Paragliding! I did it tooooooo!

When days are heavy and hard to squeeze out some sushine from its good to have an ace up your sleeve for your own wellbeing:)
Right now for me my "ace" is paragliding!
Im so freaking proud of myself!
I hate flying in airplanes.
Im too scared to go on a roller coast. 
I don't go swimming if it's below 25 degrees celcius...
I would never ride my bike with no handlebars...
But i did try paragliding!!!!
Its me up there!
Like a bird in the sky. 
I was scared to death. 
Was shouting and shivering. 
Thought I would pass out first...
And then suddenly I started to relax. 
I sat back in the " chair" and decided to enjoy. 
And I did enjoy!
What a feeling!
Such a freedom!
What an experience!
And what a wonderful power addition to my feel good bank!!!
So when days are mentally grey I can splash some colours from that experience and make the sun come out. 
Back to earth!
Back to real life!
But with a smile in my heart:))

A Swedish apartment

A weekend consisted of both farewells and reunions but an update will come another day. 
Today I'm showing another apartment which has been the most blogged object in the real estate world lately. 
Its up to you see if you agree with all the ravings...
Its an apartment in Malmö at the very soth part in Sweden. 
I love the way they take the photos!
They make it look like a piece of art...
The apartment from the 1020's has all the amazing details that probably attracts even the most picky buyer in its high ceilings, skirting boards and parquete flooring. 
Interior wise it has a typical classic Scandinavian style but with colourful twists...
Notice the way they have hung their pictures!
As within an invisible frame...
A big dining room makes up for a small kitchen ...
I also love the vases in a row...
A fun way to display flowers!
Beautiful and spacious rooms!
But why don't have a closet you can close?
There must be enough space to have that built in...
Beautiful tiles combined with a bold coloured bathtub. 
Me like!!!
That colour you also find again in the hallway in the first picture. 
Kitchen is the only place that does not feel roomy...
They put some life to it though with different colours on the doors...
A small eating area. 
I really hope they did not feel stressed with all the clocks showing different times...
My own watch shows goodnight time so better dive into my duvet:)
( photos from Fastighetsbyrån)

My sisters!

My sisters!
I love my sisters!
We are all so different but also very similar. 
Im the oldest but not always the big sister. Depending on who is in a need of tender caring love we take turns so sometimes I'm the little one. 
This you can do with sisters!
We all represent different styles and characters. 
We have the sporty, the glamorous, the practical and the intellectual one. 
But we all come together in one sisterly mix. 
Like a pathwork. 
All different patches form this beautiful blanket that wraps around life and gives warmth...
And our hands!
There might be a difference also in shapes but they all carry, caress, scold, cook, drive and hold each other in life when needed. 
I see my sisters too seldom but they are making the summers in Sweden magical. 
I would never want to change this time with them for millions...
My sisters!!!
I love them!!!

Veranda thoughts....

Awwww my fingers are itching!
I want to create a home from our little summer retreat!
But since my sisters are here visiting I have promised myself to wait with everything that requires Time away from them...
But I can still dream:))
This could have been the doorway to paradise but is actually only the veranda doors leading out to our garden:)
Its also the veranda that is the object for my dreams right now ( sorry hubby)
The light is beautiful and I'm drawn out here from morning till night and I just want to create an environment worth all that time spending at the veranda. 
But how???
I want to be able to sit here and eat but also to relax in a nice and comfy chair...
Listening to the birdsong, the wind in the trees or the rain against the windows. 
Its kind of difficult because the space of this room is not big big but I want the whole big family to be able to join me out here...:)
Or maybe not!
That would make the whole interior design problem a lot easier ...
On the other hand "sharing is caring"!
Maybe it would be nice with some company. Sometimes.
Yup, back to the dreaming part again then!

A sky adventure!

