Femininity meets manhood

Some men need a nice car, a motorbike, muscles or even well ironed shirts to kind of strengthen their manhood and for some women makeup, a narrow waist, small feet of high heels prove their femininity.
Long flowy hair is also a well known ideal of feminine appearance in the western culture so I decided to try to see once again if it would be possible for me to fit in to this cultural standards...
This is the final result but the journey to get there was long.
About four hours...
A wig in the making...
Its worth a try although expensive, time consuming and sometimes painful to my tenderness scalp but wow what a feeling!
Simson definitely might have had a point...
At least this long glamorous hair will create some kind of balance to my tendency to beard, my thick woollen socks and sometimes hairy armpits:)
Femininity meets manhood so to speak.
Happy weekend

Back in reality but still not...

I have now left the bubble in Miami and am back in the "real world" again waiting in a parking lot while Max is on soccerpractise. 
I can not really leave that place just yet...
So beautiful days I have had. 
So much love, friendship and new wonderful memories I brought back from that trip I was surprised I did not have to pay for overweight...
I have been exposed to so much quality time including laughs, fun activities and mixed with serious talk about life, that I can start selling some of it:)
In between ,of course ,we were also able to squeeze in some shopping, pool and biking. 
Everything lined with a golden edge...
Despite the beautiful weather though, I still think my heart was the most sunniest spot, since I filled it up with love, friendship and smiles. 
So grateful for every minute of that trip!
Happy happy me:)

Food, friends and fun

If you want to have a "club" feeling in the middle of a Sunday day I suggest you go to Nikki beach in south beach Miami. 
We went there for brunch but were immediately mesmerized by the atmosphere, the people and the music.  
If your intention is to have a conversation I would suggest to go somewhere else since the music seems to be aiming to burst your eardrums, but if you just want to eat, dance and have fun you have come to the right place. 
What also made me happy in this media-controlled weight hysteria was that the people who were there, no matter size, wore their bikini with such pride and was not bothered at all if they "went outside the box".
They all considered their bodies bikini friendly.
Loved that!
Yup, a Sunday filled with food, friends and fun.
Can not complain at all:)

Wynwood art district

My days here in Miami go by like pearls on a string. 
One new experience after another...
While it has been quiet in here I have been busy relaxing, chatting and among other things visiting Wynwood, one of the largest open street- art installation in the world.
Lots of galleries, antique shop, coffe bars and other fun bars mixed in with all those beautifully painted house walls. 
It was a wild mix of people wandering around there, both people coming from a bubble like us and "real" people from the normal world but all of us were there, side by side, to enjoy, get inspired and have fun.
So much colour, pattern and life were present in this area that it filled me with happy bubbles and I walked around with my beautiful friend with a smile in my heart and glitter in my eyes. 
Loved loved loved it!

Miami via waterway

Day one in Miami went via the waterways!
My wonderful hosts took me out on a rented boat to give me a chance to see Miami from another view. 
Absolutely beautiful!!!
Everything I experienced was as from take from a movie...
We stopped for lunch at the Standard hotel and then continued into Miami river. 
Dolphins were dancing infront of us, (I was so surprised they got so close to "civilization" but they did not seem bothered at all.) playing and jumping and kind of sprinkled my boat experience with gold:)
Fishing boats, yaughts, scooters and other sorts of ways to be transported on the water made together with bridges, skyscrapers and schacks a beautiful mix of scenery. 
I felt so spoiled, so grateful and so happy to get a chance to experience all that while laughing, chatting and discussing life together with my beautiful friends!
Yup, I had a good start here in my Miami:)

Miami again! Whoot whoot

I was in for a special treat last night.
I went to Miami!!!
Taking a break from slamming doors, morning and evening routines for the kids, taxi business and other mom stuff. 
Instead some quality time with my friend, some glamour and pampering are on the schedule:)
Waited impatiently at the airport. 
Packing is always challenging depending on destination...
Do I really need so many shoes for those few days? ( I actually ended up bringing sneakers and flip flop too)
Of course not, but I think it's wonderful to sometimes completely give in for unnecessary needs and actually be able to have a choice before deciding. 
So luxurious!
And when you suddenly got in a rush ( how is it possible that the day goes by so fast?) t's not so important in the end how you pack or what's in that bag 😔.
What matters is that very special friend you are going to see, the stories you are going to share and the memories you are going to make. 
And if you still have a few pair of shoes to choose from when making some of those memories then I kind of consider that a bonus :)
Still in my bed at this very moment but can't wait to fill my day with frienship in Miami!

