Busy in Rio

Finally I found some time to write about Rio
What a city! What a beautiful surrounding! And what a fantastic experience. 
Unfortunately it seems  to be impossible to download pictures so this is only a little sign of being alive :)
Days are fully booked with different excursions and the evenings are spent in restaurants.
I'm having such a good time and again I'm so grateful and happy to be able to experience this. 
We have visited favelas, we went to a salsabar which apparently is considered one of top 10 best nightspot in the world, we went cycling around a lagoon and along copacabana beach, went up with a cable car on Sugarloaf mountain to watch the view and sunset and had dinner in a restaurant that gave you the feeling you were in a treehouse. 
And on top of everything the sun is shining and I'm wearing dresses and sandals!!!
And the week is not over, yet more to come!
Will see if pictures want to be downloaded tomorrow!

Shilly shally

My trip is getting cloooooser!!!
I'm packing, washing, emailing, organising school drives, having my legs waxed, nail painted, cooking, washing a little more , grocery shopping...
Im leaving my little bubble in my little world 
To enter another world...
A world of no cooking, no grocery shopping, no driving, no peacemaking, no argumentation, 
choosing what I want to eat, 
make excursions and discoveries without complaints
be able to finish a sentence or a thought without interruption 
hanging out with my other half as adults...
laying in a sunbed, on my tummy, with my eyes Closed!
Possibly missing
soft small arms wrapped around my neck,
dark voices asking " mom, wheres my..., or mom can you...?
or a singing and dance number while cooking...
Shilly shally... Me?

Time for a new adventure!

Cold days like the one we are having now really makes me start dreaming about warmer weather, dresses and sandals. 
And you know what? Some dreams are coming true...
Im going to Rio!!!! On Sunday!!!
The hotel we are staying at is this one:
Many famous people have been guests at the Copacabana Palace including Madonna, Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones, Elton John, brigitte Bardot and lady Diana.... And from Sunday us ;)
Oh I so wish I would be like Carrie in Sex and the city with a dress for every occasion, matching shoes and handbag and just so experienced. 
I mean look at the interiors! It is calling for style...
The palm room...
I can picture myself slipping on that floor...
... Laughing too loud...
Im sure I will find something to eat though...
And dip my toes in the pool...
Or bury them in the sand. 
All the pictures are from the hotel sight and I just find them stunning! 
Im so exited to see and experience this beautiful city in real life. To smell, touch, taste and listen to the Brazilian spirit. 
In a dress and sandals :)

Snowday and coldday again

What a beautiful day to wake up to!
Clear blue sky and a bright yellow sun. In combination with all the snow that covered the world like  a soft and thick blanket last night it was absolutely stunning. And very very cold...
School was cancelled which was to me a mystery, yesterday was more understandable but today I think the schools could have been open. 
At least we got to sleep in though...
Here is some Swedish spring inspiration from our big warehouse IKEA. 
They are releasing a spring collection in February which will only be a one timer so run and buy!!!
I'm really ready for some pastel colours...
Its giving me a crispy feeling...
Love those rectangular boxes. Will look nice piled up in the girls room filled with girl stuff...
Try to mix it with metalls like brass and cupper ( maybe left from the Christmas decorations )and it will set you in spring mode...
So now I have another reason to visit the big warehouse...:)

Power position!

Within feng shui I've learned that wether you are sitting, standing or laying you should always be aiming at finding your power position, also called "armchair"position. 
Think of an armchair with high back, armrests and a footstool, something that embraces and protects you from the back and on the sides but with free sight forward. That's the feeling you want to achieve when you are placing your bed, sofa or desk in the room. 
( I know the footstool is missing but it's still beautiful)
The power position has its origin in ancient times when it was important where you built your house To protect you from enemies or wild animals. The best way was (is) to have a mountain in the back, a forest on the sides and water in front of you so you wiuld see who is coming.
So when placing a bed you should place it so you can see the door, with a wall behind your head ( not under a window) and supported by two bed tables.
The same works for a desk. Place it in the room so you can see the door so when you sit you will have a wall behind you. 
Of course it's not that easy but just to give some general ideas of the basics. 
Then we have ying and yang. 
Contrasts and opposites!
So when our furniture are in power position we can start to create balance by using colours, materials, shapes and  lights. 
But right now I need to create balance on a more basic level by creating equal piles of laundry to all the members in my family :)
a never ending story...
tjingeling And snowflakes

A magical day!

