My Costa Rica week!

Solid ground under our feet again, so thankful for that:)
But what a wonderful week we have had in Costa Rica!
Im so grateful that I again got the opportunity to explore more of this beautiful world!
It never stops amazing me...
The nature is stunning (not to mention those amazing sunsets), food is excellent and people seem very mild and friendly. 
There was a very relaxed atmosphere surrounding the places we visited. 
Surfers, farmers ( even pot farmers), businessmen and street dogs in a wild but charming mix:)
I learnt that Costa Rica does not have a military but is investing all the money instead in education so everybody can go to school. 
Seems to be a very wise investment if you ask me. 
Brings hope to that poor country...
The hotel itself was a wealthy "bubble" ( yes we travel from one priveledged bubble to another) and not really true
to the surrounding lower standards. It was good though that my kids could see that despite the different conditions of near by people's living those people could still afford a smile and seemed happy and content with their lifes. 
And that without having an iPhone 6 waiting for them in a nicely giftwrapped box under the Christmas tree...
To travel with people you normally get along with could be very challenging. 
They need to have an understanding and flexibility to be able to deal with "storms" that sometimes and likely can occur in families with kids. 
In our case we have been so lucky to be with friends that kind of have become an extension of our own family which makes it so much easier for us:)
To share all these experiences with them fill our hearts with warmth, safety and togetherness.
Shared happiness is double the happiness!
Again and always!!!
So not only have we this week fueled up on warmth, some sun and great fun but also friendship and love!
I am now so so ready and prepared to take on that winter which greeted us already when we landed:)

Beach art a la Costa Rica!

The weather has not been to our favour the whole time here but it actually did not matter at all. 
The warmth in the air and from our friends and the glimpse of sun now and then were definitely enough to melt our "frozen" souls:)
This was a rare moment in the pool when the sun had been showing off it's colour most of the day and given us a teaser of how even more wonderful the world would look in the light of that big yellow ball:)
A part from that photo in the pool we mostly hung out on the beach at the hotel. 
Rain or shine it offered a different but still beautiful scenery whenever we came and made us aware of how small we humans are in the big picture. 
The tidal was very obvious and the beach went from sandy to rocky and back to sand again during the day. 
The nature is the greatest artist I know of and I so enjoy every peace of that "canvas" our world is being painted on. It never stops amazes me. 
Every material and every colour just seem to come together in the most perfect way...
Even the sand changed look now and then and went from golden to black shimmering with the water or human feet sometimes creating amazing pattern...
Then to have kids that perfectly matched the surroundings must only be considered a big advantage but definitively added on an even more positive feeling of the whole entire beach art experience:))
Sometimes I have to pinch my self in the arm to see if all this beautiful is just a dream...

Rainforest fun!

The second day here we took a trip to the rainforest for some fun!
We all squeezed into a mini bus for a 2,5 hours car ride up to the foot of a volcano. 
Finally up there we started off with a canopy tour, zip lining, above the tree tops.
Good fun, many laughs and great views later some of us continued a more extrem version of the zip line, some went water sliding and some of us took a walk on hanging bridges. 
On our way up to the zip lining station a nice walk into the forest took us to the top of a 400 m long water slide ( longest in Costa Rica) filled with fresh mountain water. 
If you are in to water slides I think this would have been a fun one, at least by judging by the thrilled noises and excited faces that passed us in a swoosh on our way up. 
I chose to walk the hanging bridges after my canopy tour.
Incredibly blurry picture but it still gets a sense of what it was like walking on those bridges. 
Beautiful and with a view from the "top" this walk offered a different perspective than a walk on the ground and with a little more adrenaline involved. 
I so love to be out there in the nature looking at the fauna and greeting one or two monkeys or birds. Unfortunately this time of year almost no flowers are present but on the other hand the green colour offer a wide spectra of hues. Definitely good enough for me!
A view from one of the hanging bridges. 
There was no opportunity for me to take pictures during the zip lining unless I was willing to risk the safety of my phone but this walk offered the same view, and was more camera friendly, so would also have been a good alternative for those who did not want to hang in a cable:)
After lunch next adventure was scheduled: horseback riding!
A trip through the forest, countryside and up and down hills. 
So fun to bounce through the nature carried by the horse. In these days, this age and at this weight I will have to be grateful that "something" actually is able to carry me:)
The horse ride ended at a natural spa in the middle of the rainforest. 
A mud bath and hot springs from the volcano, and a back massage ended that fantastic day. 
With skin smooth as a baby butt ( I don't think that is an appropriate word in the US but could not think of anything else) after the mud,  body and mind relaxed we just could not do anything else but chilling and enjoying the forest's beauty. 
A walk in the sunshine and under the small "suns" will have to sum up that day both activity wise and experience wise for all of us. 
So many laughs and so much adrenaline all mixed together with good friends created a nice pot of satisfaction. 
That day we were the best team of heroes and supermen/women but one little super girl deserves the first price:
Ms Bella!!!
She was zip lining, walking the bridges, and riding the horses like she had never done anything else!
A brave approach and a true inspiration to all of us old foxes!!!
Rainforest fun to remember!

