Here we go again...

Here we go again!
I'm taking another course to enrich, fulfill and complete my "career".
This time it is about home staging and redesign which I thought would be a good marriage to my feng shui.
The rain just poured down today so there was no excuse for not digging in to all that material.
And it's a lot.
Not even the search for Christmas inspiration blocked that door to my future...
I kind of already know about the interior part but this course also teach me how to start my own business.
And of that I have absolutely no idea, I'm so lost it's a joke.
But, I'm slowly digesting all the information, advices and tips so hopefully when I'm done I will feel confident, strong and ready to "conquer the world"… :)
Or at least conquer my closest friends, who hopefully will be willing to show some mercy, and let me play around a little in their homes to get my business starting.
Yup, a cup of tea, a lit candle, the sound of falling raindrops and some studying.
There was my Tuesday in a nutshell:)

Some swedish Christmas ideas...

Since I'm lacking inspiration of how to decorate my home now for Christmas I browsed the Swedish "market". 
Im leaning towards a simple and natural way of creating that spirit that I only seem to find in the Scandinavian countries. 
( picture from Elle decoration)
Love that just a branch, some greens and sheep skin can create enough coziness to make me want to stay ( i would add a hot chocolate with whipped creme in my hand though) a little longer in that environment.
Although I think this style is a better fit for my summerhouse I still think I can borrow some ideas from this home. 
And ta-da, in this very moment some inspiration was born:)
The Christmas decoration story will continue...

First of advent...

A week of holiday for the kids is over.
Friends, family, food and fun has been mixed with arguing, walks, disappointments and pride. 
A little late I started with my Christmas decoration so I only managed to make one advent candleholder.
Started to also work on my sideboard in the kitchen trying to make a table of joy.
Lacking a little bit of inspiration but I'm sure it will hit me anytime soon...
Just randomly put things on the sideboard to try some ideas. 
Will see what comes out...
This week the rest of the decoration will also find it's place in my house.
The Christmas lights for the windows, the pinetree garlands, more candles, Christmas music and some baking are on the list to kickstart the feeling.
Meanwhile I will light the first candle in the adventcandleholder and enjoy the beauty of the flame and hope it will  sparkle not only inspiration but also energy for my mind to "clear it's clutter". 


Yesterday I was grateful!
Grateful for my family, for my beautiful friends, for the sun, the seasons, the birds, my house and all new experiences.
I was grateful for the laughs, my bed, my car, the trees, all new things I learn and my cup of tea.
Grateful for a fireplace a cold day, the cool breeze a warm day, my health, the food and my chocolate.
I was grateful for togetherness, for love, for supporting each other and for having my grey roots covered. 
Grateful for the girls making an apple pie for yesterday's feast, and for my neighbour inviting us to our first american turkey dinner.
I was grateful for friendship, for new friends to make, for my purple nailpolish and for clean clothes.
Grateful for everyday, for a good book, for routines and the spontaneous.
Yup I was grateful for just about everything.
And today I'm still grateful:)

The pool again...

So now the pool is in its place!
One still need a big portion of imagination to picture how it will look in the future but luckily I don't have any problems with that:)
Lights, patio, stairs and more will be added and of course the non existent lawn will be properly landscaped. 
A couple of nice sun chairs, umbrellas and small tables have to be included in the picture. 
Then we are only waiting for the sun, the warmth and the kids joyful play in the water and we will hopefully be able to call it picture perfect:)
For now it's my dog's paradise.
Mud, dirt and new openings everywhere...
Im so happy every stage in this process is being appreciated at least by someone:)

It's going to be a good week!

Family is reunited!
My oldest is back from college and we have the pleasure of having him (and his girlfriend of four years) around for a whole week.
Hugs, hikes and heartwarming moments are added extra to the daily schedule:)
The family dynamic is back to what it used to be. 
The fridge is filled with the kind of food my son used to ask for.
Bella gets her quality time as it used to be.
The older ones get their dose of teasing, just like it used to be.
It is going to be a good week!!!

In preparation...

