H&M Home dreaming...

I've been dreaming and browsing summer inspiration for my home just to give it a change for this new season to come. 
And again H&M Home delivers...
Im not the typical swede with a minimalistic taste so finding these bohemian big patterned products combined with natural colors and material put a smile on my face. 
I don't know if it's my loyal Swedish heart that glorifies everything from Sweden but in my eyes some of the pictures look like paintings...
There is kind of a shimmer to some of them.
I also love all the plants they have styled the pictures with. 
Ano the exotic feeling it passes on. 
Works in every country...
Ok, enough of my Nordic pride and off to a more widespread international motherly level putting my daughter to bed:)

Whoop whoop! Driving license time:)

Without exaggerating I think we have the worlds most happiest son today. ( and the world's most nervous mom)
Not only is he handsome (!) according to the ladies at DMV but he also got his driving license. 
Whoop whoop!
Happiness showed in a little dance and a jump so fast he would not even get caught on my camera:)
Month of waiting, tons of patience and miles in preparations.
And just like that, the roads are suddenly open for him to take him where he wants.
And just like that, my hair turned white...
But still, freedom in a credit card size.
Thats big!!!
Max, I'm so freakin proud and i will be so freakin worried but...
Congratulations, you are the best!

Blue blue sky and water...

Rain, rain and rain.
Its not until this evening the grey disappeared and was replaced by a soft blue sky that gave a little hint of better weather tomorrow. 
A week ago the sky was more blue than ever. 
And not only the sky...
If you don't mind me being in all the pictures ( my daughter was having fun with the camera) just look at all the different blues that appeared during that "photo session".
So calming and uplifting at the same time.
So subtle and yet so dramatic in its change. 
The shades, the light and the movements, everything contributes to the magic of all that blue. 
This is the blue colors you carry in your heart and when you are bothered about the grey or being stressed you just dive into this blue in your heart and let it calm, relax and heale you. 
Beautiful world!!!

Do not disturb...

After two weeks holiday with demanding kids around I'm  looking forward to spend some time with myself again:)
Focusing, finishing and moving on from a kind of stagnated point. 
This week will be my week!
The end of my studies are almost blinding me with its bright light and future (!) and I'm enjoying every bit of it. 
It's weird though how life totally can absorb you and let nothing be done outside that bubble of everyday living. 
But now, nothing is going to stop me this week. 
I wonder if it's possible to put up a "do not disturb" sign to life???
Cant wait to dig into the "art of arrangements" or emphasizing on focal positive points in the rooms etc...
Just bring next week on!!!

Our "enlightened" house...

I thought I could show you some pictures of our house with all the lights on.
It kind of gives it a welcoming and much softer look, does it not?!
Ok, not so environmental friendly but it is only to show you what I mean...
That yellow warm light is very inviting to me and lights up the darkness and make the whole impression more gentle. 
No wonder the Swedes are decorating their windows with those Christmas and advent lights to brighten up the dark winter. 
Soon the spring and summer will be here and that glowing sunset will be the only light we need but till then...

The magic of nature.

Today I've been able to listen to the melting snow, the dripping sound of vanishing white...
To further help out spring's arrival I put twigs of apricot flowers and some other flowering twigs I can't remember the name of, in a vase in the kitchen. 
I'm sure that if I was able to hear the buds pop it would have been like music to my ears too...
They seem so fragile but for sure they own a lot of strength. 
Strength disguised in beauty.
So everytime I walk into the kitchen now i can almost see the buds upen up in front of my eyes, confirming the promising signs of spring.
I so love the magic of nature!

A little slice of our week...

So are we back to winter wonderland. 
A beautiful, relaxing and recharging week is over. 
A lot of sun, a lot of warmth, lots of food and wonderful company. 
I did not take many pictures ( and the ones I took I could not download) but instead I kept all the beautiful moments and filled every little cell in my brain with those precious memories. 
A little slice of our week...
We had a beautiful house. Made for being together but still allowed privacy. 
Stunning view and some "pearls" here and there in the garden and in the house. 
St Martin itself offered a colorful carrebean mix of wealth and poverty, sunshine and rain and croissants and plantains. 
Loved loved loved the week together with our friends and really feel I'm so spoiled being surrounded with high quality friendship, experience fantastic destinations and being exposed to kindness, love and support. 
Life is good!!!

To just be...