Sunset mania

I don't know what's "wrong" but I don't find any time to go in here and share all that beautiful we are experiencing here in Costa rica!
Will definitely make up for that later in terms of one or a few photos:))
For now im only sharing the beautiful sunset that created a golden edge to the ending of our first day here and I think actually set the tone for the rest of the week. 
Love love love it here!
So many laughs!
So much love!
So much quality!
Stay tuned...!

Arrived in Costa Rica!

We have finally arrived in Costa Rica!
We left early to catch a flight from JFK which is an airport at the other side of the city from where we live but takes years to get to because of the traffic. 
I can not believe it was already jammed up before seven am...
What time do actually people leave for work?
On the positive side we got to see many nice views from the Big apple in a slow tempo...
Luckily we made it in time to the airport:)
So we left this view behind...
Only to come to this!
I can not deny that I felt a tickling sensation in my tummy when the aircraft approached the coastline of Costa Rica. 
Not because I was scared but because I felt so excited that I finally was going to put my feet on the ground in this beautiful part of the world I have heard so many good things about. 
And I have never experienced such a smooth passport control, luggage pick up and car rental in any of the countries I have visited and I do have been to a few...
So we were really off for a good start!
After a long drive on roads with potholes big as bomb craters three ( oldest one went to see his girlfriend) tired but excited kids could not fast enough get out from the car when we eventually arrived to the hotel. 
Our room offered this view but a few minutes later it was all pit black so will have to explore tomorrow. 
I have a feeling we have a wonderful week ahead of us though!

Body shops Christmas countdown!

I know at least two girls in this family that are going to be a little happier around the first of advent.
I know at least two girls in this family who is going to count the days till November turns December.
I know at least one girl who will not be able to keep her fingers from opening all the doors at the same day...
To make your Christmas countdown more enjoyable Body shop has made a beauty calendar with small surprises behind every door for 24 days!
A selection of bath, body, skincare and nail care will take this calendar thing to a another and very pleasant level, at least for the "door opener":)
I learnt that this beauty calendar has a swedish origin!
Scandinavians love their calendars so one of the Body shop stores in Sweden decided to offer a bag with 24 small bags in, each one containing a Body shop mini. 
The result of this employee initiative ,that took place about 10 years ago, is this beauty calendar.
It differs in look and contents from country to country if they offer it at all but I got very happy when I found out they actually sell it here in the US too, yay:)
Another good thing with this is that for every calendar being sold a donation goes to charity War Child, providing over 6 million lessons in war-torn areas. 
That I call value for money!!!

Holiday plans!

