My list for next year!

Soon the next year is here!
I feel grateful that another year has passed again without too much of turbulence in our own personal lives. 
Its been enough of that in the rest of the world.
So I am embracing and welcoming the new year which I intend to fill with kindness, love and laughs.
I will also try to care more about the environment, our garden and my skin:)
I want to spend more time with people that makes me feel good. 
I want people to feel good spending time with me...
I will try to read more books, start my own company and wear higher heels. 
I want to be a better mom, a better wife and a better daughter.
I want to laugh louder, dance wilder and grab more moments.
The list can be made endless every year but while some things are just dreams or fabricated needs ( high heels? me the barefoot girl!) , one star will shine brighter next year:
The kind one.
So bring the next year on!
Im ready!
Hippy happy new year!

Life is a beach

Can we talk beaches for a moment?
Beaches that makes you think you are experiencing a taste of heaven, beaches that combines the urban with the wild or just gives a slice of all the beauty our nature offer.
When it's been raining the whole day it felt good to rest my mind in sun drenched memories...
Again I'm so amazed and so grateful that I get the opportunity to experience all this and still be at my right mind:)
Its so easy to believe life is just a beach!

Delayed Christmas celebration

We have had such beautiful vacation but still I felt all pieces did not come together until we were one whole family again ( including dog).
With a sun kissed skin and a sunny mind i now also have a more solid sunfilled heart. 
Of course we had to celebrate a traditional Swedish Christmas together although a couple if days too late.
Not very good pictures but the more good spirit:)
We have a tradition in the family to give out one present at the time following a rhyme made up by me that would give a clue what's in the box. 
Its not 100 percent bulletproof and creates a few laughs and only sometimes a chance to guess, if I did not reveal it in my rhyme...
It takes forever but for some reason it works and gives us valuable time together which is worth more than any gift. 
To balance up that idyllick image though i need to add that the food was terrible.
The ham was watery and the meatballs hard as stones, Elvis peed on the carpet and the kids did not get everything on their wishlist...
But again, we were all together, we are all healthy and we have a warm and cozy home to stay in when storms are  raging.
Christmas, check! Familytime, check! Happy, check!

Post Christmas post...

Bad internet means bad updates.
Still time flies and tomorrow we are heading back to the North Pole. ( at least it feels like it)
Its Christmas time and the hotel is loaded up to its teeth with decorations, lights, Christmas music, Santa hats and  Christmas spirit in general. 
One more thing and the peninsula on which the hotel is located on will sink:)
Missing my oldest son and the puppy but one can't have everything one wishes for...
( Bella is giving Olivia directions of how to stand...not very popular according to reliable source)
 I have a lot of pictures to share from our time here but that will have to wait till I get back to normal wifi.
So many memories we have made, so much warmth we have experienced and so much food we have eaten...
Till we are back and clothes washed, hugs have been distributed evenly between dog and oldest son and time allows me to give you a feeling of what our vacation looked like I wish you a wonderful rest of the Christmas time with much love, laughs and togetherness!


Not only was it Max birthday yesterday but it was also Bella's show day!
She participated in two numbers and she made her parents burst of pride.
I honestly think she brought stardom to that stage...
I know that every parent thought their own child was the most beautiful, amazing, skilled and shining star but yet I believe my daughter was a little bit more than everyone else...;)
A little bit more shining, more together, more performing...
Just more of a star.
It must be in her genes:)

Hipp hop hooray!

Today is a big day here in Cancun!
Today my youngest son is turning 17!
My beautiful, softhearted, messy and kind son is growing up...
This poor child has totally given up the idea of having a "normal" birthday at home since we almost always are traveling during his big day.
But instead my son is embracing it and thinks it is kind of cool to be able to celebrate in different places around the world. 
I hope he feels how loved he is, how proud I am to be his mom and how happy he makes me just being who he is. 
I hope he knows how many good qualities he owns, how many doors ( both to hearts and future) that are waiting for him to unlock and that his happy-go -lucky attitude always will be accompanied by good energy..
Otherwise I will tell him.
Love him to the moon and back! 
Hipp hop hooray for Max today!

Same same but different day...

Are we having a good time?
Is there sand in the desert?
This seemed to be what we all needed...
 Even the wifi is apparently taking some time off but that is just accordingly to the pace here:)
We eat, we sleep, we walk and we talk.
We sweat, we swim, we sport and we spa together.
We explore, take pictures, hug each other and laugh...
We are definitely on the road of reconnection.
Yup, what more could I have asked for?!
Feeling grateful...

Hmmmm, what can we do today...

Its funny how easily you adapt to a new pace. 
The only thing that would make me rush is if the restaurants are about to close...
Luckily this would not happen here since every need is covered and they have like back up restaurants if one is closed.
So in this slow pace we decided to start exploring what the hotel offered. 
It was not too much of an effort to walk from A to B but still enough. 
'We don't want to tire out ourselves.
And then add the effort of deciding and making a choice of what watersport to do...
Phew, that was just about what we managed yesterday:)
Today is another blank day.
Can't wait to fill it again with warmth, sunshine and togetherness!