Sunshine, warmth, snow and cold. 
The weekend in a nutshell.
Despite weather condition and a homecoming son my dear hubby still needs to prepare for his crazy upcoming "race across America".
A 3089 miles ( ca 4500 km) bike ride done in 7 days next summer is what he needs to be prepared for...
To prepare you need a bike.
But not just any bike, you need a "batman bike" and all other equpments that fit into that expression:)
The batman bike is for speed on flats...( a more normal bike will be used for up hills)
This race is also called the "the world' s toughest bike race" and of course you just don't need the right bike, the right gear and the right training.
You also need the world's toughest heart, determination and brain to be able to do it.
My husband is the perfect candidate for that kind of challenge!
Just saying...

"The sad story at Colorado college".

A little while ago Bella's grade had their writing celebration. 
They had been writing on a "small moment story" and now was the time to share that with their parents. 
Little did I know I was in for a tear filled road down memory lane...
She had written about when we dropped her big brother off at college, the candle ceremony and the farewell hugs and tears.
She wrote about her feelings at that moment and how she wondered how she would be able to live without her beloved big brother...
Even the teacher said she got a lump in her throat reading it.
Bella had really managed to capture those moments in her text in a very touching way.
Luckily I was able to press my lump in my throat further down with a the food became some sort of bandage on my feelings.
I was so impressed with her story, her thoughts and her detailed emotional journey on those papers. 
The good thing is that those sad feelings we felt back then will tonight change in to happy feelings since Alex is coming home for a week.
Maybe Bella will get new material after this week to create another emotional story!
We shall see!

Instant love

In a previous blogpost about creating a better world  I suggested to increase the love dose for each other.
I meant between human beings but I actually want to include the pet in that lovestory...
It is unbeliaveble how easily and quick a heart can be filled of that special love one only can feel for a dog. 
That instant and powerful feeling took me by surprise although I welcomed it. 
For six weeks now he has contributed to the family dynamic, to the happiness and to the activity level. 
To always be greeted with so much love whenever I've been gone , even if I only been out with the trashbin, really makes my heart warm and smiley.
That look of connection he gives me now and then to check where I am makes me also feel I'm never lonely anymore.
Yup, puppy love can definitely be part of that love storm I suggested to make people kind, caring and understanding. 
I can prove it:)

The pool story continues...

Our frontyard looks kind of funny at the moment!
With some imagination one could easily think of the ark of Noah, waiting for everyone to board before the big wave...
Our pool, misplaced between the trees like it was dropped from above, definitely caught some attention today.
It blends in perfectly well with the fall colors though and makes our garden look happy:)
The tempting deep blue inside got the kids start dreaming of a cool and refreshing dip on a hot summer day so I guess as soon it is placed in its hole at the other side of the house the dream will have come just a little bit closer to reality. 
But for now we have a hole in the backyard and a bathtub in the front yard. 
'We are in for an interersting continuation...

Dancing light

I'm continuing on the grateful theme...
I just love to watch the morning light dancing in my rooms. 
'It gives me such beautiful start of the day.
Bella even felt the need of creating her own personal tanning hut just to be able to enjoy the light in full:)
And despite dirty windows, signs of everyday chaos and present cleaning equipment the life-giving light was able to pass on its message that it will be a bright and positive day.
Let it shine!

Fur, forest and favorites

Sometimes I get struck by the big gratefulness!
So grateful for family, friends, the sun, the season, health, a smile, a cup of tea and life.
Just walking in the forest with the two youngest in my family gives me so much satisfaction that I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming.
To walk, jump, crawl, learning about directions and how to read trail signs, run, climb and laugh seem to be a perfect activity on the weekend that not only is giving us fresh air but also a beautiful experience, wonderful memories and many smiles. 
Fur, forest and favorites sprinkled with sunshine...

A pool in the making...