Today I got something very awaited in the mail!
A new passport for Bella!
Which means we can all go to Costa Rica on Friday! Yabbadabbadoooo!
I think we all need a break from the dust, the dirt and the small chaos we are living in at the moment. 
We need the sun, the warmth and the possibility of not being bothered about how to and what to make for dinner. 
Everything will be served on a plate:)
I have never been to Costa Rica before but have only heard good and wonderful things about that place so im really looking forward to spending some time there ( despite the fact that we need to use an airplane to get there). 
Another good thing is that we will be sharing everything we will experience with our beautyful friends!
Shared happiness is double happiness!!!
What im also looking forward is to investigate the nature with its beautiful coastline, the rainforest and the beaches. 
Costa Rica is known for their zip lining so maybe an adventure above the tree tops will be scheduled. 
Or a hike /climb up the volcano...
Would not mind at all to jump in to this natural pool...
But a proper beach will do just fine too of course. 
I can definitely see my self dipping one or two sandy toes in that water...
From the natural beach then it's not far back to the hotel if we fancy a good old sun chair, pool and a civilised drink. 
To be able to get a mix from those both worlds is such a great gift and I feel very lucky again to get this chance to broaden my mind.
To add more of the excitement there is a golf course near by to my husbands big luck. 
The arriving passport today will make all dreams and plans come true and I can't think of a better way to end this  Tuesday than the fact that we actually will be able to go on Friday. 
Family, friends and sunshine!
That is really something to look forward to!!

Floor time!!!

Walls - check!
Ceiling - check!
Descisions - check!
Headaches -check!
To that list we can now add radiant heat panels too - check!
"A mighty fine view" I would say!
Of course that is a lot more to that expression:)
To me it is again one step closer to a fully functional kitchen.
And that I will be able to stand in my bare feet cooking ,with that soft and warm feeling underneath my feet that comes from a wooden heated floor, definitely feels like a bonus:)
Not only the kitchen got the radiant heat panels put in. 
Also the family room got dressed in a beautiful pattern of loops. 
Everyday now I can see the progress with my eyes. 
Everyday when I come home after a day away from the house my heart takes a little jump. 
A jump of joy and eagerness. 
Now we are suddenly talking dates!
Cabinets will arrive first week in December. ( actually next week but it is thanksgiving next week and that creates a little delay)
Appliances arrives December 14th!
Tiles for Olivia's bathroom are suppose to arrive tomorrow!
Am I counting the days?!
I feel like a child waiting for Santa...
So not only will Olivia soon be able to use her own toilet and shower and I will be able to cook a Christmas dinner in my kitchen. I will also be able to sit in a sofa in front of the fire place in this familyroom with my ( probably bare) feet on the coffetable, drinking tea and watching a movie. 
Oh my! I can't think of anything that in this moment seems more appealing to me...
The only thing I have to make up my mind about right now is what to cover the stairs to the basement with. 
This stairs will be connected with the family room and has a platform ,where the door to the garden is, before it takes you down to the basement. 
So Im thinking maybe to separate it and do stone on the platform and down and then dress the steps up to the family room in wood. 
Actually I kind of like the current dots and think it will work fine with a wooden stained floor. 
Maybe we do not have to be so traditional all the time...
It would definitely give the room a twist:)
And my husband nighmares!

A weekend in the sign of love!

This bunch of flowers were given to me this passed weekend from my other half. 
He must have a sixth sense of knowing when the perfect time is to spoil me. 
That bouquet and gesture went straight into my heart and filled up every empty and sad holes with colours, fragrance, beauty and love!
Who needs anything else?!
I'm so grateful for these acts of love and everytime I smell the roses Im being filled with so much warmth it steams from my ears:)
With my heart filled with this warmth I went to my beautiful friend's bake sale. 
She supports a charity organisation which is committed to raising funds for research to develop new and improved treatments for Pediatric cancer ( apparently number one disease killer in the US)
So a lot of cookies had been donated that covered every age, taste and allergy. 
As the well known cookie monster I am I ended up "supporting " two bags filled with cupcakes and banana bread and everything in between. 
Yummie yummie for my tummie:)
I also "won" items from the silent action that was being held and managed to bring home a facial, a basket full of "health" and an old fashioned shaving kit ( with an enclosed manual), a pair of socks, a bag and a gift card. 
I signed my name on almost every donation to trigger the start but ended up being the one and only bidder on some of the items. 
Well well, there seems to be no limit in what I'm prepared to do for those little cookies in need. :))
While I was doing good spending money my daughter was doing good assisting the entertainment guy. 
There are different ways of supporting this cause and 
both ways of contributing will in the end hopefully lead to more smiles:)
A weekend in the sign of love!
Definitely my cup of tea...


