My summerhouse is on sale...

Our summer house is for sale!
Our wonderful, peaceful oasis is available for other people to purchase. 
A weird, sad and unhappy feeling has taken over my soul.
(Pictures Villan och våningen)
Of course I understand why...
Its just that sometimes my brain and my feelings don't really cooperate.
This summer I'm going to take in every moment, breath in every little gust from the sea and feel every little sandcorn from the beach under my feet.
And I wish that the next owner will experience the same magical feeling of this place that I've done and treat the house the way it deserves.
Maybe I will put a little spell on it though...
But don't tell the new owner:)

24 hours in Manhattan.

Ok, this weekend I had the opportunity to get another break from my usual life. 
This time in the company of my beautiful friends. 
Together we experienced the concrete jungle, shared some laughs, a lot of love and as always created new memories.
A room with a view...
Love when a hotel room is facing something other than a building or a wall.
Soho, shopping for the men and more laughs...
Lacedress, high heels ( it's me and the Empire State Building 🤣) instead of "pajamas", rooftop bar and wonderful new friends. 
Breakfast on another rooftop and some walking in this fantastic city. 
24 hours of fast and furious city life, glamour, friendship, food and togetherness. 
I feel grateful...

A lunch to remember

Today I was celebrated with a farewell lunch at the club we belong to.
A bunch of beautiful ladies that sprinkled my day with gold...
So much emotions and so many things I wanted to tell these girls but just could not because my voice would not carry me through. 
Beautiful women that every each one of them has contributed to my positive stay here and together created wonderful memories.
So much love concentrated around a table...
All this good experience is also why it's so difficult and painful to leave.
I was so mentally exhausted from holding back everything I wanted to tell everyone, but couldn't without breaking apart, I fell asleep in the sofa when I got back home wrapped in the arms of my husband.
One box of cookies with edible prints of me went home with everyone though so when there's a need of some Maria they can just take bite of me:)
Thank you girls for making my day!!!

Green green green...

I love my garden that surrounds our house. 
I love the green, the rolling forms that creates such nice flow and the colors that seem to take turns in blooming. 
At the moment it is very green though but that only triggers the excitement of what's coming.
Sometimes it almost feels magical...
Like you can expect a little fairy to peek out from underneath a big leave:)
This is one thing I'm going to miss with this house but on the other hand our next garden might offer secret highlights too. You never know.
Positive thinking.
Meanwhile I'm totally enjoying the green flow here.

A weekend in pictures

Spent the weekend on Long Island with family ( big brother is home too, yay), friends, the dog and some sunshine:)
Hubby was doing his yearly bike race from Babylon New York to Montauk on Long Island so as usual we took the opportunity to spend the whole weekend there. 
Some in our group I believe had communicated earlier of what to wear this day...
A first timer on the beach.
I had the feeling he could not believe his eyes...
And I could not believe my eyes either everytime he had to do his " business"…
He obviously liked it so much he wanted to bring half the beach home by eating it 😬
Sunshine, friendship, relaxation, rain, beaches, biking, sunsets, new experiences and togetherness.
Everything needs to be included when making memories.
Another wonderful weekend to keep in my heart. 
Feeling grateful…

A Nantucket morning walk.

The weekend we spent in Nantucket not long ago was experienced by foot a lot.
One early morning before anyone else was up me and my beautiful friend took a morning walk to just enjoy the surroundings in a more quiet and peaceful setting.
The tide made it possible to walk far out "on the sea" and the salt filled air cleared my mind in a soft way.  
The lack of wind and the morning fog created a serene atmosphere and the occasional color splashes against the grey made this morning stroll almost magical.
Together with my beautiful company it really set the mood for the rest of the day. 
Loved loved loved every minute of that walk and those days. 
A weekend to look back at with a smile in my heart.

Two blondes and a ball

Summer is approaching and all of us seem to enjoy the outdoor life:)
Elvis has not been trying out our new pool yet but he likes to run around and play close to it so I guess it's just a matter of time till he either falls in to it or jumps in it deliberately. 
Sunshine, warmth and togetherness.
I don't know who enjoyed the play the most but I loved watching the two of them having fun together. 
Two blondes and a ball:)
My heart is getting bigger and bigger...

Bella the horse rider

Bella has the world's best big brother!
A while ago he invited his little sister to join him and his girlfriend to her barn and to go horseback riding. 
Do I need to tell you she had the day of her life?!
She acted appearantly like she never had been doing anything but being on the back of a horse 🐴. 
And she got to try everything that is included in the care of a horse. 
Grooming, feeding, jumping (!), trotting and everything else one need to try when you have the chance. 
Im so impressed by this little girl who without hesitating and with a smile in her face always are up for unknown adventures.
Is it anyone who that sweatshirt "stay cool" belongs too so is it my daughter!
The only thing now is to try to explain why she can't have her own horse...
Every day.
Max, you are the best!
Thank you for always having the best in mind for your little sister. 
My heart is overflowing with love.