Sunshine, ocean, beach, food, boat, seasickness, beauty, sand and waves.
Pool, lazy days, sandals, ice cream, mosquitos, melon, sunburn, walks and barbecue. 
Smiles, warmth, conversations, reading, bonding, surfing, butterflies and exploring. 
All the above words are just another way to say that we are so enjoying, so love it and so having a beautiful time!
Due to the bad internet I'm forced to disconnect from cyber world and I must say it puts an extra level of relaxation to our time here:)
It is so good to just be...


And as I feared the internet is not what I was hoping for...
Have a lot of pictures that just won't download especially on my little birthday girl. 
But I'll share when wifi and I are friends again. 
Approaching the island...
Our pool above the cliffs...
On their way down from the pool.
Yup, that's all the photos Ive got so far so be prepared on a photobombing later...
Even though I'm lacking pictures I'm not lacking the lifegiving sun, the endless sea, wonderful food and beautiful company. 
Life is good:)
To be continued...

St Martin here we come!

Ok, enough!
Enough of the cold, upcoming threatening snowstorms and thick winter coats. 
Bring in the warmth, the white sand and sandals. 
Oh St Martin I can't wait to meet you!!!
(Pictures from TripAdvisor)
'I understand you are divided in two sides, the Dutch and the French.
Ive heard you are beautiful, friendly and has lots of wonderful food to offer.
Not sure I'll be able to update you though due to lack of wifi but stay tuned...
Im packing a few books, some sea salt caramels ( addiction), a bikini and flip flops. 
Relaxation, here we come!!!

King Winter came to visit...

Today King Winter decided to greet us again, just like that.
From warm spring days to a world wrapped in white. 
Even though I love spring I'm easily charmed by the white beauty. 
A wonderful but ironic ending of the week leading into our spring break...
Happy Friday !

Playa bowl passion.

My older daughter has a new food passion. 
Luckily the object of her love is located not far from us...
Playa bowls is apparently serving the most delicious Acai, dragon fruit, green, oatmeal and coconut bowls a teenage girl can wish for:)
Accoding to the restaurant itself they offer "bright bowls mixed with adventurous combinations of unique fruit" and that really seems to be a winning concept. 
The place was packed with young adults and teenagers eating organic and healthy alternatives to all the fast food chains.
A mom's ( mine) heart took a happy jump seeing that so many humans of our future made this better choice.
And when picky little sister swallowed everything with a satisfied smacking I sent a thankful thought to the owner who decided to leave the beach for Montclair:)


Today I'm dedicating my post to my furry family member Elvis. 
So much lojalty, love and laugh in one packet. 
For five month he has been part of our daily life and definitely put a silverlining on the very same. 
No matter in what position I catch him but the urgent need of just burying my nose in his fur or cuddling him like there would be no tomorrow immediately strikes me. 
He is just adding to my life quality. 

Bella the star!

Yesterday our first gymnastic meet took place.
Weeks of preparations and determination culminated in those hours in that hall. 
One hour car ride one way, four hours competition and five medals later Bella decided that this was definitely something she could think of doing again...
With her tounge helping her to stay focused she mastered the floor, beam, bars and the vault and she loved it. 
She was so nervous in the beginning I thought she would cancel everything but she kept together and made herself and her parents extremely proud. 
We were not allowed to go close on some of her routines so no pictures but we have everything saved in our hearts:)
This little package of joy!
How lucky are we not?

Another day in the city...

The bubble has bursted. 
My few days in the concrete jungle is over but safely stored in my heart.
I never get tired of this city and it is always offering new experiences and new angles.
Friendship, tea, art, scenery, walks, smiles, fun and love are the words that summon up the days in the big apple. 
I feel spoiled and extremely grateful that life allows me to enter a different world now and then...
And to be in the company of a beautiful friend just puts an extra silverlining on life:)

New Yorking...

Just checking in to give you a brief update of my doings:)
Escaped the everyday life for a visit to another world. 
The one in the big city. 
As always we are able to squeeze in jumping, "Central parking", photographing, laughing, walking, cabbing, hairdoing, art exhibitioning, "Time squaring" and dining. 
And on top of everything we sprinkle some love:)

Flowers, friend and fun

The days are passing too fast!
I do not find any time to write either so just giving you a brief update. 
The new week started off with new flowers, a new beautiful visitor and new energy. 
Despite being busy with family duties we found time for kids, art and tea drinking...
A lot of laughing, some cleaning, admiring of arts, lots of talking and listening, eating, picking up and dropping off kids, hugging, dog petting, thunder storming and love. 
All of the experiences sewn together like patchwork creating this beautiful blanket of friendship. 
Grateful, yes!!!


Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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