An ordinary Wednesday.

I have the worlds best neighbor!
She provides me with information about my new neighborhood and she brings me to small pearls I would never find without someone showing me. 
If you can have something to eat there it's even more exciting:)
This little gemstone was one of them. 
A cafe with organic food served in a peaceful garden. 
My beautiful neighbor in action:)
They said the garden was full of peonies and other flowers during high season but now it was only green though.
But green has an uplifting energy and together with the tasty food and my wonderful company I had such positive experience and it gave me another reason to cling on to the fading summermonth. 
If the garden and the cafe were not enough you could also visit a famous former artist's home and look at different exhibitions shown in the house next door but I'm afraid that for me the food was more important this time. 🙄
I can definitely think of worse worse things to do a day in the middle of the week:)


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