique!
It almost never happens that everyone is gathered like this, at this side of the world. 
Yes a very unusually happy day with kindness, togetherness and family as the main ingredients. 
A Monday that went straight into my little chamber in my heart where I collect love:)

On top of the Rock!

Our sightseeing continues!
Sunday we started of by letting New York introduce it self at the best possibly point. 
The top of Rockefeller center!
I prefer this view at the top of the Rock from the Empire state building since one actually also has the view of that classical sight too and it's too beautiful to miss. 
Being up there puts another perspective on life!
Up there one really realise how big the city is and how small yourself are in the big picture...
I always feel so amazed though how this mix of totally different buildings regarding design, style, hight, age and colour can come together in just one big harmony. Love it!!!
Its not always fun though and especially being thirsty, hungry and unfairly treated...
"Its just buildings" my daughter said and she does have a point:)
So after we had filled up our energy levels we jumped on a guided bus tour. 
But of course that was only buildings again but from another angle...
Luckily the grandparents were blissfully unaware of what was going on behind their back.
They were so good though ( my kids, the grandparents were always behaving) the whole time and really put up with everything we did and just demonstrated their displeasure by simply falling asleep or digging deeper in something that was more interesting in that very moment. 
A long day again in the city but when we can see the smiles in my in laws faces and the grateful comments about how fantastic it is, that's what is all about. 
Tired feet but happy hearts!!!

Ground Zero!

Operation sightseeing has started!
Fast and furious...
Interesting and educational...
With aching legs and a brain overloaded with information and facts Im looking through all the photos from Saturday's excursion to Ground Zero.
A place filled of tragedies, sadness and the question why but also filled with hope, "never give up" spirit and a beautiful memorial that serves as a tribute of remembrance and honour to those nearly 3000 people killed in the terror attacs of the September 11 2001. 
A must for everyone in New York either a visitor or as a permanent inhabitant.
The day it self was really on our side which helped our mood to reach a more positive level after having been lowered to a dark and sad state of mind during the visit to that museum. 
The surroundings were stunning with the skyscrapers towards the blue sky and the trees as jewelries decorating the scene. 
A beautiful place with a horrendous past that will never be forgotten. 
Im so glad that I actually was able to walk the path of that history, hear the voices from victims leaving phone messages to their families and to read about all the bravery, heroism and solidarity. 
Its hard to take in all the terrible facts but it leaves you with an urge to seize the day. 
I think we all ( including my in law's) walked out from that place looking at life from another dimension. 
Yup, a sunny Saturday with rain in our hearts. 

In laws have arrived!

Finally, after long time of talking about coming to visit my in laws arrived today.
With days of packing, sleepless nights and a long journey they came with luggage filled with presents, candy and only a little clothes ( chocolate and gifts take a lot of room) but with a big smile on their faces.
Now we have ten days in front of us with sightseeing, museums, musical and shopping. 
If the weather also will be cooperating the whole New York experience will add another dimension to their lives and hopefully they will leave with unforgettable memories both in their heart, mind and bags:)
Bella had been waiting for them for so long she was exhausted and a little after she unpacked her presents she wrapped herself up in her gift and put her head on another present and fell asleep:)
Kids live such an uncomplicated life.
They follow their heart and their feelings with immediate effect. 
Why bother drag yourself up to the second floor where the bed is when you have everything you need to sleep just where you are in that very moment?!
I guess her grandparent felt happy when they tired went to bed knowing their long traveled gifts were so well received!
Hippy happy weekend!

A morning walk in Central Park!

I forgot to show you picture from our beautiful walk in the park the morning before one of our guided art tours. 
A perfect start to a wonderful anniversary day!
As I said before: i will ever never get tired of that skyline. 
And Central Park itself it such an oasis in that concrete jungle. 
Like a jewel it just lays there in the middle of the city and attracts everyone and all kinds.
Green, lush and welcoming it just invites you to stroll, jog, bike or rollerblade or even only to sit in the grass enjoying your day. 
No pressure what so ever just an encouraging feeling of freedom to do whatever suits you in that moment in that park. 
A picture from our room taken just when it was getting dark and the city dressed up in jewels and gold. 
Wrapped in a friendly veil that just gave a little hint of what to find underneath...
And this was the view in the morning that made us take the decision to take advantage of that green lung.
Oh I love New York!
And my husband!
In that order...😜