A butterfly on wheels

Since a couple of days now the weather God seems to have been in a very good mood. 
Clear blue sky, warm air and constant shining from that big yellow globe up there makes everyone feel positive, energetic and smiley. 
And makes you want to stay outside as much as possible. 
( being a swede means you really have to grab the opportunity when the sun is out since you normally dont know if this will be the only day 😜)
Bella she goes from the playhouse to the trampoline to her rollerblading. 
Its only when the darkness sinks its wings over the world she will hesitantly go inside...
Safety first!
Done and ready to hit the road:)
I notice she has a new style posing for pictures...
I love watching her eagerness though, her enthusiasm and her never-giving-up spirit. 
She flutters like a butterfly from one place to another on her wheels bringing summer feelings, beauty and a lot of smiles. 
I feel so lucky!

Marimekko in my house

Remember I wrote about Marimekko launching a collection at Target?
So Sunday was the premiere but me and my friend did not get there until the day after thinking the full collection would still be available.
We were so wrong!
In one day some of the items were already sold out and left the shelves naked and empty. 
Good for them!
I managed to grab a few things though. 
It is definitely not my style at all with all the different patterns they offered but what I chose was more of the traditional and classical styles ( apart from the lounge mats though we're I went a little wild and crazy)
A tray, glasses and pitcher for outdoor use, garden tools and those wild beach mats.
Beautiful, fun and a little bit cocky:)
And as it said on the tag:
"A Finnish art and design that never goes out of style".
Yup, what don't I do for the support of true and spirited nordic design!

Soccer Saturday! And Sunday.

This weekend was all about soccer. ( again)
The bad thing with that is that is so time consuming.
Sometimes it's far away, a couple of hours driving, which means the whole day is more or less gone when you eventually are back home.
The good thing is that I get to explore places I have never been to and I of course get to watch my son play...
I get to see him dance on the field, see him run, play tricks and score.
I get to see him fail, loose focus and sit on the bench.
When tHe team looses there is like a dark cloud hanging over them that is almost touchable and wraps each player in a grey and sad costume that will not leave them for the rest of that day.
But when they win, the sky gets millions of suns, the players sparkles and shimmers and the air is being filled with birdsong. 
To be part of all those swings is a beautiful thing but the best is still to see my son shine from his victories, grow from his failure and smile from his passion. 

Friday fun

This morning the parents of Bella's class was in for such a treat. 
It was time for the play the kids had been preparing for for so long. 
And oh my what a good job they did. 
Bella was a seal and of course I believe she was the most perfect seal in the universe ( not biased at all 😜).
My iPhone did not cooperate with me this morning so I got so happy when a bunch of photos from the performance suddenly showed up in my inbox.
So grateful when parents share...
When most of my family either are busy or live too far away to come watch it is wonderful to at least be able to share special moments through pictures.
I felt so proud of all the kids and I was so amazed by their confidence, their songs and all that sparkling energy that embraced the audience with such happiness. 
I think most of the parents were able to squeeze out a little tear watching their child perform with such enthusiasm...
To me it was a perfect end of the week and a wonderful start of the weekend. 

Fun in the forest

I'm trying to clean up all my photos and stumbled over a few from this passed summer. 
Some moments are just so precious and filled with life and looking at the pictures give me almost a second experience of that time:)
Olivia had a friend visiting and watching them and their actions was highly entertaining.
It was all about fooling around and since they are so similar in mind they immediately developed each other's ideas without hesitating or questioning. 
Despite a little sister clinging on to them they managed to both do their things and let everybody be a part of the fun.
These memories and all those positive feelings that are connected to these photos are safely kept in my heart and will be distributed in small portions whenever there is a need of a smile:)
I felt so grateful being surrounded by all that glimmering energy and that magical way they turned even the most dull and grey day into bright and warm sunshine. 
My girls...

Me and my kitchen

Me and my kitchen have begun to develop almost like a love affair. 
It took almost a year...
Im very happy with that since we are spending so much time together.
It serves as the heart of our house, the hub in the wheel or as the gear in the machinery. 
Everything starts and ends in that room.
And in between it's filled with stories, homework, cooking, phone calls, laughing, crying, drawing, eating and other important stuff.
To land here for a tea in the afternoon or after a meal, just because...
Or just having breakfast all by myself.
No hubby, no kids, no nothing.
Only me and my kitchen.
And silence, harmony and a plate of yummi food. 
Yup, that's my kitchen. 
Or, if you rather call that life quality...

A Monday afternoon...