Instead of friday flower I'm wishing you a wonderful weekend with these beautiful rainbow bagels:)
I got so happy when I saw them at the bakery even though bagels are not the healthiest bread to start with ,and this time also packed with unhealthy food colouring, but it's Friday and I don't drink alcohol...:)
Kids loved them!
They thought they were fun to eat, had more taste and was more fluffy than usual. 
I think they look like candy, one more colourful than the other and everybody knows I have a sweet tooth so couldnt resist buying:)
Its been such a cold Friday with a hint of snow in the morning so cuddling up in the sofa with a tea and a rainbow bagel tonight seems like a perfect idea. 
No high demands at all for me in order to feel happy:))
And I love that they look like small pieces of art. 
Everytime I take a bite of them it is like swallowing a bit of sunshine. 
And that is not a bad way of ending a Friday and starting the weekend!!!
Hippy happy weekend!

Interesting facts...

I read something interesting the other day ( it was not about a certain Kim's butt)  but about home styling. 
One of the biggest swedish real estate agencies , Fastighetsbyrån, took some help from an American design psychologist (!) Sally Augustin to find out if we are affected by the interiors when we are looking to buy a new home and if home styling really could be of use when selling.
And yes we are affected , and yes home styling could be used as a tool.
But the report said it has to be done in the right way...
A positive first impression has to be passed on immediately when you enter so an inviting entrance is very important. 
Create clearly define areas for separate functions.
Use natural material and mix in green plants.
Avoid mess, don't mix too many patterns and try to create balance.
The colours in the different rooms should be associated with each other's.
So this real estate firm asked three interior stylists to decorate one ( the same) apartment in their own personal way but with the result of the report in the back of their minds. 
The basic fact is that we both conscious and unconscious become emotional affected by the environment which in the next step naturally affects the desire to buy. 
This apartment shows three different styles (the classic, the cozy and the modern and graphic) aiming towards different target groups. 
The previous pictures has shown the same living room from the three stylists and from different angles. 
The bedrooms above are also the same room but in three different styles. 
The top pictures in all sections are styled by Mikael Beckman.
The middle pictures in all sections are from Hans Blomquist and the bottom pictures are styled by the only woman in that company Tina Hellberg.
Its easy to follow each style and it is amazing to see the different styles and the message they are passing on. 
You would almost guess it was three completely different apartments...
What is good to know is that a lot of the facts that was established in the report are pure feng shui. 
And why not try to apply the tips in your home even though your not looking to sell. 
We could all use some positive atmosphere, a balanced impression and a green plant:)
Happy styling!
(All pictures from Fastighetsbyrån)

Lost in the jungle of kitchen tiles!

As the time goes by and the new kitchen is coming closer I need to focus on what kind of tiles I will put on the walls behind the stove and other open places. 
But it is really a jungle out there!
Millions of different colours, patterns and combinations.
Right now I'm completely snowed in on blue and white tiles...
 I feel a need of some pattern to spice up the the otherwise so "modest" kitchen. 
Whatever I'm looking at im always coming back to blue and white...
 But I don't know...
So many things to considerate...
It will have to go with:
The white Carrara marble top with its grey streak,
The grey ( towards the green) cabinets.
The fact that according to feng shui its anyway enough of the water element in the kitchen so should not really add more of the blue.
The colour blue actually decreases the appetite ( which in my case might be an advantage though) 😜
On the other hand it is beautiful, classical and utterly irresistebly.
Im thinking it is grateful to combine with green ( both on tiles and as in fresh herbs) and earth colours ( wooden cutting board and/on browngrey tiles) which would add warmth to the whole scen. 
There are so many blue tones which all appeals to my eyes although I feel it is the wild and crazy pattern on each tile that really catches my interest. 
I don't believe it would have been the same twist with a solid colour. 
Calmer yes but ...
Already when there is a brown tone to it it becomes more quiet in it's "charisma".
Maybe i should go in that direction instead?
And by that I'm immediately back to blue and white again:)
I think that last picture is incredibly beautiful with the combination of the tiles, the brass and the vase with fresh flowers. 
A true inspirational photo!!!
Dreaming is a wonderful gift:))
( all pictures from Pinterest)

The Bat Mitzvah!