Sun, family and friendship

I can't say I have been suffering really!!!
The sun, the heat and all the love I've been induldging for a few days have really covered my heart in a warm blanket. 
No glamour, no fancy dinners but family, normal life and togetherness. 
A wonderful brake in my own everyday routines...
I went one evening to a prize ceremony for their eldest daughter!
She got an award for being one of the ten best students! Yay!!!
The ceremony was all about how remarkable, fantastic, clever, hardworking and good spirited all the rewarded students were and it was great to see how uplifted all the students looked after that talk. 
America is so good in making people believe in them self and to make them feel that they are good and worthy. 
That is something Sweden need to learn...
The other daughter had an art project to finish.
Eatable, delicious and beautiful "heads of the class" as a celebration of her graduating sister. 
Very artistic and creative solution. Loved it!
 My head, my heart and all the way down to my feet are feeling happy after a few days with my friend and her family. 
One should never underestimate the time. Also a short stay could be packed with quality:))
Now I'm ready to get back to my reality, my kids and my husband although it is with a little more sunburned and over baked look then when I left:)
Peace love and friendship

House project Miami

So from Art Miami I flew into the city of Miami where I now am visiting my friend!
They are with a plot of land and is now "expecting" a house!
Very exciting!
So fun to see first the sketch of the house and then the actual building site.
I definitely got a feeling for what it will be like in a finished version and it's going to be stunning!
Modern, clean and sleek and very much talking the same language as my friend:)
So this will be the main entrance from the side if the house. 
Notice the "floating" cube which will be the master bedroom and bathroom. 
The living room with windows from the ceiling ( on the second floor) to the floor which I have a feeling will create a wonderful illusion of sitting outside while being inside ( maybe that sounded confusing)
Big kitchen with access to a covered patio.
The house with the kitchen to the left, a kid's bedroom on top of that, living room in the middle and master bedroom to the right. 
Under the bedroom the office and in front of the living room the POOL!
Concrete and wood will be the main materials all through the house. 
Stylish, modern and with a high factor of comfort. 
Cant wait to come and visit when it's all done!!!
As a contrast to the modern you have this green and lush "jungle" outside that almost looks like a painting framed and already hung on the wall:)
My beautiful friend just a LITTLE stressed about all the decisions she has to take, all the delays she has to deal with and all the frustrations when something is not going as it should...
She has the ability though to do all of the above in style. 
Its a project that consumes a lot of time and that I am happy to be a part of while I'm here although not dealing with all the issues but cheering and supporting.
And the sun is shining:)

Art Miami/ New York

This weekend Ajax and I celebrated our wedding anniversary and did that by heading into the city for two days in the sign of art!
Great fantastic, fun and inspiring art mixed with Ancient Greek and Roman vases and statues. 
We had a guided tour at our first ( but not the least) visit to Art Miami which last for four hours.
A very knowledgable woman told us everything we wanted to know about the art installations at the fair and she gave the viewing of the art another dimensions.
The art show offered both modern, contemporary, and colours, texture, depth, photos and different material in a wild mix that just gave me such a happy and pleasant feeling. 
The creativity seemed endless and it was amazing to see what and how much an artist could achieve.
This last picture is from a swedish gallery but to be honest it was the gallery I liked the least. Creepy, weird and bloody art installations that made me question the mental health of both the artists and the gallery owner...
Today Sunday we had a guided tour at the metropolitan museum and that definitively made us wanting to go back and explore more of the treasure that are being kept at this museum. 
A weekend full of art, love and togetherness!
A weekend to my taste:)

Hope blanket scarf!

Today I have felt so frozen all the way into my bones. 
The sun has been out and temperature warm but I've been walking around wrapped in a knitted poncho.
I even had an extra in the car in case one poncho was not enough...
And when I got home I found another "poncho" in the magazine that immediately went up on my wish list!
Hope's blanket scarf!
Me like a lot!!!
That one I want to wrap myself in when I'm sitting in my veranda during a cold summer night, or in the sofa watching a scary movie...
Yes, "love" on that one:)
happy Friday!!!

A slice of Sweden for sale!

When I come across a house like this my need of moving back to Sweden increases an extra notch. 
The genuine and well maintained quality of an old house is something I very rarely see here in this country. 
The fact that our family lives in an american house built 1905 is actually causing "raised eyebrows".
In Sweden though you find these grain of gold here and there and it always fills me with pride and admiration. 
It is something special with wooden floors, high ceilings, handcrafted woodworks and other details made by craftsmen. 
If you then add the nature with trees where you can expect one or a few elves, or the sea with a small but functional beach you get the whole kit according to me:)
Above all you get a good dose of Sweden!
This sudden longing for my home country is for sure trigged by the few weeks we have left before school finish and a full summer is awaitening us in our little paradise. 
(pictures from Stadshem fastighetsmäkleri)

My daughter in a fantasy world!