After a weekend with the kids scattered all over and everywhere i sometimes feel the need to gather them and just hang out together in an environment of their choice. 
Today was a perfect day for an activity like that. 
No soccer, no lacrosse no anything that would require them to leave...
And me to drive:)
It gives us a chance to ventilate, laugh and dream together...
The boys wanted to eat at Smashburger ( we have to take turns in wishing for food place but the boys were united this time) a kind of fast food chain but with better quality. 
I do believe in eating good food but in this case the nutrition value was of minor meaning.
What it gave us instead was quality time, togetherness and a good start of the week:)
In my eyes also invaluable ingredients in the family pot:)
And the milkshakes are actually to die for...

National sibling day!

In the honor of the national sibling day I take the opportunity to celebrate two generations of siblings. 
My own sisters and my kids. 
We only see each other a few times during the year but I carry them in my heart every single day.
We live our own lives, fight our own demons and harvest our own victories but every step we take is backed up and supported by a safe and secure family and sibling foundation.
And then my kids:
The most beautiful, warmhearted and funny living package of dynamites...
So much fighting, teasing, and tears but also loving, caring and laughing. 
Siblings in a nutshell!
These two "sibling hoods" are the most beautiful and inspiring "hoods" in my world and I love them to death!
Happy siblingday!!!

A Friday smile

Will buy my Friday flowers and hope that the uplifting energy that comes with the green and the colours will dispel that heavy cloud which has wrapped my soul in a dark blanket for so many days now. 
I feel like the Spring that suddenly so brutally came off due to the cold...
The good thing is that nature is strong and will raise from that temporary sadness.
And so will I!
So why don't you start your Friday too by smiling to your self in the mirror and just take it from there!
Thats what I'm going to do.
And then the flowers...

From Harley Davidson to Harry Halibut:)

I have a new favorite fishdish that I'm foisting on my family.
Its like a stir fry with halibut and vegetable such as peppers and pineapple.
The recipe is coming straight from "the fast metabolism diet" cookbook by Haylie Pomroy, and I enjoy it so much so wanted to share...
( I see on the picture that I need to have a talk to my youngest about the importance of using some cautiousness when setting the table and not just throw the cutlery on...)
Cook the vegetable ( not the pineapple) till they soften.
Add the pineapple and the lime juice...
And top with the halibut.
Cook till the fish is done and serve with wild rise or even pasta of your choice. 
All those flavours together just make the perfect combination and spice up an otherwise tasteless fish. 
Yammy yammi for my tummy :)

Vroom vroom!

Someone in our family started off this weekend with a dream.
In this case more of a hands-on dream...
Just to get like a taste of The big meal:)
He even dreamed about details like chrome or black, handles, the color of the lid to the fuel tank and the 
style of the wheel. 
With glitter in his eyes and excitement in his voice wandering around in this paradise of man toys, even his wife got inspired and got some basic advice of how to get a heavy bike in an upright position.
Even Bella went all in and got a pair of suitable ( for motorbikes) boots. 
And after an hour of dreaming for my hubby... Bang, sold!
We entered that store with one man's dream and we left it with a custom made bike to be, a girl equipped in Harley Davidson and a wife with a motorcycle license goal in mind.
It is such a beautiful thing when dreams come true...
Happy husband, happy wife:)

Friday feng shui

To sort and arrange books in colors gives a calm and balanced look to the room and is a very easy way to change the energyflow in a positive direction. 
We have a few room in our house that never seem to be finished no matter how long time has passed since we moved in.
Our office is one of them...
But by doing something the eyes will percieve as harmoniously is a step in the right direction:)
Ok, wires and piles of paper also need to be organised but one has to start somewhere :)
Before, i kept the books in alphabetical order so it would be easy to find what I was looking for.
Now the authors are completely scattered all of over which makes it slightly harder to find a specific book ( unless you know the color of the book spine) but who needs to be practical when the purpose was to please the eye?!
I'm actually very happy with the result and feel that I have provided a good start of my weekend...
Almost the same kick I get from my Friday bouquet of flower :)
A simple tip in true feng shui spirit!
Hippy happy weekeend!

A playful afternoon

I really think there is something special when kids are playing together. 
They go into this bubble of their new made-up reality and are not letting anything disturb. 
The interplay, the roles they are playing and that beautiful feeling you almost can touch of being in total harmony with each other is wonderful to watch. 
Now and then they take a break from their fantasy world, have a snack, and sing out loud Adele's Hello only interrupted by a lot of giggling:)
So an ordinary weekday afternoon I was fortunate to enjoy magnolia flowers, a promising sun and happy girls. 
Everything gave the same wellbeing feeling.
I don't need much...:)


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