Some people in my family did not want to join us in Lake Placid. 
In this case it was Olivia who did not want to because "the party" of the year was coming up...
The bat mitzvah of a friend in her class!!! ( just coming in to this room with her friend's logo in full size would set even me on fire)
A bat mitzvah is a Jewish coming of age ritual and takes place when the girl is 12 or 13 years old depending on which branch of the Jews you belong to. 
The same goes for boys but then it's called a bar mitzvah. 
I have never ever attended one self but would have loved to be a fly on the wall at this particular one. 
Olivia on the other hand has started to get used to them now since this one was the forth within two months. 
Although this bat mitzvah was more important to her than anything else...
She felt very special to share this night with her friend so the preparation before the actual day, the dress stress and the fact that  this party was the only thing she and her friends were talking about at school caused a lot of emotions in her little heart and so at home...
But what I heard the party succeeded on every level.
Not a single person was disappointed! 
That tells a lot about that night!
And how could you have been?!
With a bar made of ice...
With the most important girl who came in ,carried in a chair , beautiful like a queen!
Apparently she changed her dress three times, ( happy the guests could stay in the same they started off in), all of them stylish and suitably the queen she was that night. 
With a dinner setting which would have been perfect even for the president's wedding...
With a dance floor with a special dance motivator in case you would have difficulties feeling the rhythm:)
Everything that was going on was captured on videos and TV cameras everywhere. 
Some of it you could apparently follow directly on that big screen.
I love to see my beautiful daughter have fun with her beautiful best friends and the beautiful part is that a lot is being captured in beautiful photos so she can later look back in the future and remember those beautiful moments in her life. ( the word beautiful is sometimes very useful )
If she in a few words could tell what was most memorable with this party it would be the bat mitzvah it self as in experience, fun and the whole setting from invitation to all the gifts.
The ice bar and the custom made converse they all got as a "souvenir" ( the adults got small mirrors with the logo on) were also part of the wow feeling she got home with.
That whole evening seemed to have made a big stamp and even filled a whole chapter in her memory book.
Life is full of experiences and this was an extra positive one according to my daughter. 
And just by looking at the photos and listening to the giggles and gossip that even a couple of days later were in full swing It was not only my daughter who felt that way. 
"The party" really became " the" party!

Iron radiators and kitchen updates

For the first time job had been done in the kitchen and bathroom over the weekend while we were away. 
I don't know how to interpret that...
Are the stiltmen running late and want to stay on track or do they just have a different work ethic than the rest and want to finish what they started despite being a weekend?
I actually benefit from both reasons so I should not try to analyes to deep:)
Before I show the progress in the kitchen I want to share a picture of our new beautiful radiators. 
We ( my husband) decided to exchange some of the white basic but boring radiators in our house to decorated old iron ones. 
Im so happy he persisted!
Like a piece of jewellery they stand beautifully and proudly and put a golden edge ( more likely silver) to our walk in closet and hallway. 
If we then walk down to our family room which seems to work as a storage to the kitchen guys, you kind of feel happy knowing that some part of/in the house show some progress...
But , the walls in the kitchen are finally covered!!!
The heroes on stilts managed to fulfill their duties during the weekend and again helped me come further in my kitchen dreams. 
The "dent" in the ceiling is mirroring the island that will stand underneath and hopefully three beautiful pendants will hang from there and throw some warm lights on the marble...
In this corner the stove will be on the wall with the door and on the other wall the fridge and freezer will stand. 
A famers sink will find a home in the island so the recommendation of the famous " triangle" of stove, fridge and sink will be met. 
Even in Olivia's bathroom one can now discern where the shower is going to be...
Santa Claus is working hard for the money...:)
Now it's time to snuggle up with the youngest one and read one of the new books purchased in the recently mentioned book fair...
Kitchen dreams have to make room for reality!