Not only did this election dig a hole in many people's soul but now there is also a hole in our backyard. 
That's not related to what happened earlier this week at all but it is still a hole...
The hole in our garden is where a pool is about to take form.
'It's amazing how precisely they can be with an excavator!
Straight lines, flat bottom and sharp edges was the result of having that swinging steel arm creating the hole.
Next week the pool itself will be fitted into that rectangular form. 
So exciting to watch even with a down jacket on...
It might actually be a little too cold to use it this time of year but on the other hand we will be ready when the heat arrives next year.
Holes in the soul can sometimes be difficult to fill though but the backyard one will hopefully more easily be filled with water, friends and fun.
And for now that's good enough!
Hippy happy weekend!

Hug each other more!

In the aftermath of yesterday's chock I'm hugging my family more than ever.
In my world love is actually the key ingredient to healthy and sound values.
In our family we are teaching our kids, out of love, to be open minded and respect differences in genders, intelligence, races, religions, beliefs and everything else that impossibly could fit into just one form. 
Maybe the president and all his voters never experienced enough love?!
I can not in my wildest fantasy imagine that the the disrespectful behavior, statements and actions are coming from a heart full of love.
Just beacause this way of being has resulted in a job as a president does not mean that it is the right way...
No way!
Instead i will be hugging more often and tighter, continue to send out smiles to people I meet and pass, help out when needed but not always asked for, listen, encourage but most of all LOVE and hope that more people are getting infected by the love bug.
In my naive but better world love creates togetherness, strength and kindness.
I will never give up on that!
Just sayin...

Christmas spirit

Olivia has started to listen to Christmas music in the car and I can not but slowly feel the inspiration start running through my veins:)
Love that lit candles, crackling fire and hot chocolate are soon coming up on the "menu".
(Pictures from H&M home )
Im always looking forward to how the big Swedish companies are interpreting the holiday trends and these pictures from H&M home looks promising...
Simple, versatile and long lasting style.
Me like...
The only thing to add to this dream now is snow...
Although I'm still kind of happy with the falling leaves for now:)

Love, leaves and long walks

The fall is in full "bloom" and I'm enyoing every little moment of it. 
Its glowing at the same time it passes on a feeling of it slowing down.
Preparing for a more sleepy season...
Sleepy was not the case of a few members in our family though who instead seemed to gain energy taking in the sunshine, the fresh air and the warm embracing colors the forest offered during our walks.
I feel so spoiled having the reservation with its forest, trails and beauty just around the corner from our house
Love, leaves and long walks!
Some of the ingredients in the pot of life that makes it taste good!

The book fair nook!

The reading nook for the book fair is done!
Im done!
Completely and utterly done but in a happy way.
After hours of climbing, carrying, lifting, taping, glueing, dragging and crumbling I eventually was able to see the vision i had in my mind when we started, turn into that wild theme of this year's book fair. 
I had wonderful help from a few moms, we were able to share both a few laughs, a little frustrations and a lot of creativity. 
It was wonderful to see how a tent, a few trees, some soft plush animals and hard rocks together could become a "wilderness where the kids could get lost in a book". 
To bring in nature creates a feel-good feeling even in a gym!
Me like!

Fun in the forest

Since I will be decorating the reading nook for the upcoming book fair at our middle school I have been collecting materials from nature.
Thanks to other moms at school I have been able to use their land to get what I wanted and I'm so so grateful for that. 
It has made my job easier, more convenient and definitely cheaper (!).
I had the pleasure of having both one of the moms and my dog keeping me company on this adventure:)
The trees I was dealing with was slightly smaller though :)
Dangerous monsters were found here and there too which spiced up our forest experience...
To be surrounded by fall in its most glowing element was a balm for the soul and put a silver lining on the preparation for this job.
Tomorrow will be the day when I put everything together ( at least starting) , when the trees, rocks, logs and branches will create the gym at school into a wilderness.
At least that's the plan…

Halloween time...

Time again to dress out, go trick or treating and get high on sugar!
First a parade at school before it's time for the real trick or treating to begin...
Friendly, fabulous and fun!
Such cute, scary and hilarious outfits my heart just overflows...
This crazy day seems to bring out so much creativity, so much friendship across the ages and respect of everbodies choices. 
One could say Halloween is a day where everybody, no matter color, look or origin, comes together in peace, love and understanding:)
And sprinkled with sunshine ( and a lot of chocolate) I must say that this day was a "good" day:)

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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