Today I found my daughter in the garden in 88 degrees F (31 C) sunny and sticky weather dressed like this!
Is it not so wonderful the way your own fantasy brings you to different places, people and even worlds.
I so want to know where all the winding roads in her mind are leading her:)
I also want to know when all this wonderful fantasy trips actually leave the children...
Think if I would have been able to collect all my daughter's fantasy plays in a jar!
Maybe a jar would have been too small though but still...
And then a suitable moment I could open the lid and let one play out at the time.
My world would have had a pink shimmer around it then.
In a down coat, umbrella and a little purse she told me she was heading to the city a rainy day...
What is a toy compare to all this secret worlds only the kids have the key to enter?
I felt so grateful that I was not immediately chased away but instead very calmly and informatively explained what was going on, like she wold have told me what she had for lunch:)
What a beautiful way to escape the "real world" and get a well needed brake from reality!
Love love love it!!


Soon and very soon my feet will be walking up this driveway which ends at our summer house!
My dad just sent me a few spring pictures from there and my heart immediately started to beat a little faster. 
I can not believe a full year has almost passed since last time we were lucky enough to spend the whole summer in this place.
Ok I was there in March (for less than week though) but spring were still struggling to announce its arrival so none of this sheer greenery was present although it is always beautiful no matter what time of year. 
Its the length of the summerstay that is so appealing...
The whole summer!!!
I know that to you it might look only green but to me it's a piece of art.
Like a painting from one of the big classical artists.
Cause I can feel the ambiance in the pictures. 
I know how it feels to be in that greenery.
I know how pleased my heart is, how peaceful my mind is and how wonderful everything smells.
Only a few weeks left and the nature will be completely dressed in its summer costume ready to meet all the needs from us people seeking to fuel up on the ultimate swedish summer.
I am counting the days!!!

Mother's Day!

Today was the American Mother's Day!
It is such a big day here. 
And it's difficult not to be affected...
First to wake up with a beautiful ,set to music, declaration of love from Max!
Then bombarded by drawings with hearts from Bella!
After that I was handed a rose at the bagel store!
How sweet was not that?!
I love roses!
The bud, the proud stem, the perfect flower and of course the scent.
To me a red rose is a symbol of love!
Not that I think the people in the bagel place loves me...
But still such a beautiful gesture and acknowledgment of the woman, mom, me:)
All the women got one and we all left that shop with a bag of bagel in one hand, a rose in the other and a big smile in our face. 
At Olivia's game the other team handed out bouquets of flower to their moms when the game was over.
Also such an adorable gesture.
I decided to take the kids out for dinner but all the restaurants were fully booked and packed with moms in all ages being celebrated by their families.
We eventually ended up in a hamburger restaurant...
But even there I was greeted with "happy Mother's Day"!
Im starting to get the power of this day...
According to my oldest son he does not need days like this cause his love for me is equally distributed every day during the year and so is his show of gratitude...
Hmmmm I guess I have missed something here:)
Anyway I'm definitely up for celebrations and if the focus for once is on the mom I will be happy to volunteer next time:)
Tonight I will go to bed with a rose at my bedside table, a mind packed with gratitude and a heart overflowing of love!
Whoot whoot!
Hooray for being a mom!!!

To seize the day!

Yesterday I decided to leave all my housewife chores and duties behind locked doors in the house and instead indulge the beautiful summerday in full!
One hour later I was at the beach with the blue ocean in front of me!
An almost empty beach with only the waves sweeping in and out was like food for my soul...
It was so beautiful and so peaceful so every little stressful thought just evaporated ( or froze if you got near the water...)
No washing machine to load, no dishwasher to unload, only the sun, sand and the soothing sound from the waves.
I could definitely not complain!
I feel so grateful that I'm actually able to catch those moments. 
A nice cup of tea would normally do it too but this time I spiced it up a little.
This "moment" left me with a bubbly heart, peace in my mind and a burned butt:)
Yes I'm spoiled and I like it!!!
Seize the day!
Cause you are worth it!!!
Happy weekend!

Girl room makeover plans!