After a few days of cold and rain the sun decided to cooperate with us visitors. 
We took of course the opportunity to be outdoor and went further up the coastline for a walk in the beautiful nature. 
We thought!
Instead the boys grabbed a chance to touch the sky!
They had been talking about this for very long so they did a "Nike" and just did it:))
Oh my how cool!!!
Max started off and acted like he had been doing this for 10 years...
I could feel the tickeling in my tummy just watching:)
So filled of adrenaline...
Then it was time for big brother...
Max is always the guinea pig and if he could do it Alex can do it. 
What a feeling to just hang there in the air like a bird...
And what a freedom!
Bye bye...
There he goes!
The man who held my boys lifes in his hands and ropes. 
The man who made the boys day!!!
And me?
I felt like the Ferdinand bull...
Just happy smelling all the flowers:)
But maybe next time...

A walk in the blue...

Here at this side of the world we are only enjoying!
Still jet lagged we slept till noon and after the breakfast we decided to inhale some sea air and the smell of seaweed. 
It was a looong walk since there were so many things to explore and trees to climb...
Flowers to pick...
And views to admire:)
If little sister gets a picture then big brothers want the same:))
It was a weird blue light today that gave the nature a dramatic tone but also a warning about an upcoming rainstorm. 
When it's getting cold it's good to have a big brother to keep you warm...
While I got warm in my heart seeing my sisters... ( although my smile seems a bit odd)
The clouds looked even more threatening after our little beach visit so we walked my sisters and their kids up to their house and then walked back home. 
Did the rainstorm start while we were heading back?
Are there sand in the desert?
The sky opened and just emptied all the water on us but it did not matter because not even the rain could remove the smiles from our face and heart today. 
Being together!

Midsummer fail :)

Is there anything better than to wake up to birdsong and sunshine?
So simple and yet so satisfying:)
The sunshine turned into rain later on and when we were about to walk down to the meadow to celebrate our traditional "pole dancing" it started pouring. 
When it finally stopped and we walked down to the field in a freshly washed world it was only the Maypole left!
No people...
The rain put an end to the party and people gave up...
The pole stood there in its pride tall, thin and covered in leaves and flowers...
Now empty and lonely but before the rain surrounded by people of all ages, the women and girls dressed in floral dresses and maybe a wreath made of flowers as a crown on their heads. 
All of them dancing around the pole celebrating one of the years lightest nights and for many people the beginning of the summer. 
To get a feeling of what we missed we lined up in front of the pole, with one of my visiting sisters and my parents, trying not to look disappointed...( Bella was busy biking and did not want to be in the picture)
Nothing bad that does not come with something good!
We could instead head back to the house quicker and indulge all the traditional midsummer food!!!
The herrings, the "new" potatoes, the salmon, eggs and meatballs were washed down with shots and beer. ( coke for some of us)
And everything was finished up with fresh strawberries, whipped cream, ice cream and meringues:)
When we sat there enjoying all the goodies the sun decided to peek out for a while again and blessed us with some beautiful rays.
Food, family and sunshine!


So good to be here!
In Sweden, in the house and with my family:)
A very sleepy day but some of us forced ourselves to go for a walk in the evening light. 
And there must have been something magical in the air because suddenly there was some energy that had to be released...
My oldest was doing his own magic...
Hmmm did I mention he is turning 17...?!
But i so understand their excitements. 
I felt like a calf on pasture for the first time and when the kids said they could feel a little sparkle of happiness just being here i nearly jumped in the sea :)) ( 13 degrees celcius or 55 degree F)
It must me the light...
... Or the salt filled air...
Or just the fact that the whole world seems to be laying in our hands...
Like a promise of something wonderful!
Welcome summer!
We are ready to roll...

Solon and very soon...

Today we are taking off!!!
Im so so excited at the thought of spending two entire month in my little Swedish bubble. 
A lot is happening now in the garden and people are working like crazy to finish up before the "royals" arrive :))
 The sea is doing it best to get warmed up:)
Have a few things to do before a taxi will pick us up so better hurry!
Can not wait to go!!!
To the light, to the sea, to my family and to the summer!!!!

Seashell fun!

