In the middle of everything that's going on in our lives we got invited by beautiful friends to Nantucket for the weekend. 
It's been on our bucket list so we took the opportunity to go.
And oh my...
Everything I've heard about it is true.
So pretty, so picturesque and so picture perfect. 
Beautiful houses, charming alleys and kind of a common architecture give this place a very harmonic impression.
I can't wait to see what else this island can offer. 
Im so fortunate and so grateful I get all these chances to explore our beautiful world. 
My heart, my mind and my computer 😝 is full of wonderful memories...
And tomorrow is another day to fill...


I am exhausted!
Mostly mentally but it feels like my body is tired too in sympathy.
Only the decision to move back to Sweden took a lot of strength because of the kids. 
Although it is because of the kids we are moving back. 
To keep our family together.
I only wish they would appreciate that thought too...
We brought the kids to Sweden to involve and engage them in our house hunting and to visit their school. 
Just to try to make them feel positive about it. 
It did not work.
We looked at one house after another and at least narrowed it down to two interesting objects.
Together with the kids. 
So they don't accuse us of deciding everything on our own.
Please keep your fingers crossed that we will get one of them. 
For the sake of the kids.
Meanwhile we hug, cry, talk and us parents are trying to encourage, pep and explain the reasons.
Being an optimist I do belivie it's going to be ok in the end.
And if it's not ok then it's not the end. 😳

Sprinkled with cherry blossoms...

Stockholm has been cold but the sun has been shining on us which has helped a little to give the kids a positive experience. 
It's been difficult to function normally due to the jet lag but we have been doing our best. 
Family, love and togetherness has been our paroll and it's even been sprinkled with cherry blossom. Just because...
One more day on Swedish ground and then we are heading back again. 
Better make tomorrow another good day:)

Stockholm again!

In Stockholm again!
This time also with most of the kids. 
A long weekend filled with suggestions, possibilities and choices. 
The view from our hotel room is presenting our capital city from a beautiful side. 
I can't wait to see if it this time also has an ace up its sleeve...
Im expecting everything but still prepared for nothing 😉
A long weekend with family, fun and Swedish chocolate:)

Beautiful cleaning.

As the housewife I am 😉 I have developed a passion for good cleaners, handsoaps and handcremes. 
Right now I'm obsessed with Murchison-Hume products. 
I got the tips from a beautiful friend I will owe her forever for that:)
Love love love the fragrance that is lingering around long time after I stopped cleaning. 
And it does not help that the products are people, pet and planet friendly.
I like the idea of not only changing the food our family are eating towards a more healthy direction but also be able to use healthy alternatives to traditional cleaning products. 
I normally don't really enjoy cleaning but suddenly it is fun.
And beautiful.
And smells amazing.

A walk with the girls.

If ever feeling a bit down or low, just invite two teenage girls to join you for a walk. 
It is so entertaining to listen to their conversations, to their quick change of subjects, to their singing and to watch their dance moves and silly walks. 
And everything sprinkled with laughs and a great portion of positivism:)
Of course other people are also present via cyberspace.
I guess this is how the world is now a days...
So much positive energy in that tree:)
So not only did we get to move our legs but also ventilate, laugh and solve worldly problems. 
It was a great challenge though trying to follow every sidestep the girls brains took them and which they so easily immediately continued for a bit till next opportunity to change subject occurred. 
Wow, I'm so impressed of their capacity to follow every thread their minds were offering. 
I think my brain got as much workout as my legs.
And my stomach and facial muscles of all the laughing:)
A teenage girls walk. 
What a treat!!!

Spring time...

At this side of the pond, spring has just escalated into a summer appetizer. 
Its warm, blooming and flip flop weather:)
Even in Sweden where my summer house is, signs of spring can be detected...
My parents sent me the pictures and even though we are so much more in to the spring than them it still created a wave of longings for what is soon to come...
I so love that we have seasons.
I really like the changes and I think I appreciate ( actually sometimes dislike) even more the differences when there is something to compare with. 
It makes the year more colorful and lively:)
So off to a new season in many levels…

A new backyard is born...

Here things are finally happening in our yard!
Since the pool got installed it has been surrounded by a mud paradise for my dog but this week the workers seemed to have crawled out from their burrows after apparently being hibernating during the winter. 😝
Can you detect a hint of annoyance?
Anyway suddenly all kinds of tools were displayed in the yard and today piles of sod stood at attention at different spots in our garden. 
I can't tell you how long we have been waiting for this. 
One long pregnancy and a pool with surroundings were born:)
Lets hope the water will be cleaned soon also so we can really take advantage of the beautiful days and our new backyard.
Elvis is the only one being not so happy with the new grass covering that wonderful mud and is grabbing the edge of the sod and pulling them up again…
It really is difficult to please everyone:)

New books for the kids...

