Another epi pen free day!

Olivia's friend has a nut allergy.
My kids don't suffer from any allergies so it is just not in our system being cautious...
Oh boy what we are working hard not to mess things up. 
These three beautiful girls are working in a team trying to make it a safe environment. Or at least two of them...
Bella has no clue how important this matter is and is touching mixing and spreading nuts all over although she is learning...( my food cabinet seems to consist of only nuts or traces of nuts)
Olivia on the other hand is cleaning, vacuuming and wiping the whole house in order for her friend to feel safe.
I am too suddenly reading through all the ingredients in every food item in the house. ( and hand soap!)
Im googling every food brand, restaurants and bakeries about their nut policy. 
To be safe my husband is also using Internet to make sure it's ok.
Im asking "nutty" questions at every places we go to and are they the least insecure we say no thanks. 
Im only using new cutting boards, new knifes and unopened packets of butter for example.
Cause I feel the whole world out there is full of nuts, visible or hidden and everywhere.
And I dont want to risk anything...
I do have a wonderful guide though who teaches me how, what and when to think.
She has some experience for sure...
Every night I go to bed I pet my self on my shoulder, thinking 
"Phew, yes! We did it again! Another day without using the epi pen...
Im so grateful and spoiled not having to worry about this every day all year. 
Im also very grateful though being trusted to accommodate this special friend of Olivia. 
And definitely positive about being extra cautious and aware. ( keeps my house neat and tidy too)
I will learn as long as I live and so I'm filling up my knowledge bank in my peanut brain with some more nutty stuff:)
This is life in a "nutshell" for many and we are just visiting that world...Respect!

Tivoli fun!

Olivia had wished for a day at Tivoli in Copenhagen.
So what was better than fulfilling her dream on her actual birthday?!
After we had dropped of her oldest brother at the airport we just continued our journey with the purpose of shaking up some life in the central areas of Copenhagen:)
Oh I like this place!
Im not a fan of rides but I love the atmosphere there.
The positive vibes that surround all the people because everyone there are at Tivoli to have fun.
So when you enter the gates it is like walking into the world of smiles. 
Despite the weather! ( just have to be dressed accordingly)
Olivia and her friend just disappeared as if they would have been chasen by the police:)
We only met up for lunch and a "five game challenge".
Luckily Olivia won the whole competition ( with one point over her dad, was she happy or was she happy?)
The rest of the day was spent under an umbrella when it rained or on a ride in between. 
I mean when the sun is shining with it's absent we need to replace that life giving star with other things. 
To visit Tivoli will give you that warm and sunny feeling you are missing and will kind of keep on distributing a little bit of wellbeing for a couple of days:)
The quality of my iPhone pictures does not at all reflect the quality in life we experienced that day. 
More Tivoli to the people!!!

Birthday girl!

Today is a special day!
Today is my daughter's birthday!
Today is the day when 13 turns to 14 and little becomes bigger:)
Hippy happy birthday to my beautiful, complicated, bighearted, frustrated, funny, wonderful, happy, angry, hardworking, stubborn, absolutely best Olivia I could think of!
Love you to the moon and back!!!

Beach fun

Yesterday late afternoon the sun suddenly decided to take a sneek peek on us.
I quickly grabbed the girls and took them to a beach.
We went to look for shells for Bella and for the older girls to replace that jetlagged air in their lungs with some fresh, salty sea air. 
Sparks fly already between the sisters ( and therefor between the mom too) but yesterday was a good, calm and peaceful day where everybody was included, when needed, and harmony was in charge:)
A beautiful environment, some sun and the sound of waves does wonder...
I think I can almost see the rainbow that connects these girls hearts!
They giggle, laugh and fill in each other's sentences like they would be only one person. 
Friendship is a beautiful thing!
Beach, sunshine and happy kids!
Life is good!
Tjing tjong

A wooden pearl dream!

When it's dark, rainy and very unpleasant to be outside it is the more nicer to stay inside.
Especially when you have a new chandelier!
A beautiful, romantic and according to Bella glamorous lightgiver made of wooden pearls.
Its been in a box in the living room for almost a year waiting to be suspended and finally it happened!
It is a crooked, slanting and awry piece of a dream but that goes well with how life is.
It us still so charming and fits like a hand in a glove into our living room.
Its just hanging there in the ceiling waiting for the darkness to set in so it can can lighten up our being with its soft and friendly light. 
At first I put in the wrong lightbulb that created a wild pattern (to Bella's joy) on the wall and ceiling but made the rest of the family nausea...
With my coming picture wall it would have been far to much of disturbances anyway. 
But after I changed the bulb the wild and crazy impression was replaced with harmony and coziness. 
Im so ridiculous happy for this chandelier so I'm secretly longing for the sun to set everyday so I can switch on that artificial sun...
Bring on the darker season, we are ready!!!
Now it's time to wake up two sleeping beauties and let them find out what a rainy and windy day like this will have to offer to them:)

Dying to be dip dyed!