While I am getting happy having someone else painting my nails my youngest daughter gets happy painting things herself no matter if it is about nails or like in this case seashells:)
I always get so impressed by the way she uses different colours to create different patterns.
There is absolutely no cencorship in her creations. 
No judgemental thoughts about how it should look.
Just a wish to use as many colours as possible...
 With no inhibitions!
No limits...
Only trying to make things more beautiful in her little world with some splashes of colours...
She does not have any favorites...
She is so happy with all of them!!! :)
Is it not a fantastic quality not being rejected by comparisons, bad confidence or internal claims but being completely satisfied with what ever you accomplish?
I am so grateful for my daughter's desire to make this world prettier but also very grateful that my walls are left untouched this time :))

Happy feet ( and hands)

To be able to take a moment only dedicated to yourself is the hight of luxury!
This happened to me this weekend and I took the opportunity to go do my nails. We have nail salons in every corner and I just loooove to get that instant fix for my "well being". 
Happy feet comes from good care and I'm sure my feet were laughing :)
My soul was anyway and while I was sitting in this massage chair I was being. scrubbed...
It tickles a lot though...
... Rubbed...
And stone massaged:)
Then they colour my nails in the way I want them and often they represent my mood so normally they go in a blue, turquoise or orange colour. 
This time I went for the French option so a very clean and tidy impression. 
Im not sure that reflects my personality though:)
It did not stop after that!
No I then got to move to another area where my hands were being taken care of in the exact same way with some scrubbing, some rubbing and some massage before they put some happiness on my fingernails too. 
But this time I also made sure it would match my purse too:))
A manicure and pedicure are what I would call time efficient improvments of your body and soul in a very easy way. 
I feel so lucky being able to do this on a regular basis but
being given the opportunity during a weekend with full house put this experience on a different level. 
Happy feet is happy mom:)

Lazy Thursday pie

Here comes an easy recipe for lazy moms like me:)
The only condition is it requires leftover bolognese sauce. 
Bolognese pie:
For the shell:
100 g butter 
3 decilitre plain white flour
2-3 tablespoon water
Melt the butter and mix in the flour and water. 
Kneed to a smooth dough. 
Cover the bottom and the sides of a pie form by using your thumbs and just press out the dough. 
Pierce with a fork and bake in the oven for 15 min in 175 degree celcius (350 F)
Put the bolognese sauce in the pie shell!
Mix 2 eggs with 2 decilitre of milk
A pinch of salt
Pour the egg mix over the bolognese and top it off with 2 decilitre cheese of your choice!
Put in the middle of the oven again but for 35 min!
Serve with a green salad or with a tomato salad!
Yummie yummie for my tummy!

Time for a new kitchen!

Lately my brain has been working (!) full time with planning a new kitchen. 
A kitchen that hopefully will make wonders with my inspiration. 
A kitchen that will work fine as our new living room.
A kitchen that will make it worth to say "no thanks" to going out...
The question is: how to slim down all your ideas to ONE?
I mean should it be country, traditional or modern style?
Should we skip the kitchen island and go for a table with chairs?
Cabinets up to the ceiling, vitrin or open shelves?
So many thoughts and so little time to digest!
At least I have decided to go grey with the countertop in white carrara marble. 
The problem is there are 50 shades of grey...
I also want accents in gold or brass.
I really want my new kitchen to suit the house and for it to become that heart the current kitchen is missing...
And therein lies the challenge...
Although this kitchen has reached the bottom so all efforts will anyhow lead to something better...
If only I had not been such a "muddle head"!

Mulberry's "budget" bags

Busy busy first summer days with a loooooot of driving, dropping off and picking up, sorting out my daughters closets and redecorating one of the boy's room...
Feels good when you can see a result though:)
Despite being busy I still had time to feed my vanity and felt very exited when I read that Mulberry will be launching an "affordable" collection this summer. 
The name of the bags are Tessie and the bags are inspired from the classical and practical style Mulberry had in the 70 ties. 
This new collection is created to hopefully act as a bid to boost the company's growth since it's been down financialwise for a while...
The attempt to put the brand on the same level as heavyweight Prada or Fendi did not fall out well and has forced the company to think in a different way. 
Mulberry claims they have not compromised in craftmanship or material when creating Tessie...
It's only the price they have been adjusting...
And is now offering something for the younger and not so cash- rich followers.
You will find the bags in four different models:
a satchel ( two sizes), a tote, a hobo and a clutch
Each style comes in four different colours:
black, oxblood, poopyred and oak.
There is also a more premium finish in croc stripe suede midnight blue which comes in a satchel and a clutch. 
Prices in this "budget" collection ranges from around 1000 US dollars ( between 5000-8000 Swedish krones) to compare with some of their best-sellers which has a price tag around 3000 US dollars. (20 000 Swedish krones...)
To me the word "budget" just got a slightly different meaning but ...
If you belong to the younger and less cash-rich population who really want to save this company's name my advice is : hurry to "bargain"!
after all it is Mulberry!!!
( pictures from daily telegraph and Aftonbladet)

Half the truth...