We are here!
Yesterday we arrived to the sun, the warmth and the upcoming relaxing days.
Knowing that it was going to be brutally cold and a snowdump back home it felt even better :)
Excited, grateful but very tired we only managed to drag ourselves from the restaurant, to the beach and back to the food.
At 9 pm I crashed in my bed.
We are missing one child and one dog but not even that will stop us from indulging in whatever sport activities, desserts and virgin pinacoladas they offer. 
Today is a blank day and I can not wait to fill it with everything but "musts".

Vanity fair...

Since I a couple of years ago had to realize my own eyes were not enough in reading situations I started to buy my reading glasses at the supermarket. 
Cheap, fun design and very functional and they have worked well ever since. 
My "hubby" needed more advanced glasses though so I went with him to the eye doctor and got persuaded into buying a pair of extremely expensive and fancy prescription glasses. 
The funny thing is I can't see anything with them!
I get nausea, dizzy and everything looks foggy and kind of round around me.
The doctor said I will get use to them eventually but I don't even know if I'm willing to go on that journey.
I do like to look at the world through a soft lens but risking to throw up doing that does not seem tempting.
But now I actually have both a pair that looks good on the table and one pair that I can look through...
Vanity fair...
I think I'll stick to the supermarket "fair" :)

Three more days...

Three more days!
Three more days till we swap winter for summer, cold for warmth and boots for sandals.
A vacation meant to get us relaxed, fuel up with energy and reconnect with each other.
(Pictures from Club Med's web sight)
Club med Cancun Mexico will be shaken, but not stirred, by this holiday eager family looking for a break in their normal routines.
Sports of all kinds, food and spa experiences will be indulged like there is no tomorrow and the sun-chair will be calling out my name loudly if I'm late in the morning.
Yes, this vacation trip feels more important than ever. 
Only three more days...

Let it snow...

Today it snowed a little.
Just very little but enough to create winter feeling and Christmas spirit.
I have kind of secretly been wishing for the world to be wrapped in a soft white blanket, that did not happen yet but at least we got a slight color difference on the ground:)
'It's funny how some flurries can achieve such change in my at the moment dark mood.
I immediately looked at life with brighter eyes and broader smile.
Like when the first mild wind caress your cheek in the spring or the first smile from a baby or when you find an extra bar of chocolate when you thought everything was gone...
Yup, even for just that hour it snowed it kick started something positive in me.
Sometimes it's just that easy:)

Women, wine and gingerbread houses

Yesterday I was invited to a gingerbread house making and cocktail party.
It was such a wonderful idea that really boosted the creativity, the reason to giggle and the Christmas feeling.
The mom who hosted it had spent weeks of baking, cutting out and putting the houses together in preparation for this evening.
Tonnes of candy arranged in colors were displayed on tables and just waiting for us to dig into and start decorating the houses. 
Drinks, candy and creativity filled the tables while laughs and Christmas songs filled the air.
Women, wine and gingerbreadhouses!
What a wonderful way to spend a Thursday night!

'Our elf on the shelf.

We have a temporary December addition to our family!
A little elf on the shelf has decided to keep an eye on my youngest daughter.
A little elf that every morning is being found at different spots.
A little elf that every night reports to Santa about Bella's do's and dont's.
The magic and the power this little elf owns, according to a well informed source ( Bella ), is amazing. 
It has never been so easy to get my daughter to do what she is being told in terms of homework, teeth brushing and going to bed.
And to watch her wake up every morning with an expectant smile and twinkling eyes while trying to find Santa's little helper is so beautiful it is worth everything to keep this  "elf story" alive:)
A heartwarming, lovable and very effective tradition. 
I wonder what it will take to get her to stay longer...?

My wintery flower arrangements

Ok, so the Christmas spirit has finally arrived to the creative side of mine.
Change of pillow covers, flower arrangements and small groups of Christmas decorations here and there together with christmas lights in the windows, appropriate music for the season and a visit to ikea for some Swedish Christmas food and the right ambience will soon have been taking over in the house.
Are just throwing in a little teaser of some of my flower arrangements before showing more of my Christmas decoration:)
I combined pine tree, eucalyptus, peonies and other unknown ( to me) fillers to make a more wintery bouquet and I must say I was very happy with the result. 
So now I have beautiful spots in the house that is not only filled with christmas spirit and winterfeelings but also loaded with energy lifters, love and childish expectations. 
Only waiting for the Christmas tree to arrive to kind of fulfill the spirit. 
And the snow of course…

My puffy fluffy pooping puppy.

Now I feel I need some good advice from other dog owners!
My labradoodle puppy has turned into a labra"pooper"!
From having been ok ( with only a few accidents in remote rooms) till both pooping and peeing in the kitchen when unsupervised I feel that maybe I'm doing something wrong. 
He is like a Velcro on me and it suddenly strikes me that he might suffer from separation anxiety when I leave and that is why he is suddenly letting go of his "garbage".
He has the most gentle, positive and wonderful personality I could have asked for and I really don't want to cause him any harm by not being home 24/7 so I feel I need some tips about how to deal with this. 
II know setbacks are to expect but these "accidents" feels different so please hit me with your experience!!!
My puffy, fluffy pooping puppy.
So much to love!

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