( she just woke up and got flowers from my neighbor and didn't have time to wipe away little blood from her face)
My little brave daughter was put to sleep today at the dentist. 
She had a teeth infection which also had spread into her cheek and made her feel just miserable. 
So Bella, I and my wonderful neighbour went to the dentist office at 7.30am where she was prepared for her anaesthethia ( how is that spelled? )
Then we had to wait for the numbing creme to work. 
A lot of cuddling was prescribed at that same time from mom...
A star blanket wrapped around a little starlit...
We were then taken into a room where I had to sit in the dentist chair with Bella in my lap facing forward. 
A little tube was put in her arm and 2 seconds later she was asleep. 
The doctor held her while I had to leave the room ( on shaky legs) so they could intubate her in peace. 
An hour later two teeth were extracted and two sealed to prevent future problems. 
They called me in again, had me sit in the dentistchair and placed a sleeping beauty in my arms. 
She slept for a couple of more hours and when she finally woke up she didn't remember a thing of what just happened. 
Her teeth were placed in a pink box but how did they end up there she asked?!
Thats pure magic! She kept on coming back with that box claiming it was magic the rest of the day...
Im so so very proud of my little star and I'm so very relieved it went so well and didn't seem to cause any bad dentists vibes. 
Another heavy antibiotictreatment is nessesary though but hopefully the pain is gone and her smile will be back!!
After a trip to the pharmacy I came back with this for Bella:
Mouthwash, toothbrush, toothpaste and flos...
...and this for me:
A magazine, flowers, chocolate, chocolate and chocolate...
hmmm must be shaken ( but not stirred ). 
Feel actually completely emotional drained now. 
And yes I know this was nothing in compare to more serious stuff but for me it was a big thing. At that moment!
But I think all the love you feel for your child in that very moment she sinks into helplessness just concentrates and leave your heart in a shape of love arrows. Filled with love they penetrate your child's little being in silence , reach her heart and make sure she will find strength and comfort through them while she is sleeping. Right there in the dentist chair. 
That is what mothers do! 
And a cup of tea and some chocolate will definitely bring me back in balance again :)
thanks catherine for being there for us and with us

Bring on the Friday!

What a great Friday!
Sunshine and a crispy cold made a good start even though the plumbers spent the entire day here still. I went naughty though and sneaked out with the intention of starting a new life. Again !!!
A power walk was what I had in mind but I always end up only walking. With no power....
i so easily get distracted and this time I passed the museum park and it's great sculptures. 
It was this serie of shiny sculptures that caught my attention...
Made from stainless steel silverware. 
A close up on the tree...
Same same but different!
Recykling in art form!
The rest of the sculptures were of slightly different carachteres...
Some video installations... A breathing one
... And a liquid one
And even Mother Earth was present. 
Could have gone in to the museum building too but that would have completely ruined my walk :)
Have now enjoyed a croc pot meal ( yup still delivering what I "tell" it to) and perfect when the kids friends decide they are hungry , since I always prepare for the whole street in that slow cooker:)
So bring on the Friday, candles are burning and heating system is working. 
What else can I ask for?!
happy Friday !!!

London in my heart!