Lake Placid

So are we now back from a weekend packed with life quality!
A weekend with good friends, fireplaces and hot chocolates.
A weekend of good laughs, outdoor swimmingpools and relaxing times. 
A weekend with snow, walks and warm hearts. 
A weekend with heavy sleeps, fresh air and beautiful nature. 
A weekend with exciting hikes, a lot of candy and christmasfeelings. 
A weekend with cold weather, warm clothes and no stress. 
A weekend full of love, sore muscles and family time. 
A weekend that got a special place in my memory bank:)
A weekend that recharged our batteries and made us ready to take on next week with a smile!
I really love life!!!


Today i woke up to a clear blue sky and some excited plans for the weekend!
We got invited to spend the weekend in the heart of the Adirondack park close to Lake Placid!
I love to explore our beautiful world so this was an offer I could not resist:)
All the pictures are from the hotel sight so don't really know how it will turn out but the photos from the surrounding nature really gets me going...
I heard it's going to be cold and snowy up there so we will see how much of the environment I will actually get a chance to explore. 
But this weekend is also about spending time together, hot chocolate with marshmallows , and maybe to warm up in front of an open fire so we will be fine no matter what:)
This is what I would call an outdoor living room although I kind of hope our living room will have all four walls intact. Looks a bit chilly...
My guess is that this picture is more close to what we will expect In terms of temperature. 
So grateful to our friends who generously offered us to spend some time with them and gave us the privilege of escaping our current building site for some relaxing time in the heart of Adirondack Park. 
Lake Placid here we come!!!

Bookfair coming up!

I feel like a queen!
I feel I belong in that golden throne today!
I want to give my friend and myself a clap on our shoulders...
For several days me and my friend have been decorating the bulletin board and the "nook" at middle school for the upcoming book fair. 
The theme was "enter the Kingdom of books"!
A lot of brainstorming, a lot of hard work and a lot of laughing. 
I think that was the recipe to make everything come together. ( maybe a generous budget helped too)
We knew we wanted a castle, a drawbridge, knights and a throne to make it inviting for the kids and that feeling needed to be expressed already down in the foyer where the bulletin board is greeting you when entering the school. 
Especially the chains got the kids going:)
So many questions and excited comments about what and when the book fair is coming up. 
Up in the gym then we had ordered a "castle" a la Ikea style i.e in a flat package and for us to assemble. 
That caused several guys to scratch their head including the decorating team and the maintenance at school. 
Unbelieveably difficult to read that manual ...
But we made it!!!
With that invaluable help from the maintenance guys our castle entrance was ready to rock:)
Within the budget we had for our project we bought a tent so we would have a frame. Ordered the castle entrance online and went to a prop store for a throne and a knight. 
Everything else we bought at costco, ikea or just brought from home. 
I think it all came together more or less as we had in mind...
The plan was to create a little area ,with the theme of this year, for the kids to sit and read and enjoy the magical world the books offer...
So while we were creating this Kingdom the rest of the gym was transformed into a sea of books. 
On bookshelves along the walls and on tables and bookstands ,books for all ages, all interests and all levels were piled up.
And for some of the books the authors will show up and talk about his or her book and maybe sign a copy or two:)
A tips for Santa maybe...
The "queens of decoration" with aching backs but big smiles happy that their little project was so well received. 
Let us just hope now it will be a busy couples of days in the Kingdom of books:)
This is probably the closest I get to sit on a throne so better take the opportunity...
All the blurry pictures are what comes out when the photographer is laughing the whole time:)
A good friend, good fun and a good cause!
A perfect week so far:)

Kitchen progress in progress:)