Not only I got happy for the girls arrival, the little sister had been constantly asking for when the girls would come, and when they finally stood in front of her...
In dip dyed hair!!!
The coolest thing EVER!
And when she found out they had brought their tubes of colour AND they asked if they could do her hair too, the happiness knew no bounds:)
Two very concentrated girls worked together to fulfill a young little sister her biggest dream ( at that very moment I should add, the dreams seem to vary a lot).
Bella just sat there with a patient look and a smile in her face, letting them do what needed to be done. 
It was a very special moment when the foil was removed and the hair was washed, rinsed and blow dried, all done by the girls, and a strand of blue was visible.
I mean how big is not that!?
If you would ask Bella this reunion of her sister and friend could not have started off any better!!!
Tjing tjing

She is back!!!

Finally our family is completed!!!
With an addition of an extra daughter also too:)
After four long weeks away on her own adventure i picked her and her friend up at the airport this morning. 
So so wonderful to see them, hug them and hear them!
The car suddenly got filled with bubbles, giggles, bags full of snacks and so many stories it would be enough to write a book...
Me and my husband could not think of a better way to start our day:)
Now they are sound asleep preparing themselves to indulge everything that Sweden and our little paradise has to offer. And this time my daughter has someone to share this place with.
I can not in words describe how welcome they are!
And how happy I am:)

Our messy home...

Is it not fantastic how kids fantasy can take you to different worlds?!
Toys are good but normal things made for everyday use in and around the household seem to offer more choices in finding those new worlds.
This is how our house looks most of the time here:)
Pillows as rocks in the river which you jump on before getting to the island at the back...
Cardboards and blankets are perfect as a ground for pillow forts.
As well as pens, styrofoam and small rocks from the driveway...
There is absolutely no limit in what you can create when the whole world is just laying there in front of your feet waiting for you to take advantage of everything.
Sculptures, paintings, pillow forts, rivers and islands are just a few ideas:)
The good thing is we are actually talking environmental friendly, reusing and recycling here at a different level.
A messy home is just the scratch on the surface of something much more sophisticated...
And you are rewarded with a happy child!!!

The fantastic four!

I have had the pleasure of being around my three sisters for a couple of weeks now.
My beautiful, wonderful and wise little sisters!
For two weeks we have been laughing, crying, worrying, irritating and loving each other. 
Behind these happy smiles lays a rather complicated relationship though.
Since we don't see each other very often we have a lot to catch up on.
Missunderstandings, worriment and a hyper sensitive approach to each other, was mixed with pure love, care and closeness.
We might have a fragile surface but inside we are hard core...
Its so difficult to care for all individual needs, to listen to what is said between the lines, and to what is NOT said, to encourage and to rejoice together because everything has to fit within a short amount of time. 
Now they are all gone but I hope and think we did pretty well in the end ( despite the fact that no one told me I was wearing my poncho inside out...), !
Regarding my sadness in the beginning of our reunion, due to living far away, its replaced with a thick love and a safe and secure feeling in my heart that despite all, we are family, sisters and best friends. 
That is all that matters!
I love love love my sisters!!!
We truly are the fantastic four:)

The fantastic four!


The best day!

Some days fit into the category of harmony.
Some days don't need activities or happenings to make it a good day. 
Some days are just about going with the flow. 
Yesterday was a day like that.
Some sunshine, a new bike and a little ball seem to be enough ingredients to create that pot of harmony.
In my case I had a loooong sleep for the first time since I arrived and I think that gave me such a calm start and I kind of wanted to keep that bubble of serenity as long as possible and was just softing around in the house doing a little bit of this and that but without feeling stressed or that I HAD to do things. 
And with a background of laughter, goofing around and birdsongs I just had The Best day!
There is nothing that makes a mom's heart go warm and soft than seeing and listening to happy kids. 
Yesterday I could count me in as one of those moms:)
Tjing tjing!
Ps apologise for the bad picture quality! I have not learned yet how to take photos against the sun...Ds

Highway photoshots!

On our way to a birthday dinner we got stuck on the highway for an hour due to a car accident. 
Luckily I brought my camera and was able kill that hour taking some pictures of my beautiful family.
I feel so happy having these wonderful people around me.
( the last picture above is not of my family although sometimes one can wonder...)
The only one missing now to get "the picture perfect" complete is my wonderful oldest daughter.
She is the missing piece in the puzzle, the sugar in my tea and the "dot over the letter i"!
Cant wait to hear everything about her adventure when she is back...
Holy macaroni what these people are important to me!
All together and as individuals. 
These are the people that share life with me.
Happiness, sadness, trips, experiences, places, food, emotions, adversities, successes, everything that fits into the word LIFE.
I think I'm the luckiest person in the world!