An old house is very charming!
If everything is in order...
Today is the third day of plumbers and electricians in the house due to a non working heating system and power breakage.
Oh and dont forget the leakage and frozen pipe just weeks before which also resulted in a couple of days with the company of plumbers. 
And this "system" failure is the result of an old house going modern...
When everything is being fixed ( a couple of thousands of dollars later) we probably will be able to see the charm again though.
That doesn't stop me from dreaming though...
 and since I'm in a spring mood and want to dress my home in a "spring costume" I'm looking for inspiration in magazines. This time in Uk...
( picture from Pinterest)
In London ( dear old London) i found this very spring themed house that belongs to Trinny , the other half of "Trinny & Susannah" two British  makeover and fashion adviser. 
Love the stand-out colour of the turquoise lamp!
My favorite homestyling action: fresh flowers!
In this case the sofa, picture and flowers they all seem to belong with each other...
loooove those pillows!
Wish my shoe closet looked like this:)
Maybe I think this kitchen is too white and sterile though...
...something I can't say about this wall. Love love love!
And not about these beautiful pillows either. 
How beautiful is that bed board?! 
I realize I'm very happy with my garden when I see this :)
Could definitely take a hot bath in that tub. 
In front of her house in London!
( all photos from Femina dk)
When I look at this pictures I get reminded of London and all the good memories, experiences and friends that has a special place in my heart. 
I'm so lucky I have a big heart so there's room for everything and everybody!

CLEAR your clutter not clean

Clean your clutter

Oh my what I am enjoying my feng shui lessons!!!
i find it so interesting, so fascinating and so very important that I want to rush through the schoolbook but I'm afraid that is not so very feng shui :)
( picture from The keep calm-o-matic Uk)
We have been talking about How the chi ( energy) flows in a room and what can be done to raise the good energy in a room with bad chi. 
A very simple way and totally according my own belief is to take in nature in a form of plants, flowers or even pets. 
Then lights, candles, mirrors and water ( aquarium, picture with water motif) will do a good job too among a few other "chi raiser". 
A good way to make it easier for the energy to flow is to clear the clutter. 
Everything belongs. The outer reflects the inner and the inner reflects the outer. 
That really makes sence : I am a messy person and there is always mess around me and I can tell you my husband is soooo happy im taking this course :)). 
Ha ha i I agree with Albert Einstein;
"If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind , of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?"
Well anyway if someone is interested in reading more about How to clear your clutter here is a book for you:
This book will tell you how to start, what to think of and how to take action If you want to make room for more positive energy. 
Now im going to use some of my energy on the elliptical so lets  see how much is left when I'm done:)
nighty nighty

Colours for my heart

i realise how important colours are tor me when I have spent a day in a grey zone. 
A cancelled dentist appointment, a " foggy" mind and a lack of sunshine... Then it feels so good to have  my own colourful oases here and there in the house to enjoy. 
It could be just a bouquet of flowers...
Wich make everything else  in its proximity to glow...
Or I just create some homemade sunshine for my soul by juicing apples, oranges and kale, put in a blender with a banana ( avocado if I would have had) and some ice and blend it all together:
Yammi yammi for my tummy!!!
And voila! Everything is in balance again:)
Don't misunderstand me i loooove the grey and black and white too but I  definarely need some sparkly colours to make my heart sing!!!
Tjohej !!!

No electrical devices weekend

An interesting weekend I must say with no cell phone nor iPad. 
I watched a video that has been circulating on FB and it made me sad, scared and very touched. 
Unfortunately I don't know how to link it here:(
How did we manage only a few years ago without being always available, always documenting everything or always within reach of internet and all it's possibilities?
i guess we did absolutely fine...
So I decided to stay away from it, I only read the news and kind of only answered the phone so I didn't manage to totally stay away from my phone but at least it was noticeable and very " cleansing" fir me. 
Thats the reason also for not blogging. 
I need to figure out how to imply that on my kids though...they would really really benefit from it although they are claiming they will loose all their friends. 
That is sad!!!
Ok time to catch the evening whatever is left!