Happy Mother's Day.

Here we celebrated Mother's Day today!
I guess the Americans take every chance they can to celebrate and I love that. Today is another day you spend with family. Restaurants have been fully booked since long and flower stores been drowning in beautiful and creative bouquets. 
Even the swedes (us) on this side of the pond have been celebrated. It's kind of difficult not to when everything seems to evolve around this day. 
And I loved today too!
The sun was shining, I had flowers sent to me all the way from Mallorca, I had love wrapped in beautiful papers and the kids dedicated their very precious time today to their mom and we just hung out together. 
No husband and no oldest son but three others and a dog, that sprinkled so much gold on this day. 
I must be the luckiest mom in the world!
Together with all other moms...:)

Happiness in a vase

To be on the safe side today regarding the upcoming Mother's Day I decided to get my usual Friday flowers and then add a few extra bouquets.
I must say I really have given this weekend a beautiful start. 
Ok, I might have overdone it but oh my how much positive energy those flowers are passing on.
And all the vibrant colors that so make up for the lack of sunshine we right now experience.
Not to mention the amount of flowers that so will make up for if anyone in this family forgets to send me flower on Sunday...hint hint 😉
Yup, happiness in a vase.
Easy, beautiful and a great energy booster. 
Hippy happy weekend 

Self esteem and confidence

Im not just a mom!
I am a wife, nurse, driver, cook, doctor, therapist, life coach, guide, event planner, daughter, big sister, fengshui consultant, stager and soon to be colorexpert. 
Im a psychologist, cleaner, washer, finder of lost things, sockmatcher, cheerleader, and friend. 
On top of that I'm also a reader, a writer, photographer, globetrotter, memory keeper, a hugger, a listener and human. 
It's an extensive list and can be made even longer...
Looking at this list I realize there is a lot of skills behind those job descriptions. 
And still both my self esteem and confidence just disappears now and then and I doubt my whole existence inclusive such silly things like how I am as a person and professional skills.
Usually I just lean my head against my husbands shoulder, squeezing out a few tears while he is confirming his love for me no matter what, but it could be of use to be able to handle this down periods myself. 
They don't last long luckily but when they hit me, I wish I could just withdraw from everything.
I don't know if I'm alone feeling this way sometimes but if not, please hit me with your best tools and tips!

Siblings love

These two kids!!!
Since some time now they really get along well but we have also gone through periods of times when Max love to his little sister seemed to be too much to handle for her.
It kind of only created resistance, arguments or fights and annoyed parents:)
Nowadays the love from Max is the same but definitely much more well received and reciprocated...
Nowadays they have fun together, laugh together and are cuddling up together in the sofa watching tv. 
Nowadays Bella even wants to copy Max in some ways because he is cool...
Nowadays the heart of their mom is smiling, bursting with love and blushing with pride:)
My kids!
And I have two more!!!
Happy happy me!

A walk in the clouds.

After a Friday of heavy raining it suddenly stopped and I immediately took the opportunity to take my daughter and dog out for a walk in our little forest. 
The clouds were still hanging low but it gave it almost a magical feeling and I would not have been surprised if small trolls or fairies peeked out from behind the trees:)
My white dog is never white for a very long time in the forest ( especially not after a rain) but he is entertained, tired and very happy.
Definitely worth a trip to the forest. 
And when it's combined with a daughters company and a magical backdrop I think this Friday in last minute just  skidded in as a very good start of the weekend:)

The inauguration of our pool...

So finally we have inaugurated our pool!
If we calculate the money we put into this luxurious addition to the house with the amount of days we have left here in this country every dip into that big bathtub costs 300 dollars!!!
It will take a lot of swims and many friends to get value for money. 
On the other hand it has and will continue to put a silver line on our living here to these upcoming last month. 
Its amazing how having your own puddle creates so much happiness in the kids and suddenly they are so positive to be home...
And I just bend and bow and appreciate the warmth that is spreading in my heart seeing everyone so happy in these times being.
300 dollars swim...
Seems cheap for what it provides 😜

Our beautiful weekend...

Home and back to reality!
What a beautiful weekend we had in Nantucket. 
Like visiting another world...
But it certainly added a relaxed and satisfied feeling to my tired brain. 
Long walks in beautiful places.
Long talks with beautiful friends.
Long beaches, sunshine and spring flowers.
A weekend that will be kept in a safe place in my heart. 
I am sure though that our friends embracing way of hosting us added that extra dimension to our experience but even the weather forecast that promised rain changed in our favor and delivered sunshine almost all through this magical weekend. 
Someone or something thought we deserved it. 
I just thank, bend and bow:)

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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