Ok, time to educate the kids about Sweden. 
Books in English and some Swedish candy will do some of the job we hope:)
Another visit is soon coming up so it would have been good to get the kids some feeling and knowledge of what their home country is in terms of geography, culture and anthropology. 
Maybe we need to blend in a spell too for the older kids because for some reason the candy finished quickly but the books are just sitting there unopened...
Bella on the other hand are both reading, want us to read, asking questions and bringing the books to school sharing her new information with her friends. 
I so wish the appetite for knowing more about specific parts of our world would be as big as the appetite for candy though...

A few twigs and some eggs...

The sun is shining but it is still dark in my heart since Stockholm was abused. 
So grateful for all the warmth, love, help and support from all the people that declared love instead of war. 
There is really hope for this world...
I decided to not really decorate for Easter but a few eggs found there way to my twigs in my kitchen though:)
The minty green with the gold felt both energy giving and kind of soft cool. 
I know there will be some egg decorating time later in the week but till then this is definitely good enough:)
Yes, a couple of twigs, a few eggs and we have a good enough start off the Easter week.

Stockholm in my heart...

Today was a dark day being a swede. 
Today was a day where my heart got wounded. 
Today was a day when a crack appeared in the perfect.
But Today was also a day when people "opened up " in Stockholm. 
And Today was also a day when color, religion and ethnicity all came together in peace
Today was a day when most of Sweden decided to choose love instead of fear
Today was a day that despite the fog of feeling sad, abused, offended and terrified I still could detect light, love and hope in the people even from this side of the pond. 
Stockholm, forever in my heart! ❤

Happy feet coming up...

Ive had a basket full of uneven socks for very long but it's not until now, when it grew so high it almost tipped over I decided to do something about it. 
It has really been bothering me and silently accusing me everytime I passed by but for some reason I have pretended not to see it.
Till tonight:)
This Tuesday night I decided to change the bad energy that basket passed on to a more positive and new fresh energy by simply trying to find the matching socks to be able to pair them again. 
It took the whole freakin evening!
And still only a few matching socks!
Who eats them? 
Where do they actually go?
Well I showed no mercy anymore and threw all the singles away and at the same time my bad conscious went the same way. 
So relieving, so liberating and it really left me with a happy and satisfied feeling. 
I'm going to dream about happy feet being reunited with longtime missing friends:)
What a wonderful tuesday night!

Before and after...

I thought it could be a fun thing to look at pictures from when we bought this house. 
And what it have become.
Like before and after photos...
A few changes,mostly style wise...
A hit or a miss?
Will show you the rest of the house another time. 
So happy that I kept the photos from before. 
I love to see how things changes due to taste, need, purpose, or whatever causes something to develop. 
Im not saying it's always a good thing but for sure there is always a reason...

Butterfly fun!

Today Sunday has been such a beautiful spring day my heart is singing. 
It brought me back to our holiday a few weeks ago where Bella and I were visiting a butterfly farm. 
We took a guided tour in this little greenhouse and we learnt a lot about these beauties. 
Bella was in honor's of the day dressed in a flowery dress to attract the butterflies:)
If you look closely on this last picture above you can see how they dance around her ( difficult to capture with my iPhone but still...)
We learnt they they love the alcohol in rotten fruit, they are actually drunk when they fly around (!). 
Butterflies are also very important in our ecosystem and we can all help them to survive by simply google what attracts the most common butterflies in our garden whether its parsley or a flower and then start growing that specific plant. 
I mean who does not want butterflies in the gardens?!
Sunshine, flowers and butterflies.
Definitely a day to remember:)

Spring cleaned kitchen

Some pictures of our kitchen, spring cleaned and clear of clutter:)
Feels good when the new season is knocking on the door...
One room at the time,so you don't get overwhelmed and does not want to continue, is a good advice from someone who easily gets distracted 🤗
A good feeling comes with this new and fresh energy. 
Clean, tidy and shiny. 
Enjoy, because it will not last:)
But still a wonderful way to start off the weekend. 
Happy friday!

Min väg från hus till hem och annat däremellan som gör livet vackrare

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