Dentist and birthday

Sun is still shining so at least the soul is warming up now!
And  our pipes that were frozen too...
Today Bella went to the dentist and oh my what positive experience she had. 
First she could choose what TV program or movie she wanted to watch cause they had a screen just above the chair. ( I remember when I was a kid I had to watch a poster that was fixed in the ceiling above the dentist chair)
Then she had her nails done...
There were millions of colours to choose between but of course it had to be pink:)
After the check up with x-rays a goodie bag was waiting for her...
... Filled with a toothbrush, toothpaste, stickers, a magic wand, a "diamond" ring and soap bubbles. 
Oboy was she happy when she left?!
And she has no clue what is awaitning her next time... Luckily! 
Later on it was time to celebrate a "big" birthday boy. 
Unfortunately my dinner failed completely:(
just when my beef tenderloin was as perfect as i wanted the doorbell rang...
the electrician arrived! Half an hour later the fries were cold and my beef like something made from rubber and the sauce bearnaise just tasted artificial:(
But the salad was good! And my coke...
At least the cake was cute to look at... We should have stopped there.
well well there are worse things in the world. 
A nice cup of tea and a scented candle will definitely take the edge of this little failure. 
Hey hopp there will be another day tomorrow. 
Nighty nighty

Spring inspiration at Svenskt tenn

Today is same same but different meaning cold cold but a little warmer. Sun is shining though and everything is sparkling and beautiful around me. 
So looking forward to some signs of spring so decided to look for spring inspiration in our own Swedish furniture store at a very prestigious address in Stockholm: Svenskt tenn.
By many people considered "the" furniture store. 
This is a few examples of what I found:
Starting of with the right feeling immediately!
Oh I loooove this mixture of colors, rattan and checkered floor!
Nature does good for every style...
Those acorn vases are on my wish list. ( not all of them, one is enough... Or two) 
Books books beautiful books! Can't have to many...
And not to forget the napkins. Spring feelings all the way through...
( all pictures from Svenskt tenn)
I feel so happy looking at those bright colours and promising pictures and I only wish for a magic wand now that I can use while shouting Bring the spring on!!!!

Positive day

What a great Tuesday! 
I have been walking around with this beatiful and positive feeling the whole day even though it's been so cold so the ears are falling off :). I'm suppose to be a Viking but no way I'm spending time outdoors in this cold. 
Instead I had my first lesson in feng shui!!!
And I'm thrilled!!! I'm so happy and very curious to learn everything about this " art of placement"
I was absorbing every little word that was said although we were just introduced to it today. 
We talked about the meaning of the two words feng shui, looks like this in Chinese:
Beautiful in it self and means wind and water. 
We talked about different kind of energies in homes like good energy ,what we want to achieve, and varities of bad energies as in blocked or stagnated and just scratched the surface of what can be done to change that bad energy into good "chi" Very very interesting...
and probably seems very very out of space too...( at least when I read what I just wrote)
Will explain more carefully another time.  Busy drawing in the fumes from the good energy 😜
But I Can't wait till next lesson!!!
( i googled the pictures ) 
Hope you had the same positive feeling !

Good enough

If this is a guideline to parenting I'm definitely good enough!!!
Phew, that felt so good to say :)
These wise word are not only important for your kids but also applicable as a friend and partner too.
Well the "play" thing might be used with caution though... Hi hi

Washing washing washing!

i can't believe how many things to wash for a family of six So far I'm up to 8 machines... But I can see the light in the tunnel now so soon done. Between the machines I managed to wipe out christmas so my house is clean and ready for spring. Started of with some plants of tulips. 
Love love tulips!!!
Now I'm looking out the windows and it's dark, cold and rain that turn into ice immediately. 
So I found this pictures from Meg Ryan's summerhouse in the Hamptons:
Everything in this environment would be just perfect...
Spacious dining room suitable for a family of six. 
A cosy corner...
Always fresh flowers. Me like! Why not bring the summer indoor too?!
Love the rough table to the sleek and modern kitchen cabinets. 
Master bedroom. Notice the fresh flower in here too...
Missing the flower here in the guest room though...
A bathroom to die for...
No wonder she looks so relaxed :)
( all pictures from an old Elle decor)
Ok thats something to dream about although I'm just happy dreaming about going to bed now. :)
for some reason my kids are more jet lagged than me. 
Nighty nighty