Yesterday I wrote about our little excursion to a beautiful garden and the picture I showed were only sunshine and smiles. 
Well that was only half the truth...
A big portion of that afternoon looked like this:
Grumpy, stubborn and uncooperative...
It started off well. 
From these photos and all the others from yesterday we had fun. 
But then I happened to choose the wrong bench...
Big sister trying hard to cheer up...
But no real luck:(
Not even silly walks in the background helped...
Nor a selfie... ( she looooves selfies)
I must admit that suddenly I got a little scary thought of the upcoming three month of "freedom"...
Who was i fooling if not myself...?
Caboom it said and I exploded and tjoff she said and threw a tantrum!
And then... sun came out, wiped the tears and we took off were we started...
Only with the difference that now big sister had have enough...
Bella then said very wisely " mom I know you were mad ... but you still love us, right"!?
And I do!
All the way to the moon and back!
And suddenly the summer did not seem bad at all again:)

Garden girls

It is something special with the fact that we have three month of "freedom" ahead of us!
Our minds get somehow lighter, brighter and It feels that everyone must be able to see the smile within us:)
In this particular case me and my girls stumbled over a beautiful house and garden open for public just around the corner from us. 
We just had to explore...
It was such a peaceful little oasis...
With small surprises now and then.
Like beautiful flowers...
Beautiful benches... ( what is it with me and benches?)
Just loooove them...
Not to mention these little people:)
Another kind of love...
One could expect a little fairy to peek out from behind a tree...
But the only one I saw where these:)
Good enough though!
The bold and the beauty:)
Being surrounded by sunshine, flowers and my kids...
Can not have a better start of our holiday!
I don't know who once wrote:
"To just live is not enough,
you must also have sunshine, freedom and a little flower"
i could not not have said that better myself:))

Schoooool is out for summer!!!

Finally it arrived!
The day we have been waiting for a whole school year.
The day that is the ending of early mornings and routines. 
The day that is the beginning of freedom, laziness and sleep-in mornings.
Icecream, tanned legs and mosquito bites.
Family, beach walks and barbecue nights. 
Summerholiday is here!!!!!
Funny enough they seemed to be taken by the insight so no happy jumps or other crazy stuff were to to ask for in this photo. Or maybe I'm the one who is the most happiest about the summer and all it means:))
Max also had his graduation today and little sister wanted a picture only with him...
And big brother a photo only with his mom:)
And mom a picture of all of us together...
We are ready now...
Bring on the summer holiday!!!
Happy friday!

Ikea retro collection

All of you with a love for retro style in your home will be happy to know that Ikea is launching a collection with roots from the sweet 50th and 60th!
It consists of 22 old delights they digged out from former furniture collections and have decided to give a second chance:)
Årgång is the name of the collection and includes furniture, lights, textile and porcelain.
Sweden will only see it in stores in July while the rest of the world already can enjoy it!
ill show some of it here:
This Arjeplog light fixture is one of my favorites with the black and gold. 
This Knäsjö floorlamp I could have seen at my grandparents...
Gagnet chair
This chair Ekenäset comes in a sofa model also...
Fabrics to create curtains or just a wall decoration...( naverlönn)
This Strandmon one in the library...
On top of this Skoven rug ( also in red)
And using this table ( lövbacken) to put my teacup on. ( also in a leaf shape)
For example this cup although I prefer it bigger... ( matsedel china)
Textiles again in those typical 60th colours:) ( Kolvhirs)
Strandmon sofa. 
(Pictures from Ikea press)
Lillbron coffetable. 
The idea is not to create a room with only these furniture but to add or complement to an already existing style!
So retro lovers - hurry to bargain it's after all ikea!!!

Happiness in a glass!