At The Coffeeroasting place...

I have given Kafferosteriet a new chance this year. 
Remember that I last year was a bit disappointed because the kids were too hungry and it was too long of a waiting time.
The thing is that this place is so beautiful so I really WANT to like it...
And this time was the right time!
Not too crowded, still kind of a long waiting time but doable and definitely worth the waiting. 
A fun and unusual pizza menu with a wonderful effect on your tastebuds. 
I love the surroundings at this place!
Its so peaceful and serene you are not only satisfying your hunger for food but also your mental need of tranquility.
The kids can get their need of action fulfilled by running around in the garden or climbing the trees:)
If we would have been at an earlier time we could have filled our bags with homemade yummie bread but the only thing left when we visited were the teacups. 
And teacups I have a few already at home:)
Im so happy I gave Kafferosteriet a second chance because now I can think of this place with a smile and a slight wish of coming back...

An afternoon at Ystad street market!

A few days this time every year Ystad air is being filled with international tastes and fragrances.
Sellers from all over the world are coming to cook and show their specialities to the citizens of Ystad. 
Me and one of my beautiful sisters decided to indulge everything they had to offer and went in to check it out:)
Luckily we just had lunch otherwise it would have been difficult to choose from all the tempting contents sending out magical scents from pots and pans. Not to mention all the desserts...
It was almost torture only passing by:)
I could not resist but buying half a ton (!) of honey roasted nuts and another ton of fudge. 
So now I have so I will survive till next summer.
 Together with everyone else in little Ystad me and my sister took a little trip "around the world" enjoying the busy atmosphere which I assume turns into party feeling the later it goes.
Flowers, food, jewelry, sweets, soaps and teacups in a wild and wonderful mix. 
A perfect way to spend an afternoon!

My little queen of swimming!

I have totally forgotten to tell you that my daughter finished her swimming course for the summer.
A three week, half an hour, five days a week fast and furious school.
Packed with pedagogical instructions. 
My daughter went from "dog sim" a couple of meter to beautiful breast stroke a couple of pool length. 
Eagerly cheered by my proud parents she demonstrated her skills at the ceremony.
Both a diploma and a medal found a new owner although the medal suddenly slipped into her mouth...
To invest in a swimming course seems to me like a rather cheap life insurance and to watch the pride that stands like a glory around my little queen of swimming was definitely worth all early mornings and hassle to get her out of bed:)

Wonderful kids!

Finally the rest of the cousins are here!
Now there are only a few of my kids missing. 
The "small" cousins are in their own paradise though being together in one big "playgroup".
They are running, jumping, biking, swimming and laughing. 
Things you should do when you are young, wild and free:)
I thought I would try to capture their happiness in a well directed photo because the light was so beautiful.
Almost blue-ish and absolutely magical but who did I think I could fool?!
At least they cooperated to be IN the picture...
As it got later and darker we moved out on the pier for another try.
They started off well but the second after they decided to take their own initiative...
I guess they had their own collective idea of how to act in front of the camera:)
Its funny but it almost always starts with funny faces, then the hand or fingers are added followed by a whole body move.
And everyone is following the initiator...
I'm so grateful the kids allow me to document them though.
We will share the same memories for a long time and being the one living far away these photos and memories are so important for both me and my kids, now that we miss everything else during the year.
Love love love them!
Wonderful kids!

A trip to Stenshuvud!

One of my favorite places around here is Stenshuvud. 
It almost have a magical atmosphere with colours and light that would make you think you are in a fairytale. 
Like you suddenly would see a little troll peeking out from behind a tree...
I never get tired of coming here and I guess my kids feel the same cause they never complain when I year after year suggest we go there.
You walk up and up and up...
Its a perfect outlet for energy if you would happen to have extra of that "product":)
Lots of big funny trees suitable for climbing.
And when you have reached the top a beautiful view awaits you...
So so beautiful and breathtaking.
I think even the kids were impressed by the scenery surrounding us.
Then after almost having been blown off at the top we decided to walk all the way down to the beach to pick small rocks for future arts and craft days.
So many rocks to choose from though and mom said I can't take them all...
Despite the rain ( that magically stopped during our little hike), wind and cold weather smiles were covering the face of our kids which made us sisters feel warm from within.
A perfect afternoon at a perfect place. 
tjing tjong

What to do a rainy evening...