Home sweet home

Ended a beautiful holiday both nature  and friend wise with a bumpy flight home so very very happy to be on safe ground again. But oh mye what a holiday! So grateful and happy for everything we have done, seen and experienced ( not the bumpy flights though) hi hi. 
So yesterday we went in to the heart of Los Angeles namely Universal Studios. 
A great day even for me who doesn't really like this kind of entertainment but I must admit I just looved it!
It was interesting, thrilling and very family friendly. 
We went through Jurassic park, met King Kong, saw the shark, experienced an earthquake and drove tthrough Desperate housewifes neighbourhood. 
We took an highly aggressive ride with the Simpsons...
Love the sparkling colours...
Saw a show with animal actors which left me amazed by all the job that is done with animals in a movie.
Watched cool stunts in a water world fightand learned about special effects. 
Some of us met the stars in Apollo 13...
and some other met the star from Beverly Hills chihuahua ...
If you intend to visit at some point invest in the front line pass. It will give you access to skip the loooong lines and get the best seats. Definitely worth it!
My daughter loves to be on photo...can you tell?!
Well well now we are back in reality but fully recharged and ready to hit the new year!
Tomorrow I have 2 weeks of washing to start with... Yaaay:)

Culture and universal

Internet was down at the hotel yesterday so no chance to keep you updated. 
Some culture was on the list so yesterday we headed up to The Getty Center. An art museum named after Jean Paul Getty once ( in the 50ies) considered the richest man in the world also an enthusiastic art collector. 
A great experience and a I wish to come back to explore more and to just enjoy the "artsy" environment. 
A part of the museum. Everything was about straight lines, cubes and a mix in with curves and round forms. 
Even nature contributed to that theme straight lines meets round...
 A garden full of sculptures!
 The idea of the architect of the museum was not only to show framed picture inside but to frame the landscape outside by creating  "frames" here and there on the premises...
And of course the darkness was taken care of...
Today was a "kids day" so we went to Universal studios. 
Usually I don't like amusement parks and crowds but I would definitely recommend this place as a fun thing to do as a family. 
We took the tour which let us watch how some scenes from films were made. We experienced earthquakes and dinosaurs, sharks and action. 
We did almost every single ride and got back to the hotel full of impressions and excitements. 
Pictures from universal will come tomorrow...
Tomorrow we are also flying back to a cold and snowy New Jersey

A tiny Hollywood visit

Today a little part of Hollywood was paid a visit by us. 
Of course we had to do the " walk of fame" with all the stars cemented in the pavement. 
At least one member of our family was very exited about this whole thing...
We stopped at the Chinese theater were all movie premieres started about 85 years ago. 
Apparently it was once stated that " coming to Los Angeles not visiting the Chinese theater would be like going to China not seeing the Great Wall"
It's forecourt featuring hand and footprints of celebrities and hereby immortalizes the moviestars draws more than 4 million visitors a year which from today includes us too:)
The entrance of the movie theater. 
A side door...
A beautiful painted wall inside the theater. 
History meets modern...
This part of Hollywood still runs on its reputation as a fame factory and in the small mall next to the theater was everywhere stories in the road you could read about a dream coming true:
Also colours were present in different ways;
A wall changing colours while walking the stairs...
Eminem made of thousands of:
After a heavy hamburger lunch our youngest didn't want to cooperate any longer but on our way home we passed the glamouros and popular Rodeo drive known for its expensive shops and as a star spotted shopping area. 
Since we were only driving through it didn't cause any damage to our pocket money though ... he he
Now the whole family are half a sleep preparing for another day in this "dreamland". 

The last day of the year!

Paradise cove was next on our list!
We took the car and drove to this famous beach and cove featured in many movies and ads. 
A beaitiful and quiet beach strip was what we found and were all just "chillin" there and enjoying the peace. 
Our youngest princess did not want to be in the picture...
Check! Been there done that...
The famous pier...
A wild water moment...
Happy canoes in a row...
So nice sand formations everywhere. As if that grass straw has been the mold for it...
Who would complain of a chillin spot like this?!
Paradise cove from above. ( photo from websight)
Unfortunately we had to end our trip there although we detoured up in Malibu canyon on our way back to the hotel. Our little one has not been well for a while and now was the time to let a doctor "set her free". ( not a green doctor though)
Happy sparkling new year!!!


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