This my friend is one of my favorite smoothies!
The colour makes my mind happy and the content makes my body happy so here is the same happiness for you to try:
3 apples
1 small beet root 
1.5 inches ( ca 4 cm) cucumber
1 big handful spinach
Put all the ingredients in a juicer.
In a mixer put
1 banana
1/2 avocado
all the juice from above
handful ice
Mix everything together to a smooth and pink healthy drink!
Pour in a glass and drink slowly and pleasurably. 
Voila! Happiness in a glass!

Bella in the park!

Is there anything more giving than to watch your kid playing on the playground?!
With a glowing face, rippling laughter and a never ending energy they just jump around being happy and carefree and make my mother's heart almost burst of love...
When I ask her if I can take a photo of her she has started to take this position...
Hmmmm that does not come from me - more likely my "hubby" :) or not.
The zip liner was a favorite!
One more time...
Only one more...
And she got blisters in her hands but she didn't mind because it was so fun...
Not to mention the slides...
And with sparkling eyes and a big smile she throws herself down and then immediately up again:)
Now and then she would take a break and come and wrap her arms around me while saying:
" I just want to tell you something... I really love you mommi" and my heart is about to burst once again...
On our way to the car Bella and her friend suddenly got very busy with a water fountain...
I mean you can really have fun with water ...
Luckily the bikinis were on:)
And their third friend placed in a safe spot away from the water:)
Such a nice ending of a fun filled schoolday and this park was new to me but one I will definately come back to. 
Beautiful settings with a little lake...
Different flowerpots here and there...
And of course old trees guarding the park and never abandoning their duty:)
So to make a long history short:
a perfect place for your eyes, soul and child!!!

Malene Birgers Palma home

Another one of my Danish favorites is the designer Malene Birger. 
These pictures are from her home in Palma on the Mallorca Island where she spends a lot of her time during the year. ( photos from a touch of luxe)
Its created in her usual way where she follows her decorationstyle of black, nature and metallic colours. 
I love her mix of rustic and modern...
A beautiful atmosphere created by simply adding a bit of glamour to her ethnic style with Nordic influences. 
Although i would love to place a plant here and there to add some life to her style:)
Always a lot of paintings paired together in a harmonic mixture. 
Good news is she is actually launching a new enterprise in September 2014!
A creative studio focusing on design, interior and art! Birger 1962!
Yaaay to all us Birger Believers:)
Modern metallic meets rustic and wood. 
A morrocan rug will probably end up on our floor at some point too. 
A piece of jewellery if you ask me!
Note the addition of a colour from the ceiling...
What I love with her home is that it really looks like someone is actually living there and not only a home created for magazines. 
Real home for real people!
Me like!!!

Long. Island Saturday!

This weekend ( well arrived Friday night and left Sunday morning) has been spent in Montauk on the very top of Long Island. 
I love love love that place and it felt so good to be back even though it was just for a short visit due to a function my husband's company were having. 
We only had two kids joining us but we did our best to have a good time anyway:)
The yatch club acted host and offered a marine theme inspired staying ( surprise!)
Light houses and shells were in majorities...
Together with rattan and nature colours mixed with marine blue. 
We had a great view from our room and despite the threatening clouds it still looked stunning. ( the sky just opened the minute after)
And almost magical...
This is the same view but a morning picture. 
So calm, quiet and peaceful!
Unfortunately time was not what we had a lot of so not many photos from what this place offer were taken but we went up to the light house...
A beautiful spot and one of my favourites up there!
So breath taking and very proud it just stands there safe and secure withstanding all kinds of weather:)
And just beneath the light house the waves constantly roll in and make the rocks soft and round and barefoot friendly to walk on. 
I so wish we would have had time to walk down there and feel the rocks under our feet and to wiggle our toes in the shoreline... But next time...
On our way back I forced my family to stop at the beach because you can not go all the way up to montauk without visiting the beach. 
The beautiful, white sand beach and the dangerous waves that seem so friendly but can be so treacherous. 
At least i got a sneak peek and could fill my nose with that special salty smell that only the sea can give and that immediately develop holiday feelings and strong wishes to soon be back:)
Yup another week is already planned for because only a day in this paradise is not enough:)
Im really grateful for the little but this is the third time I'm here and I only want more...

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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