Suddenly after a week of "silent" work in the kitchen as in plumbing and electricity there is now full and noticeable activity!
In a few days we have been going from this shell...
To this mess, and a few hours later from this status...
To current!
I loooooove all this small steps that slowly are taking me closer to my dream!
And I'm so grateful to all these "heroes" that are helping me in fulfilling my dream. 
Heroes that are specialised in what they are doing. 
Like the insulationman on stilts who easily walked from wall to wall climbing over different obstacles with his "prolonged" legs like they were a natural attachment to his body.
This man is doing his job so someone else ( also a heroe) can close the walls which will be the next step. 
What feels so good is that they are all working towards the same goal. 
My new kitchen!!!
One got to love the mess...
Out of chaos order is born!!! ( don't know the English expression)
So I feel at the moment very happy with the progress since I really like when i can see the difference with my eyes. 
I do appreciate the plumbing and electricity work too but it does not give me that wonderful feeling of progress or that completely faux feeling of having accomplished something. ( don't ask me why I take credit of their accomplishments)
Can not wait for the next team of heroes coming in to make a difference!
With all these preparations made in advance the new kitchen will probably just slide in on a banana peel:)

Christmas dreams

It is beginning of November, Halloween is over and stores are suddenly filled with Christmas!
I can not help but feeling a little inspired especially since this passed weekend was so cold and nasty.
Started to dream about wrapping my summerhouse in a Christmas blanket...
I still think red and green are the most beautiful colours to me when it is Christmas although I sometimes dip into the White and metallic field. 
Those red and green colours go well with my thoughts of keeping it natural and simple in my swedish house. 
Fireplaces, sheepskin, faux fur blankets, hot chocolate and tonnes of candles...
Easy recipe for high cosy factor ...
Love this tree in a simple potato sac but yet so effective in spreading the spirit I'm requesting. 
So peaceful to my eyes. 
I love these houses that were built long time ago and have been carefully renovated to keep that special atmosphere one will only find in old buildings. 
They so easily transforms into every seasons highlights and style just by a change of colour or the adding of a christmastree or garden picked flowers. 
I would have loved to sink into that bathtub with a book and a cup of tea and stayed in till the skin would have crinkled and wrinkled ( actually don't need a bath for that) and started to fall of my bones:)
In this fairytale cottage they have really stayed true to the natural colours and I think it is so peaceful and so beautiful when the christmas decoration only is peeking out here and there without completely taking over. 
It fills my heart with a strong longing to Sweden and a strong desire to decorate my own swedish dream...
I believe you all can distinguish a need to escape from our renovation sight over here but that is where dreams come into the pictures...
Dreams only can definitely be good enough!!! ( and less expensive)
( photos by Marie Delice Karlsson for Lantliv)

Halloween friday

Weekend is over and we survived halloween this year too:)
Friday morning I brought a Viking, a dark lunatic, a devil and a bat to school...
To be honest I prefer the time before the actual Halloween day when you are trying to find the right outfits for the kids. Brings out a lot of hysterical laughter which gives me such a nice feeling in my tummy:)
Brookside went as usual all the way and offered a wide range of outfits from cute to scary and everything in between. Plus some funny faces...
The little blonde in a black dress in the back with a bat on her chest seems familiar :)
The teachers did a good job too and I got the feeling they looooved to change into a different role. 
Also Bella's wonderful teachers seemed to enjoy themselves:)
The hours after school was finished was just one long wait. 
The excitement in the kids grew bigger and bigger...
And finally there was a knock on our door and Bella went out with some "dead" prom queens to trick or treat and collect tons of candy. 
(The orange bag will easily be filled with sweets. )
Max abandoned his dark personality and embraced his brighter side...
One devil turned into three very beautiful ones and they all went to the other side of the town to shake some life into the neighbourhood. The rewards of being "evil" filled even here shopping bags with candy. 
The amount of sugar that circulates in the system that night would have been enough to fuel a rocket to the moon. 
It is unbelievable how much candy people are giving out. 
And I am definitely guilty of charge too. 
Im not only lighten my candles outside the door just because it looks nice. 
That is actually an invitation saying "come knock on my door beacause I have candy for you"!
Now i am here sitting in my chair with my hand constantly going from the bowl of leftover candy (plus the candy the kids didn't like) into my mouth.
And I can not stop my hand from doing that either. 
Somehow it has its own power and has disconnect from my much more wiser brain.
I feel like a trash bin!!!
Next year I will serve fruit when they come knocking on my door. 
Im sure there will not be so many visitors then...
That will be my trick and their treat:)

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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