Sometimes the swedish summer weather does not really match with your own idea of sunshine and warmth.
Then we have to find other solutions and try to create a sunny and warm atmosphere anyway.
Family, cheese and wine ( or a coke) and a board game are a few things that fulfill that need:)
It was freezing cold, storm winds and on and off rain showers. 
But on my sisters terrass it was warm and friendly. 
I had forgotten about that brilliant concept of cheese, crackers and wine ( coke) and decided to immediately put that on my list again for social events.
And then the rain came again...
Lots of rains.
Followed by bad pictures and a lot of laughing:)
Family, cheese and drinks and some reasons to brake out in hysterical laughter.
I can't see the need of anything else to create a wonderful and fun evening.

A morning run!

This morning I decided to go for a run along the sea while Bella was having her tennis lesson. 
It was a morning that greeted me with a clear blue sky, a glittering sea and smiles from the people I passed. 
Some mornings are just more beautiful than others and today I was lucky to experience one. 
I don't think I have ever run for this long time that distance though.
I guess people would think a hippo had escaped from the zoo when they saw me...
It gave me an excuse to change my first intention of running to a more slow pace walk.
Instead I could fully enjoy the beautyful scenery around me. 
And again get struck by how pretty our world is.


Today I can discern a lot more colours in my grey world from yesterday!
One reason is my dad got a positive message from his doctor.
A message that made him believe in the future again.
And me in the power of positive thinking.
So freaking wonderful!!!!!!!

A cloudy heart!

Another sunny day but today the sun rays never found their way in to my heart:(
Despite the arrival of two of my beautiful sisters and their kids Ive been feeling so sad the whole day. 
Because of my sadness ( probably) I suddenly got struck by the negative side of living far away from my family. 
The side that misses all the everyday ( or at least every week) life of my sisters. 
The natural togetherness that join the two of them and that comes from spending time together, sharing good and bad and just being close geographically.
The togetherness that shimmers in the gaze when my sisters are looking at each other and from which I'm excluded from. Just because I'm too far away...
Its wonderful to have them here and we will have such a good time together ,not to mention how important it is for my parents that they are here. 
This year they are also staying a week longer than they use to. 
Which also means I maybe can allow myself to feel low one day.
They have promised nice weather for a while now so hopefully the cloud in my heart will evaporate by all the sunshine in my life.
Tomorrow is another day...
tjing tjing

Another beautiful visitor!

I really am a very lucky and a very spoiled girl!
Just the fact that someone is investing time and money to come and visit me from all over the world makes me feel rather special. 
I dropped off one friend just to go back again and pick up the next one. 
Another one I also have not seen for many years but yet we too just continued where we left:)
We laughed a lot, did some more laughing and topped it off with a little more of that activity:)
How wonderful it is to surround yourself with people that are beautiful from inside and out and just makes you feel good, makes you believe in your self and who gives you that postive energy that is so needed for your general well being.
This is the kind of person I am trying to be too so I think/ hope we are a good match.
A short but vital stay and definitely long enough to fill up that empty space that sometimes occur when you don't see each other that often.
Yup I'm definitely a lucky girl :))

A greeting of love!

I think I have the most romantic husband ever!
When I came home this afternoon I had a package waiting for me...
A greeting of love it said on the card that was attached to this beautiful bouquet of roses in soft pastels.
Like a wedding cake or a pig made of soft and sweet light pink marzipan. ( why am I always thinking in sugar?)
I anyway managed not to eat it (!) and only buried my nose in the fragrance of those roses and just felt loved!
I actually managed to also squeeze out a tear...
The amazing thing is that despite not knowing how my antique flower paintings looked like that I'm collecting, he managed to send me a bouquet that could have been used as a "model" to one of them:)
I really have had a couple of wonderful and great days with another beautiful friend that came to visit ,which i will soon tell you about, and these flowers made an excellent ending of those days and gave me a wonderful start of the weekend!!!
Hooray for my hubby!!!
Life is good!

A hike in summerSweden

There has been a few hikes this summer:)
The nature around here is so inviting and I just can't resist. 
The other day when the sun was fighting with the clouds to get a little sneak peek on what was going on down here I went out on the country side for a long walk. 
So beautiful, so peaceful ( even with Bella's happy cries) and so green. I always get so amazed by all the different tones of green you will find in nature. 
Through leaves and pine trees, sand and rocks, open fields and water. 
And Bella always in the front on her bike shouting "here comes the champion" every time there was any tendency of a down hill:)
But with that constant smile in her face, all the chatting and storytelling mixed in with loud singing she became that sun that was missing:)
A typical hike in a typical nature in a typical summerSweden!
Love love love it!!!

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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