I really don't like  my youngest daughter's room!
In her room we have put everything that don't fit anywhere else, left behind or inherited. 
Its such a mess in there and does not really provide her with the right conditions either to help her keep her room tidy. 
On the other hand she has never complained or shown unhappiness...
But when I asked her if we shouldn't make her room into a fairytale she bounced up and down in excitement. 
So on the schedule now is a Big Makeover!!!
I want her to have a room that matches her imagination.
A room that will embrace her mind.
A room that feels like Bella!
She decided she wanted to go for flowers but in and old fashion way and with flowers big enough to absorb and be a part of her play.
So these three are our favourites. 
Two from Designers Guild and the last one from Mr Perswall.
We have not yet decided if only one wall will be decorated this way or we will go for the whole room. 
I don't want her to feel she is drowning...
Only encouraged to step in her dreamy world and from there just being able to reach for the magic!!!

Gymnastic show!

Last weekend it was finally time for my youngest daughter's gymnastic show!
She has been preparing for month...
Made sure the leotard still was in the drawer.
Practised round offs everywhere and whenever there was room enough ( like supermarket, parking lot, or even my kitchen)
Asked like 15 millions time what day it was and how many days till THE day. 
And eventually THE day came!!!
So focused, so excited and I could almost touch the state of mind she was in... The star mind:)
In this gymnastics they try on everything that belongs within the word gymnastic.
Its not at all as when I was a kid and the most advanced thing you did was jumping on the trampoline. 
No this is hard core from the beginning.
High bars, balance beams, trampoline, rope, mat and everything else in between. 
Kids love it!!!
They have absolutely no fear what so ever!
A mother's heart overflows with love watching the small individuals being so enthusiastics and it does not matter that what they do is crooked, wobbly or wrong. 
All the glowing and smiling that surrounds them are telling us that this is FUN!
What a wonderful way of spending a Sunday!!!

What a day!!!

What a day!!!
I spent a couple of hours at the doctor's office with the kids for checkup reasons. 
Everything would have been smooth and friction free if one child did not suddenly decide to panick when the needle announced its entrance...
I think I have never seen such reaction.
Only read about it.
Not nice for any involved but especially not for the "victim" and absolutely not for the mom.
A moment where I realised that it is just not enough to only be a mom..
I wished for a magical wand that could turn the needle into love, the fear into excitement and the tears into pearls. 
But no... Nothing happened:(
I can tell that we left that office without having succeed in becoming friends with that needle. 
Only postponed till Thursday...
Any one having an idea of how to deal with this problem the best way I would be so happy to listen and learn...?!
The test needs to be done so it's either the skin test or bloodwork. Pest or cholera...
After a day that consumed all my positive energy it felt good coming home to my lilacs:)
Being embraced by that scent and all the wonderful memories those flowers bring back , I feel the power is slowly returning to my soul.
I can only hope it has the same positive and soothing effect on my child...
In the aftermath of the scent coming from the lilacs reality demands attention though.
Where is that manual I've been requesting for so long?
The one that tells me how to deal with different situations the best way.
I believe in hugs and love (although that is not enough) but I thinks it's better than nothing, a good start and a necessary ingredient in order to change a behaviour.
The rest I hope will follow...
Before Thursday!!!

A blossoming neighbourhood!

I just don't seem to be able to stop raving about the beauty of the spring!
The colours, the warm and optimistic sun and the smiles on every faces...
Since we don't have the wild nature in close proximity to where we live we have to be grateful of what is actually surrounding us.
And I can't complain...
It is like even the nature is smiling to the world!
Every house is dressed in their "ball gown" and are showing them from their absolute best side. 
My walk around my "hood" gave me the feeling of being in a real life canvas where the happy artist wanted to create a celebration to spring and a thankyou to the world...
Our streets are very popular during weekends for people biking or walking and I can certainly understand why. 
All the flowering trees passes on a feel-good feeling while deliver a wonderful scent and with the sun overlooking the scenery it just can't be other than good. 
Just the way I want the weekend to be!
I love life!!!

The mattress of my dream!!!

I love to sleep!!!
And if I sleep well it's even better!
For everyone in my proximity:)
So we bought a new mattress!!!
A Tempur Pedic!
And Oh My do I sleep well?!!
( ha ha i notice my lampshade looks sleepy too...)
I really used to sleep well even before but now it's beyond wonderful!
Im looking forward to every night and nervously ogle at the time when it's getting dark hoping it's time for bed:)
For the first time I feel that both body and soul get to rest the way they should and I wake up feeling even more energized and ready to meet a new day.
Even my neck pain has discretely been taken care off by the mattress and is now buried deep down in the foam.
A good night's sleep embedded in foam and dreams...
To my big luck it's getting dark outside now and I get that bubbly feeling in my heart knowing that I soon will be embraced by the comfort of that bed!
A wonderful way of finishing a day!!!

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